John McKenna Traditional Society Joke


Jonesboro June Appal JVC


John McKenna Traditional Society

Leitrim-based organisation whose name speaks for itself.

No number John McKenna His Original Recordings (undated cassette;

remastered 78s)



German label no details available.

JLP 201 Wild Geese The Quays of Galway Town (1978)

JLP 207 Wild Geese Flight 2 (1982)

JLP 215 Wild Geese In Full Flight (1985)

JLP 220 Wild Geese Early Days (1988)



Label from Newry, Co. Down.


JB0002 Phil Fox Green Hills and Valleys


June Appal



I am very grateful to Dwight Swanson for the following information June Appal is a label run as part of Appalshop (where I am an archivist), an organization in southeastern Kentucky dedicated to preserving and promoting Appalachian culture. Most June Appal releases were old time Appalachian and bluegrass music.  There haven't been any June Appal releases in a while, but we are now working on re-releasing some older June Appal titles.


JAO 19 Michael J. Kennedy Melodeon: 65 Years of Irish Music



The Japanese label had a brief dalliance with traditional music.

JVC 9001-2 Anam First Footing

JVC 9034-2 Anam Riptide (1998)



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