Global Roots – Irish Folk


Spectrum Records 544813-2 (2 CDs); 134 minutes; 2003


This double album compilation of Irish folk and traditional music is “available exclusively through HMV stores”, so those who shop elsewhere will be spared any form of temptation.


Ignoring just about every major musical figure or band in the recorded history of Irish music (except De Dannan, Stockton’s Wing, Tommy Makem, The Dubliners, the over-compiled Clannad, and a rock-period Paul Brady), this gormless collection ranges from the saccharine efforts of the Fureys & Davey Arthur to the very Irish Steve Earle and Carter Burwell, taking in such non-entities as MacMurrough, Sackville Folk and Secret Garden, and the quasi-psychedelic Dr. Strangely Strange.


Extend your bargepoles and avoid!



This review by Geoff Wallis was originally written for Songlines



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