Founded in Cork by John Loesberg in the late 1980s, Ossian was at one time one of Ireland’s most prolific publishing and recording companies with its own retail outlet in the form of The Living Tradition shop. Around 2002 the shop was sold and in early 2005 it was announced that Novello had taken over the handling of Ossian’s publishing catalogue while The Jigs and Reels Company would be running the label. However, later in the year it was made known that Ossian’s catalogue of recordings had been acquired by Cló-Iar Chonnachta. The Connemara company’s site lists those CDs which are currently available. Sadly, The Living Tradition closed in 2008.


Entries prefixed by OSS were cassette releases. Dates given refer to the original year of release except for some CD reissues. Non-Irish, classical and poetry releases are in light grey font. Note that there seem to be some duplication of catalogue numbers. Gaps in the list are depicted in red font.




OSS 1                          Simon Taylor – The Irish Guitar

OSS 2                          Seán & Mánus Ó Baoill and Cáit Mhac Ionnraic – Ceolta


OSS CD 3                   Various – Folk Music and Dances of Ireland (CD issued


OSS CD 4                   Matt Cranitch – The Irish Fiddle Book: Demonstration

Tape/CD (CD issued 2000)

OSS CD 5                   Matt Cranitch ­ - Take a Bow

OSS CD 6                   Matt Cranitch – Give it Schtick! (CD issued 1996)

OSS CD 7                   Nóirín Ni Riain – Stór Amhrán (1988)

OSS CD 8                   Micho, Pakie and Gus Russell – The Russell Family (reissue

of Topic 12TS251; 1975)

OSS 9                          Nora Cleary, Ollie Conway, Mick Flynn and Siney Crotty – The Lambs on the Green Hills: Songs from County Clare (reissue of Topic 12TS369)


OSS CD 10                 Pádraig O’Keeffe, Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford – Kerry Fiddles: Music from Sliabh Luachra (originally issued as Topic 12TS309 in 1977; reissued by Ossian in 1989 and again in 2002)

OSS 11                        Billy Clifford – Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music from Kerry and Tipperary (originally issued as Music from Sliabh Luachra 4 Topic 12TS312 in 1977; Ossian date of issue 1989)

OSS CD 12                 Séamus Ennis – The Wandering Minstrel (reissue of Topic

12TS250, 1974)

OSS CD 13                 Various – The Lark in the Clear Air (reissue of Topic

12TS230, 1974; Ossian CD issued 1993)

OSS 14                        John and Julia Clifford – The Humours of Lisheen (reissue of

Topic 12TS311, 1977)

OSS 15                        Various – As I Roved Out

OSS 16                        Various – Songs of Aran (originally issued by Ethnic Folkways Library FE.4002 in 1957; Ossian 1989)

OSS CD 17                 John Doherty – Master Fiddler of Donegal (re-titled reissue of Bundle and Go, Topic 12TS398, 1984)

OSS CD 18                 Kevin Burke – Sweeney’s Dream (reissue of original 1973 Meadowlark Records release, later itself reissued as Folkways F8876)

OSS 19                        Various – Paddy in the Smoke (reissue of Topic 12T176,



OSS CD 20                 Josie McDermott – Darby’s Farewell (reissue of Topic

12TS325; Ossian issue 1989, CD 1993)

OSS 21                        Rose Murphy – Milltown Lass (re-titled reissue of Old Time Irish Fiddle and Accordion, Topic 12TS316; Ossian 1989)

OSS CD 22                 Joe Heaney – Irish Traditional Songs in Irish and English

(reissue of Topic 12T91)

OSS CD 23                 Willie Clancy – The Minstrel from Clare (reissue of Topic


OSS 24                        Cathal McConnell and Robin Morton – An Irish Jubilee (reissue of Topic 12T290; Ossian 1989)

OSS CD 25                 Johnny O’Leary – Music for the Set (reissue of Topic

12TS357; Ossian 1989)

OSS 26                        Various – The Breeze from Erin (reissue of Topic 12T184)

OSS 27                        Frank Harte – Dublin Street Songs (reissued of Topic 12T172;)

OSS CD 28                 Various – Grand Airs of Connemara (reissue of Topic 12T177)

OSS 29                        David Hanrahan – The Box: Demonstration Tape


OSS CD 30                 Jackie Daly – Traditional Accordion and Concertina Music from Sliabh Luachra (reissue of Topic 12TS358, 1977; issued by Ossian in 1989 and again in 2002)

