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This Sligo-based label tends not to date its releases. The many gaps are listed in red font. Non-traditional releases are in light grey font. The company’s web address no longer seems to be working so searchers may have to hunt hard to find some of these albums.


SUNCD1                    Dervish – The Boys of Sligo (undated, but actually 1988)

SUNCD2                    Thom Moore – Dreamer in Russia

SUN 3                         Margaret O’Rourke – My Lovely Leitrim Shore

SUNCD4                    Margaret O’Rourke – Home in Ireland

SUN 7                         Kevin Conlon – The Ballad of Josie McDermott (cassette EP)


SUNCD9                    John Duggan – The Mission and Other Stories


SUN 10                       Kevin Conlon – The Lotto Song (cassette EP)

SUN 11                       Kevin Conlon – Candle in the Window (cassette EP)

SUNCD13                  Kevin Conlon – Irish Fast Ballads

SUNCD13                  Kevin Conlon – Banjo the Irish Way

SUNCD14                  John Duggan – The Greatest of the Gael


SUNCD16                  IOYOU – Together Girl Forever


SUNCD19                  Various – The Heart and Soul of Ireland



SUNCD22                  Kevin Conlon – Irish Fast Ballads 2

SUNCD23                  Declan Folan and Junior Davey – Skin and Bow

SUNCD24                  Blood or Whiskey (undated)

SUNCD26                  Indian – Show Me That Chihuahua Again


SUNCD28                  Swallow’s Tail Céilí Band – Hell for Leather (undated)



SUNCD30                  Séamus Tansey and Jim McKillop – To Hell with the

Begrudgers (1999)

SUNCD31                  Various – Music and Song from the Land and Soul of Ireland

SUNCD33                  John Duggan – The Greatest Game


SUNCD34                  Various – Mighty Crack So92

SUNCD35                  Various – Songs of Sligo

SUNCD36                  Enda Scahill – Pick It Up


SUNCD38                  John Duggan – Old Ignatius

SUNCD39                  Carmel Gunning – The Lakes of Sligo


SUNCD40                  Colm O’Donnell – Heart Strings


SUNCD42                  Seán O’Reilly – A Sligo Tenor

SUNCD43                  John Regan – The Slopes of Benbulben (2003)

SUNCD44                  Carmel Gunning – Around St. James’ Well (2003)

SUNCD45                  Jim McKillop – The Road from Ballybrack (2003)

SUNCD46                  Deirdre Collis – Bosca Ceoil (2003)

SUNCD47                  Rock ‘n’ Reel – The Hungry Rock

SUNCD48                  Coilin Conneely – The Last Irishman (2003)

SUNCD49                  Séamus Tansey – King of the Concert Flute

(2004; remastered CD version of the original Silver Hill LP)


Number unknown       Pádraig Stevens – Puddles and Rainbows (2004)



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