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Californian label  - www.vanguardrecords.com.

VCD 79169                 Liam Clancy

VCD 79488                 The Clancy Brothers and Robbie O’Connell – Older But No


VCD 79531                 Liam Clancy – Irish Troubadour (1999)

VCD 79551                 The  Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – Best of the Vanguard Years

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

Cassette releases.


VWML 001                Various – Early in the Month of Spring (Jim Carroll and Pat

Mackenzie’s tapes of Irish Travellers in London)

VWML 002                Various – Will’s Barn (1986; includes The Rakes)

VWML 005                Various - ... and That’s My Story (tales, yarns and legends from

Britain and Ireland; 1991)


Dublin-based label.

VCD 2007                   Bohinta – Bonnie Winds (CD single)

VCD 2008                   Bohinta (1996)



Scottish labelwww.verticalrecords.co.uk.

VRTCD001                Máiréad Nesbitt – Raining Up (2001)

VERTCD0051            Michael McGoldrick – Fused (2000)

VERTCD061              Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry – At First Light


VERTCD0064            Karan Casey – Distant Shore (2003)

VERTCD069              Altan – Local Ground (2005)

VERTCD070              Karan Casey – Chasing the Sun (2005)

VERTCD071              Niall Vallely, Paul Meehan, Caoimhín Vallely – Buílle (2005)

VERTCD076              John McSherry, Dónal O’Connor – Tripswitch (2006)

VERTCD080              Róisín Elsafty – Má Bhionn Tú Liom Bí Liom (2007)



Veteran specializes in English traditional music, but has issued a few Irish albums. Catalogue numbers lacking the “CD” suffix are cassette releases www.veteran.co.uk.

VT1CD                       Various – Stepping it Out! (includes fiddler Lucy Farr)

VT123                         Lucy Farr – Heart and Home

VT125                         Seán McNamara, Éamon Coyne and Peggy Peakin – The

Long Strand: Irish fiddle music from Liverpool

VT126CD                   Roisín White – The First of My Rambles (1992)

VT132CD                   Packie Byrne – Donegal and Back!

VT134CD                   Maggie Murphy – Linkin’ o’er the Lea: Folk songs and ballads

from Fermanagh

VT137CD                   John Kennedy – The Girls Along the Road: Traditional songs,

ballads and whistle tunes from Co. Antrim

VT141CD                   Liam Farrell, Joe Whelan, Reg Hall & James Carty – They

Sailed Away From Dublin Bay (2002)

VT149CD                   Bruce Scott – My Colleen By the Shore (2005)

Virgin Records

At one time Virgin was the UK’s largest independent label and was then owned by the flamboyant, bearded, balloonist entrepreneur (and former Thatcher litter Tsar) Richard Branson. Then he sold the company and I’ve no idea who currently owns it. The CDVE prefix indicates albums issued on the Venture offshoot.


CDV 2776                   Various – A River of Sound (1995)

CDV 2796                   Altan – Blackwater (1996)

CDV 2836                   Altan – Runaway Sunday (1997)

CDV 3001                   Altan – Another Sky (2000)

CDVE 1                      Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – The Dolphin’s Way (1988)

CDVE 904                  Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – Casadh (1991)

CDVE 915                  Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – Gaiseadh (1992)

CDVE 926                  Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – Between Worlds

CDVE 930                  Matt Molloy – Shadows on Stone (1997)

CDVE 937                  Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – Becoming

CDVE 955                  Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin – Templum

CDVE 961                  Altan – The Blue Idol (2002)



Long defunct label, operating from Central London – details supplied by Mick Costello and John Cummins.

VV102                         Laurie McCahill and His Junior Accordion Band – Scottish

and Irish Favourites

VV103                         Seán McGuire and Josephine Keegan – Seán McGuire Plays


Viva Voce

Harry Bradshaw’s label focuses entirely upon the reissue of remastered 78s. The sound quality is staggering and some of the accompanying booklets are required reading in their own right. All were issued in cassette format; an asterisk indicates those also released as CDs.

VV 001                        James Morrison – The Professor (double cassette)

VV 002                        Various – Fluters of Old Erin

VV 003                        John McKenna

VV 004                        Michael Coleman 1891-1945 (double cassette also issued as a

double CD, CEFCD 161, in conjunction with Gael Linn)

VV 005                        William Mullaly – The First Irish Concertina Player to

*VV 006                      Packie Dolan – The Forgotten Fiddler of the 20s

*VV 007                      The Flanagan Brothers – The Tunes We Like to Play on

Paddy’s Day

*VV 008                      John Feeney – When It’s Moonlight in Mayo (2003 –

Irish-American tenor, included here for completion’s sake)



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