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USA label – no other information available.


GL2–103                     Bobby Gardiner – Memories of Clare, No. 2 (1962)


Glen Arm Records

USA-based label – the item below is possibly its only release.

MG-100                      The Quinn Family – Music from the Glens (undated)

Glens Music

Seán Quinn’s North Antrim label.

GM006                       Archie McKeegan – The Smith of Tiveragh

GM007                       Charlie McDonnell – The Town of Cushendall (1994)

GMCD 009                Seán Quinn – The Céilí Beat (2001)


GMCD 011                Various – Sets at Hilltown, Co. Down (1997)

GMCD 012                Various – Sets Céilí 2 at Kilcoo, Co. Down (1997)

GMCD 014                Seán Quinn – Popular Céilí Dances, Volume 1 (1999)

GMCD 015                Seán Quinn – Popular Céilí Dances, Volume 2 (1999)

GMCD 016                Seán Quinn – Larry’s Little Box (2001)

GMCD 017                Archie McKeegan – The Songs of ... (2001)

GMCD 018                Seán Quinn – Key Notes (2002)

GMCD 019                Dominic McNabb – Traditional Fiddle Music from the Glens

of Antrim (2003)


GMCD 020                P.J. Hill and Leo Brown – The Slopes of Knocklayde (2004)


A Dublin record label run by the Waltons music shop (and subsequent label) which issued numerous 78s and 45s, many of which resurfaced on later LPs. Regular singers featured on the albums below included Joe Lynch, Charlie McGee, Fergus Kelly, Patricia Blake, Joe McNally and Delia Murphy – many thanks to John Cummins for this information. Note that releases 501–507 were also issued by ABC-Paramount of New York.


The label re-emerged in 2005 with a CD compiling some of those much earlier releases – www.glenside.ie.


GLEN501                   Jack Barrett, Jackie Hearst, Liberty Boys Céilí Bands – The

Walls Of Limerick

GLEN502                   Jack Barrett, Jackie Hearst, Liberty Boys Céilí Bands 

Come to the Céilí

GLEN503                   Various – Happy Memories of Ireland

GLEN504                   Various – Down by the Liffeyside
GLEN505                   Various –  Songs from the Green Fields of Erin
GLEN506                   Various – The Old Bog Road 
GLEN507                   Various – Songs and Marches of the Gael
GLEN508                   Various – Songs of the Old Land 
GLEN509                   Various – The Kerry Ballad
GLEN510                   Various – Sittin' on the Bridge below the Town
GLEN511                   Various – What Part of Ireland Do You Come from?
GLEN512                   Mary McGonigle and Assaroe Ceili Band – Ireland's 32 
GLEN513                   Various – The Blarney Stone
GLEN514                   John B. Keane Sings
GLEN515                   Eamonn de Barra – The  Voice of Praise
(readings of

Republican speeches and poetry)

GLEN516                   Mary McGonigle Sings
GLEN517                   Rory O'Connor  

Number unknown       Various – Glenside Irish Classics (2005 CD)


Global Village

New York-based label - www.the-forum.com/globalvillage. The following releases were all cassettes.

GVMMC 502             Martin Mulvihill – The Humours of Martin Mulvihill

GVMMC 575             Martin Mulvihill – Irish Fiddle, Volume 1

GVMMC 576             Martin Mulvihill – Irish Fiddle, Volume 2



Globestyle was the ‘World Music’ arm of London’s Ace Records (which is more usually known for its soul and R&B reissues). During the 1990s Ron Kavana produced a series of Irish compilations, drawn from Topic’s archives which are listed below. Incidentally, Ace’s founder, Ted Carroll also used to run Chiswick records for which Kavana himself recorded.

All releases were in CD format and prefixed CDORBD and all began their sub-title with “Classic Recordings of/from” except 094.


081                              Treasure of My Heart (1993; overall sampler)

082                              I’m Leaving Tipperary (1994; remastered 78s)

084                              The Gentleman Pipers (1994)

085                              The Rushy Mountain (1994; Sliabh Luachra)

088                              In the Smoke (1995; London-Irish recordings)

090                              Hurry the Jug: Songs, Lilting and Storytelling in the Irish

Tradition (1996)

092                              Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part (1996; dance music)

093                              The Coolin’ [sic] (1996; slow airs and laments)

094                              A Living Thing: Contemporary Classics of Irish Traditional

Music (1997)



No information available.


GM 003                      Séan Howley, Liam Weldon, Brian O’Donohue - Elixir


Irish label.


GRLP 001                  Danny Doyle – The Highwayman (1981)



Anglo-Irish labelwww.grapevine-label.co.uk/.

GRACD 205               Nomos – I Won’t Be Afraid Any More (1995)


GRACD 215               Christy Moore – Graffiti Tongue (1996)

GRACD 219               Various – Now and in Time to Be (musical tribute to



GRACD 226               Sharon Shannon – Each Little Thing (1997)

GRACD 227               Tamalin – Rhythm & Rhyme (1997)


GRACD 230               Nomos – Set You Free (1997)

GRACD 232               Various – Meeting of the Waters

GRACD 238               Dolores Keane – Night Owl (1997)


GRACD 240               Seán (singer) Keane – Turn a Phrase

GRACD 242               Seán (singer) Keane – No Stranger (1998)

GRACD 244               Seán (singer) Keane – All Heart No Roses

GRACD 245               Sharon Shannon – Spellbound: The Best of ... (1998)


GRACD 257               Sharon Shannon

GRACD 258               Sharon Shannon – Out the Gap (reissue of  Solid ROCD 14)


GRACD 276               Seán (singer) Keane – The Man That I Am (2000)


GRACDL 289            Sharon Shannon and Friends – The Diamond Mountain Sessions (2001; special edition also includes Sharon Shannon and The Woodchoppers – Live in Galway)



Green Note


No details available.


GN4                            Amergin – The Gypsy Princess (2001)




USA label - details unknown.

GR0702                      David Hammond and Dónal Lunny – The Singer’s House



Though predominantly releasing material from Scotland Greentrax does occasionally issue an Irish album www.greentrax.com.

CDTRAX 052            Niamh Parsons – Loosely Connected (1992)


CDTRAX 108            Kevin Mitchell – I Sang That Sweet Refrain (1996)


CDTRAX 135            Brendan Power – Plays the Music from Riverdance


CDTRAX 165            Jimmy Crowley – Uncorked! (1998; reissue of the Free State

Records release)


CDTRAX 239            Kevin MacLeod & Alec Finn – From Polbain to Oranmore


CDTRAX 250            North Cregg – Summer at My Feet (2003)


CDTRAX 308            North Cregg – Roseland Barndance (2007)




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