One of Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious labels, Claddagh’s back catalogue contains some of the best traditional recordings ever made.

Non-Irish traditional music releases are in light grey font.

The list is now complete and many thanks go to Mark Brady for supplying information regarding the mysterious SPIN 997 which provided the final piece in the jigsaw.

CC Series

The simple CC prefix indicates a vinyl release (virtually all LPs and CDs were released in cassette format with the prefix 4CC, though cassette releases stopped with CC63CD); CD issues (new and reissued) have both the CC prefix and a CD suffix, e.g. CC2CD.


CC1CD                       Leo Rowsome – Rí na bPiobairí/The King of the Pipers (1959)

CC2CD                       The Chieftains (1963)

CC3                             Dolly MacMahon - Dolly (1966)

CC4CD                       Sarah and Rita Keane – Once I Loved (1968)

CC5CD                       Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford – The Star Above the

Garter (1968)

CC6                             Máire Áine Ní Dhonnchadha ­– Deora Aille Irish Songs from

Connemara (1970)

CC7CD                       The Chieftains 2 (1969)

CC8                             Paddy Taylor – The Boy in the Gap Traditional Music from

Limerick and Clare (1969)

CC9                             Seán ‘ac Dhonncha – An Aill Bháin (The White Rock) Songs in Irish and English from Connemara (197?)


CC10CD                     The Chieftains 3 (1971?)

CC11CD                     Various – The Drones and the Chanters (1971)

CC12CD                     Seán Ó Riada – Ó Riada’s Farewell (1972)

CC13CD                     Tommy Potts – The Liffey Banks (1972)

CC14CD                     The Chieftains 4 (1973)

CC15CD                     Paddy Moloney and Seán Potts – Tin Whistles (1974)

CC16CD                     The Chieftains 5 (1975)

CC17CD                     Seán Keane – Gusty Frolicks (1975)

CC18CD                     Derek Bell – Carolan’s Receipt (1975)

CC19                           Séamus Ennis – Féidhlím Tonn Rí’s Castle (197?)


CC20CD                     The Chieftains 6 – Bonaparte’s Retreat (1976) with Dolores


CC21CD                     The Chieftains Live! (1977)

CC22                           The Whistlebinkies (1977?)

CC23CD                     Dolores Keane and the Reel Union with Peadar Mercier and Máirtín Byrnes – There Was a Maid (1978).

CC24CD                     The Chieftains 7 (1977)

CC25                           SondelaAtté (1977)

CC26CD                    Charles Guard – Avenging and Bright (1978)

CC27CD                     Michael Tubridy – The Eagle’s Whistle (1978)

CC28CD                     Derek Bell – Carolan’s Favourite (1978) Music of Carolan,

Volume 2

CC29CD                     The Chieftains 8 (1978)


CC30CD                     The Chieftains 9 – Boil the Breakfast Early (1979)

CC31                           The Whistlebinkies 2 (1979?)

CC32CD                     The Pipering of Willie Clancy: Volume 1 (1980?)

CC33CD                     The Chieftains 10 (1981)

CC34                           The Whistlebinkies 3 (1981?)

CC35CD                     Derek Bell’s Musical Ireland (1982)

CC36CD                     The Chieftains with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra ­– The Year

of the French (1982)

CC37CD                    Len Graham – Do Me Justice (1983)

CC38                           Robert Wallace – Chance Was a Fine Thing (1983)

CC39CD                    The Pipering of Willie Clancy: Volume 2 (1983)



CC40/65CD                Various – Claddagh's Choice Volumes 1 & 2 (1984?/1998)

CC41CD                     Len Graham – Ye Lovers All (1984?)

CC42CD                     The Chieftains in China (1985)

CC43                           The Whistlebinkies 4 (1986?)

CC44CD                     Francie Byrne, James Byrne, Vincent Campbell and

Con Cassidy – The Brass Fiddle (1986)

CC45                           Vail Ó Flatharta – Bláth na Nairní  

CC46                           Skylark (1987)

CC47CD                     Ronan Browne and Peter O’Loughlin – The South West

Wind (1988)

CC48                           Unissued Robert Wallace album

CC49 CD                    Skylark – All of It (1989)


CC50                           The Whistlebinkies 5

CC51CD                     Ben Lennon, Séamus Quinn, Gabriel McArdle, Ciarán Curran – Dog Big and Dog Little (1989)

CC52CD                     James Byrne – The Road to Glenlough (1990)

CC53CD                     Robbie Hannan – Traditional Irish Music Played on the

Uilleann Pipes (1990)

CC54CD                     The Whistlebinkies Anniversary (1990 or 1991 compilation)

CC55CD                     Phil, John and Pip Murphy - The Trip To Cullenstown (1991)

CC56CD                     Various – Beauty An Oileáin: Music and song of the Blasket

Islands (1992)

CC57CD                     Skylark – Light and Shade (1992)

CC58CD                     Paul McGrattan – The Frost Is All Over (1992).

CC59CD                     Derek Bell – Ancient Music for the Irish Harp (1993)


CC60CD                     Mary Mac Namara – Traditional Music from East Clare


CC61CD                     Various – The Drones and the Chanters Volume 2 (1994)

CC62CD                     Skylark – Raining Bicycles (1996)

CC63CD                     Cran – Black, Black, Black (1998)

CC64CD                     Ronan Browne – The Wynd You Know (2001)

CC65CD                     See CC40CD above

CC66CD                     The Chieftains Collection

CC67CD                     The Chieftains Collection 2


CCF Series


The CCF prefix indicates a vinyl LP release, 4CCF indicates cassette and CCF**CD speaks for itself. Dates of release are not available unless given. The “F” in the series title refers to “franchised” or licensed recordings.


