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Lackeen Records

Tim O’Shea and Friends own labelwww.timosheaandfriends.comwhose catalogue numbers bear the date of the albums’ release.


CD 1999                     Tim O’Shea and Friends – Fair Dawning (1999)

CD 2001                     Tim O’Shea and Friends – Killarney Boys of Pleasure (2001)

CD 2003                     Tim O’Shea and Friends – The Lake of Learning (2003)



Bill Leader recorded and/or produced many records for Topic. His own label, based in London, issued some hundred or so releases before going under when the wholesale price of vinyl increased. Only the Irish releases are listed below (the full list, which was compiled by Alistair Banfield, can be found at www.mustrad.org.uk). The rights to the label are now owned by Celtic Music, but only a few albums have been reissued in CD format.

Alistair also provided a valuable explanation of the different prefixes used by Bill Leader who attempted to distinguish between recordings of the older ‘source’ singers and traditional musicians (the LEA, LED and LEE prefixes) which were issued on the Leader label and ‘revival’ singers (LER) which were released on the Trailer imprint.


LEA 2003                   Séamus Ennis  Masters of Irish Music Series (1969)

LEA 2004                   Martin Byrnes with Reg Hall Masters of Irish Music (1969;

reissued as LEACD 2004)

LEA 2005                   Séamus Tansey with Eddie Corcoran, Reg Hall and Paul

Gross Masters of Irish Music series (1970)

LER 3035                   Christy Moore – Prosperous (1972, later reissued by Tara)

LER 3036                   Tim Lyons – The Green Linnet (1972)

LEA 2043                   John Doonan – Flute for the Feis

LEA 2044                   The Coleman Country Traditional Society – Music from the

Coleman Country (1972)

LED 2051                   Jimmy Power, Tony Ledwith, Tom Power, Paul Gross and Reg Hall – Irish Music from The Favourite (1975)

LEA 4055                   Various – Old Irish Ballads of Donegal and Derry (traditional

singers collected by Hugh Shields; 1972)

LED 2060                   John J. Kimmel – Early Recordings of Irish Traditional

Dance Music (1977; reissued in 1988 as LEDCD 2060)

LEE 4062                    John Maguire – Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday


LED 2070                   Eddie Butcher – Shamrock, Rose and Thistle (1976)

LED 2071                   The Rakes   (1975)

LER 2073                   Al O'Donnell

LER 2086                   The Boys of the Lough  (1975)

LER 2090                   The Boys of the Lough – Second Album (1975)



German label.

LIECD01013              Desi Wilkinson, Cathal Hayden, Jim McGrath – Pure Irish

Drops: Sounds from the North (2001)


Lo La Records

The London Lasses’ own labelwww.londonlasses.net.


LL 001                        The London Lasses and Pete Quinn (2000)

LL 002                        The London Lasses and Pete Quinn – Track Across the

Deep (2003)


Loftus Music

Label associated with Kevin Burke – www.loftusmusic.com.


LM001                        Kevin Burke and Cal Scott – Across the Black River (2007)

LM002                        Patrick Street – On the Fly (2007)

LM003                        Celtic Fiddle Festival – Equinoxe (2008)


London Globe

No information available.


GLB 1018                   Peg & Bobby Clancy – As We Roved Out (1964)


Longwalk Music

Seán Tyrrell’s own label www.seantyrrell.com.



LM CD 001                Seán Tyrrell – Cry of a Dreamer

LM CD 002                Seán Tyrrell – The Orchard (1998)

LM CD 003                Seán Tyrrell – Belladonna

LM CD 005                Seán Tyrrell – Rising Tide (2004)



The Boys of the Lough’s own label.


All releases are prefixed by LOUGHCD and were recorded by Boys of the Lough


001                              Welcoming Paddy Home (1986)

002                              Farewell and Remember Me (1987)

003                              Sweet Rural Shade (1988)

004                              Live at Carnegie Hall (1989)

005                              The Fair Hills of Ireland (1992)

006                              The Day Dawn (1994)

007                              The West of Ireland (1999)

008                              Lonesome Blues

009                              Twenty

010                              Midwinter Live (2007)


Lughnasa Music

Based in Dundalk, Co. Louth


LUGCD961                Lá Lugh – Brigid’s Kiss (1999)

LUGCD962                Gerry (fiddle) O’Connor – Journeyman (2004)

LUGCD963                Gerry (fiddle) O’Connor & Gilles le Bigot – In Concert (2006)


Lyrichord Discs

New York-based label www.lyrichord.com.


LLST 7178                 Various – Travelling People of Ireland (1981 LP)

LYRCD 7444             Liz Knowles – The Celtic Fiddle of Liz Knowles (1998)




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