The Rough Guide to Irish Music: 2nd Edition


World Music Network RGNET 1148 CD; 71 minutes; 2005



My, oh my, the arrogant old gitís reviewing his own album!


Of, course, I wouldnít stoop so low and this isnít intended to be a blatant plug, nor is my chosen instrument the trumpet. I would just like to make a few points via a RAQ. Thatís ĎRarely Asked Questionsí, in case you were wondering and the opposite of a FAQ.


Q1 Why does the compilation omit Danķ, Solas, Martin Hayes, Patrick Street, etc.?


A1 The reasonís simple. I persuaded the label not to touch Green Linnet as the class action suit had not been resolved (hence no Hayes and Patrick Street). Anything released by Shanachie was also unavailable because of licensing problems and thereís nothing from Claddagh because it will not truck with compilation labels.


Q2 Why has Clannad been omitted?


A2 Because a) the band hasnít recorded anything new in years, and b) even if the band had done so, it would have been on a major label which would have charged a Gargantuan licensing fee Ė hence also the reason why thereís nothing by Christy Moore.


Q3 You mentioned Christy, but thereís nothing by Planxty, Moving Hearts or (I know he wasnít in it) The Bothy Band either?


A3 Thatís because I wanted the new RGtoIM to reflect whatís been happening in Ireland and elsewhere over the last few years (and the album by the reformed Planxty is again on a major label).


Q4 So why has the Paul Brady track been included as it comes from 1978?


A4 A reference point and a key moment and maybe just a little nudge to Paul that itís about time he recorded another traditional album.


Q5 Who are some of these people? Iíve never heard of them.


A5 Buy the album and read the liner. Better still, buy two copies of the album and give one to a friend.


Q6 And, if I bought a copy, would you benefit financially?


A6 Not in the slightest.


Q7 Are you happy with the final product?


A7 Absolutely, though Iím not convinced by the ĎDublin to Donegalí reference on the liner.



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