OSS 31                        Paddy Glackin, Mick Gavin and Michael O’Brien – The Flags of Dublin (reissue of Topic 12TS383)

OSS 32                        Irish Tradition (poetry, prose and stories narrated by Frank


OSS CD 33                 Siobhán Breathnach – The Celtic Harp

OSS 34                        Radio Éireann Singers – Dilín Ó Deamhas

OSS 35                        Geraldine Cotter – Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor:

Demonstration Tape

OSS 36                        Tom Maguire – The Tin Whistle Book: Demonstration Tape

OSS CD 37                 Óisín (reissue of Tara 2010)

OSS CD 38                 Óisín – Béaloideas (reissue of Tara 2011)

OSS CD 39                 Óisín – Over the Moor to Maggie (reissue of Tara 2012)


OSS 40                        Paddy Tunney – The Irish Edge (reissue of Topic 12T165)

OSS 41                        Dick Gaughan – Coppers and Brass

OSS 42                        John Doonan – At the Feis (reissue of Topic 12TS268, 1978;

Ossian 1991)

OSS 43                        Various – More Grand Airs from Connemara (reissue of

Topic 12T202)

OSS 44                        Frank Harte – Through Dublin City (re-titled reissue of Topic


OSS 45                        John, Julia and Billy Clifford – The Star of Munster Trio

(reissue of  Topic12TS310)

OSS 46                        Tommy Healy and Johnny Duffy – Memories of Sligo

(reissue of Topic 12TS335)

OSS 47                        Boys of the Lough – The Session

OSS CD 47                 John Feeley – Celtic Classics (classical guitar)

OSS 48                        Brendan Behan – On Joyce (lecture)

OSS 49                        Ed Reavy and others – The Music of Ed Reavy (reissue of

Rounder 6008, 1979; Ossian 1991)


OSS 50                        Bernard O’Sullivan and Tommy McMahon – Irish Traditional Music of County Clare (reissue of Topic/Free Reed 12TFRS505)

OSS 51                        Various – Amhráin na hÉireann

OSS 52                        Various – Ceol na hÉireann

OSS CD 53                 Various – Totally Traditional Tin Whistles (1991)

OSS 54                        Various – Airs and Graces (1991)

OSS 55                        Various – Emerald Grooves (Irish parlour songs)

OSS 56                        Various – Golden Grooves (Irish parlour songs)

OSS 57                        Steáfán Hannigan – The Bodhrán Book: Demonstration


OSS 58                        Steáfán Hannigan – Natural Selection (1991)

OSS 59                        Séamus Ennis – The Bonny Bunch of Roses (reissue of

Tradition TLP 1013, 1959)


OSS 60                        The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – Boolavogue

OSS 61                        The Raymond Roland Quartet – Saturday Night at the Céilí

OSS 62                        Various – Heather and Glen (song and music from Scotland)

OSS 63                        Felix Doran – The Last of the Travelling Pipers (reissue of

Topic 12T288, 1976; Ossian 1992)

OSS 64                        Pat McNulty – Autumn Apples (1992)

OSS CD 65                 The Douglas Gunn Ensemble – O’Carolan’s Feast (1992)

OSS 66                        Leo Rowsome – Classics of Irish Piping Volume 1 (reissue of

Topic 12T259)

OSS 67                        Leo Rowsome – Classics of Irish Piping Volume 2 (reissue of

Topic 12T322)

OSS 68                        William Andrews and Liam Walsh – Classics of Irish Piping

(reissue of Topic 12T262, 1976)

OSS 69                        Cathal McConnell – On Lough Erne’s Shores (reissue of

Topic 12TS377)


OSS 70                        Boys of the Lough – In the Tradition (reissue of Topic


OSS CD 70                 Bríd Cranitch, Vince Milne, Pat Sullivan – A Small Island


OSS 71                        Pat Mitchell – Uilleann Pipes (reissue of Topic 12TS294,


OSS 72                        Robert Cinnamond – You Rambling Boys of Pleasure (reissue of

Topic 12T269, 1975; Ossian 1992)

OSS 73                        Vincent Griffin – Traditional Music from Clare (reissue of

Topic 12TS338, 1977)

OSS 74                        Paddy Tunney – A Wild Bee’s Nest (reissue of Topic 12T139)

OSS 75                        Packie Duignan and Séamus Horan – Traditional Music from County Leitrim (reissue of Topic 12TS339, 1978; Ossian 1992)