CCF1                          John Molyneux – Douce Amére

CCF2                          Jody Stecher and Krishna Bhatt - Rasa

CCF3                          Runrig – The Highland Connection

CCF4                          Metropolis – Morning Shadows (Dublin-based Jazz-Rock band; 1981)

4CCF5                        Robin Williamson – Songs of Love and Parting

CCF6                          Jane Cassidy – Waves of Time

CCF7                          Jimi Slevin - Freeflight

CCF8                          Pierre Bensusan - Solilai

4CCF9                        Edmund Lenihan – Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Púca


CCF10                        Robin Williamson – Music from the Mabinogi

4CCF11                      Edmund Lenihan – Fionn Mac Cumhaill and The Dark Pool

CCF12CD                   Robin Williamson – Legacy of the Scottish Harpers

4CCF13                      Edmund Lenihan – Niamh and The Giant

CCF14                        Jane Cassidy – The Empty Road (1986)

CCFCD15                   The Chieftains – Music from ‘The Ballad of the Irish Horse

CCF16                        Robin – Williamson – Legacy of the Scottish Harpers:

Volume 2

4CCF17                      Edmund Lenihan – Storyteller

CCF18CD                   Matt Molloy – Stony Steps (1988)

CCF19                        Robin Williamson – Songs for Children of All Ages


CCF20CD                   Bakerswell (1988)

CCF21CD                   Noel Hill – The Irish Concertina (1988)

4CCF22                      Edmund Lenihan – Storyteller 2

CCF23CD                   Kevin Conneff – The Week Before Easter (1989)

4CCF24                      Eddie Lenihan – Weird Irish Tales

CCF25CD                   Seán Keane – Jig It In Style (1989)

CCF26CD                   Máirtín O’Connor – Perpetual Motion (1990; also issued on

cassette as MOC001)

CCF27CD                   Conal Ó Gráda ­– The Top of Coom (1990)

4CCF28                      Eddie Lenihan – The Devil’s Own Work

CCF29CD                   Gerry O’Connor and Eithne Ní Uallacháin – Lá Lugh (1991)


CCF30CD                   Seán Keane, Matt Molloy & Liam O'FlynnThe Fire


CCF31CD                   John Doherty – The Floating Bow (1996)

CCF32CD                   Mary Mac Namara – The Blackberry Blossom (2000)

CCF33CD                   Leo Rickard – Pure Piping (2000)

CCF34CD                   Pierre Schryer, Dermot Byrne and Friends (2000)

CCF35CD                   Ronan Browne and Peter O’Loughlin – Touch Me If You

Dare (2002)

CCF36CD                   Maeve Donnelly & Peadar O’Loughlin – The Thing Itself


CCF37CD                   David Power – My Love is in America (2005)

CCF38CD                   The Tulla Céilí Band – 60th Anniversary Celebration (2007)


Spoken word series

Claddagh’s spoken word series largely consists of Irish (CCT series) and Scottish (CCA) poets reading their own works. However, there is also –


CCT21CD                  Seamus Heaney and Liam O’Flynn – The Poet and The Piper



Phaeton/Fœtain series

Very sporadic releases – LPs and singles carried the simple SPIN catalogue number prefix, whereas cassettes were SPIN C *** and CDs SPIN CD ***. There were seven SPIN 7” singles – for details see the excellent


SPIN 991                    The Major Thinkers (1970s Irish rock band featuring Pierce

Turner and Larry Kirwan)

SPIN 992                    Bad Catholics The Establishment (1980s rock duo)

SPIN 993                    Norman Teeling – Dublin City Blues

SPIN 994                    Frank Harte with Dónal Lunny and Bertram Levy – And

Listen to My Song (1986)

SPIN CD 995             Frank Harte with Dónal Lunny – Daybreak and a

Candle-End (1987)

SPIN 996                    The Voice Squad – Many’s the Foolish Youth

SPIN 997                    Norman Teeling – Downtown City Blues (1987)

SPIN C 998                Eddie Lenihan – Saint Patrick was a Gentleman

SPIN CD 999             James Kelly and Zan McLeod – The Ring Sessions: Irish Traditional Music on Fiddle and Guitar (1995)

SPIN CD 1000           Paul McGrattan and Paul O’Shaughnessy – Within a Mile of

Dublin (1995)

SPIN CD 1001           Eoghan O’Sullivan, Gerry Harrington, Paul de Grae – The

Smoky Chimney (1996)

SPIN CD 1002           Paul Redmond – The Legacy: Moore’s Melodies

SPIN CD 1003           Amongst Women (TV soundtrack)

SPIN CD 1004           Brian Rooney – Leitrim to London (2002)

SPIN CD 1005           Harry Bradley – As Carelessly I Did Stray ... (2002)

SPIN CD 1006           Tina McLoughlin – Just for Now (2003)

SPIN CD 1007           The Tap Room Trio (2003)

SPIN CD 1008           Ciarán Ó Maonaigh – Ceol a’ Ghleanna (2004)

SPIN CD 1009           Aoife Ní Fhearraigh – If I Told You (2006)

SPIN CD 1010           David Power – The Little Cuckoo of Glen Nephin (2007)

SPIN CD 1011           Garry Walsh – Penny Trumpets (2007)





CSM 54                      Derek Bell – Derek Bell Plays with Himself



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