Submitting a review

Please help this site develop by sending reviews of new, favourite or much loathed releases.

When submitting a review of a cassette, compact disc or record. Please include the following information:

·         the name of the singer, musician(s), group, band, etc. and the full title of the album;

·         the name of the label releasing the album and the relevant catalogue number (in the case of some independent releases this may simply be 'own label');

·         the date of the album's release (if known - some labels are notorious for omitting this information!);

·         the length of the album (if known);

·         a scan of the album's front cover (in the case of cassettes or CDs the front of the liner), preferably in JPEG format.

·         Any useful Internet address included in the album's notes.

In the case of books, please supply the following information:

·         the name of the author(s) and full title;

·         the publisher and its location (e.g. The O'Brien Press, Dublin);

·         the ISBN number (usually found on the page following the title page and also on the back cover);

·         if this is an independent publication, please also give an Internet address, if available.

Reviews can be as long as you want them to be and will only be edited to ensure clarity, correct any typographical errors and remove any potentially libellous statements or allegations!

Please send your review either in the body of an email message or as an attachment in either Rich Text (*.rtf), Wordperfect (*.wpd) or MS Word 6/7/2000 (*.doc) formats.

As The Irish Music Review is not run for profit, fees cannot be paid for any reviews or articles submitted.

Copyright rests with the author of any review unless the review has previously been published elsewhere and its previous publisher has granted permission for its usage here.

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