Ceoltóirí Coleman


The Killaville Sessions


Coleman Heritage Centre CHC 006; 62 minutes; undated


This CD is probably the least well-known of those produced by the Coleman Heritage Centre, based in Gurteen, County Sligo, and features the then resident house band which played at the weekly Summer concerts held in the Centre’s theatre. Sadly, the album’s poorly designed liner provides little information regarding the members of the group, though Colm Ó Donnell will be the most familiar name present. 


Indeed, there is not even a proper personnel listing, so, in the interests of public education, here is one:



As you might expect, the album features playing clearly exhibiting all the Sligo trademarks and ‘bounce’ and ‘flair’ are two apposite words which immediately spring to mind. Unfortunately, however, the songs do not replicate the same standard. Colm O’Donnell’s rendition of Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, though delivered in typically mellifluous fashion, is marred by some extraordinarily inappropriate electronic keyboard accompaniment, and his unaccompanied voice on The Maid of Sweet Gurteen is remarkably low down in the mix (blame the producer, one Colm O’D...). The only other song is The Shamrock Shore which involves, to be blunt, the sort of singing which sends neighbourhood dogs scarpering rapidly for the nearest bolt-hole – in kindness to the singer, their identity will not be revealed.


If you had attended any of the shows, this CD might make a welcome souvenir, but, if not, it is probably best left on the racks.



Geoff Wallis


22nd September, 2004


The album is available directly from the Coleman Heritage Centre –


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