OSS 76                        The McPeake Family ­- Irish Traditional Songs and Music (reissue of Topic 12T87, 1962; Ossian 1992)

OSS 77                        Tom Lenihan – Paddy’s Panacea (reissue of Topic 12TS363,

1978; Ossian 1992)

OSS 78                        Joe Holmes and Len Graham – After Dawning (reissue of

Topic 12TS401, 1979)

OSS 79                        Boys of the Lough – Regrouped (reissue of Topic 12TS409)

OSS CD 79                 Various – Farewell to Lissycasey (compilation of tracks from

various labels, 1995)


OSS 80                        The Flanagan Brothers – An Irish Delight (reissue of Topic

12TS365, 1979; Ossian 1993)

OSS 81                        Jimmy Power – Irish Fiddle Player (reissue of Topic 12TS306;

Ossian 1993)

OSS 82                        Len Graham – Wind and Water (reissue of Topic 12TS334)

OSS 83                        John Rea – The Irish Hammered Dulcimer (reissue of Topic

12TS373, 1979; Ossian 1993)

OSS 84                        Boys of the Lough – Open Road (reissue of Topic 12TS433)

OSS CD 84                 Various – The Mountain Road: Music from Cork and Kerry

OSS CD 85                 Óisín – Celtic Dream

OSS CD 86                 Bobby Gardiner – The Master’s Choice (1993)

OSS 87                        Various – An Introduction to Irish Poetry

OSS CD 88                 Nóirín Ní Ríain – Soundings

OSS CD 89                 Hammy Hamilton, Séamus Creagh, Con Ó Drisceoil – It’s No Secret (2001; presumably this replaced whatever was originally intended to bear this catalogue number)


OSS CD 90                 Séamus Creagh – Came the Dawn (1994)

OSS CD 91                 Various – New Approach to Uilleann Piping

OSS CD 92                 Jeannie Robertson

OSS 93                        Geraldine Cotter – Seinn an Pianó

OSS CD 94                 Geraldine Cotter – Playing the Piano Irish Style

OSS CD 96                 The Stewarts of Blair

OSS CD 97                 The Singing Campbells

OSS 98                        Paul de Graë – Traditional Irish Guitar

OSS 99                        Unknown


OSS CD 100               Calico – Celanova Square (1998)

OSS CD 101               Ewan MacColl – Bothy Ballads of Scotland

OSS CD 102               Ewan MacColl – Songs of Robert Burns

OSS CD 103               Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger – The Jacobite Rebellions

(reissue of Topic 12T79)

OSS CD 104               Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger – Traditional Songs and

Ballads of Scotland

OSS CD 105               Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger – Scottish Traditional


OSS 106                      Sarah McQuaid – The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book:

Demonstration Tape

OSS 107                      Geraldine Cotter – Traditional Tin Whistle Tune Tutor Tape

OSS CD 108               Terry Bingham – Traditional Irish Music from Doolin, Co.

Clare (1997)

OSS CD 109               Kevin Griffin – Traditional Irish Music from Doolin, Co.

Clare (1997)


OSS CD 110/111        L.E. McCullough – Saint Patrick was a Cajun

OSS CD 112               Séamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey with Seán Ó Loinsigh (1999)

OSS CD 113               Various – The County Bounds: Music and Song from the

Cork-Kerry Border (1999)

OSS CD 114               Sliabh Notes – Gleanntán (1999)

OSS 115

OSS 116

OSS 117

OSS 118/119               Tómas Ó Canainn – Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland


OSS CD 120               Hammy Hamilton – The Moneymusk (2001)

OSS 121                      Tom Maguire – An Irish Whistle Book: Demonstration


OSS 122                      Tom Maguire – An Irish Whistle Tune Book: Companion


OSS 123

OSS 124

OSS 125

OSS CD 126               Various – The Set: One (2002)

OSS CD 127               Various – The Set: Two (2002)

OSS CD 128               Various – The Set: Three (2002)

OSS CD 129               Various – The Set: Four (2002)


OSS CD 130               Sliabh Notes – Along Blackwater’s Banks (2002)

OSS CD 131               Various – Island to Island: Traditional Music from Ireland

and Newfoundland (2003)

OSS 132                      Sheila Garry – Irish Session Tunes 1

OSS 133                      Sheila Garry – Irish Session Tunes 2

OSS CD 134               Garry Walsh – Uncovered (2004)



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