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UK reissue label, part of the VCI group  www.vci.co.uk.



ETDCD 040               Various – Traditional Irish Songs

ETDCD 092               The Kilfenora Fiddle Céilí Band – Traditional Irish Fiddle

Music (1998 reissue of 1974 LP Transatlantic TRS 108)



Eagle Records


No information available.


EAB CD 113              The Dubliners – The Masters

EAG CD 192              Shane MacGowan’s Popes – Across the Broad Atlantic:

Live on Paddy’s Day New York and Dublin (2001)

EDM CD 078             The Dubliners – The Masters (double CD)



No information available.


MD 0001                    Various – Oriel: Songs and Tunes of South East Ulster

MD 0002                    Geordie Hanna Sings (date unknown)




No information available.


M ATLAS4001          Altan – The Best of 1987-1993

M ATLAS4002          Eileen Ivers – The Best of 1979-1996


Ellipsis Arts

New York-based producer of elegantly-packaged CDs. Irish releases include:


4070                            Various – Celtic Mouth Music (1997; 37-track compilation of

lilting etc. which includes numerous Irish specialists in the art of

puss music)




Long-defunct label – thanks to John Cummins for additional information.

EMB 3343                  Inisfail Céilí Band featuring Anna Boyle – Irish Holiday

EMB 3361                  The Raymond Roland Quartet (1965)

EMB 3373                  Tommy Drennan and The Monarchs – 50 Years After (1966)


FA 2035                      Hugh Trainor – Ireland’s 32 (1966)

FA 2050                      Inis Fail Céilí Band – Irish Holiday (1967)

FA 2054                      Séamus Ennis – The Bonny Bunch of Roses (1968 reissue of

Tradition LP)

FA 2056                      Hugh Trainor sings Kevin Barry (1968)



The Emerald story is convoluted and researching it well nigh impossible. There was certainly an Irish label called Emerald Gem which largely specialized in showbands, but also released a number of traditional and folk items under the GEM and GES prefixes listed below (as well as plenty of MoR material and Loyalist albums). By 1980 this label had been purchased by MCA, under whose auspices the Arty McGlynn CD referenced below was reissued.

The Seán McGuire CDs listed here were issued by a company called Emerald Music, operating from Templepatrick in County Antrim but, to paraphrase Bernard Miles in an old Mackeson advertisement, it looks like an Outlet production, feels like an Outlet production and, by golly, even sounds like an Outlet production. Whatever the case, Emerald Music seems not to exist any more and its web address has been purchased by someone else.

Then there is the Emerald company which operated in London during the 1960s. Its releases bore the MLD prefix.


Fortunately, John Cummins recently provided the following addendum: ‘Belfast Promotor Mervyn Solomon was closely associated with both Emerald and Emerald Gem.  Emerald had bases in Belfast and Dublin and in London was distributed by Vogue Records.  Emerald Gem had the same base in Belfast and was distributed in London by VOGUE records.  Eventually Decca bought out Emerald and Vogue.  Mervyn Solomon retained the licensing rights for many of the recordings and they appear regularly on CD compilations.’


BERCD 011               Arty McGlynn – McGlynn’s Fancy


This is another reissue of Arty’s solo album (see below), the one for which, apocryphally, having received just one copy for himself his request for another was met with the reply “It’s not Christmas, you know”!


CDCELTS 1015         The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – The Best

                                    of Irish Rebel Ballads (2008)


EMCD 8000               Seán McGuire – Fiddle on the Fiddle (2000)

EMCD 8001               Margaret Barry and Pecker Dunne – Travellin’ People

EMCD 8003               The Very Best of Pecker Dunne

EMCD 8004               Margaret Barry – Queen of the Gypsies (2008 edition

                                    Includes additional tracks)

EMCD 8012               Seán McGuire – The Dancing Bow


GEM 1002                  Moira Briody – For the Ones Who Went Away (1968)

GEM 1003                  Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman – Come Back, Paddy

Reilly  (1968)

GEM 1004                  The Folkstones – Rebellion (1968)

GEM 1006                  The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – At Home with

The Clancy Brothers, Their Family and Tommy Makem


GEM 1007                  Various – Best of All the Irish Hits (1968)

GEM 1008                  John McCluskey Sings Ireland’s Greatest Songs (1968)

GES 1009                   Diamond Accordion Band – The Orange Walk (1969)


GES 1017                   Bridie Gallagher – In the Heart of Donegal

GES 1019                   Brian Boru Céilí Band – Céilí Time in Ireland


GEM 1021                  Leo McCaffrey – A Weekend in Ireland

GEM 1026                  Dublin Coterie – A Swing to Folk (1969)

GEM 1027                  Various - Songs


GES 1030                   The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – The Best of ... (1969)

GEM 1035                  The Flying Column – Folk Music Time in Ireland (1970)

GES 1039                   Bob Craig – The 12th of July (1970)


GES 1041                   Brian Boru Céilí Band – More Céilí Time in Ireland


GEM 1050                  The Freemen – On the One Road

GES 1053                   Various – Songs of Ireland (1971)

GES 1059                   The Flying Column – Four Green Fields


GES 1060                   Malachy Doris Céilí Band – Céilí

GES 1068                   Cathal McCann – Red Sails in the Sunset (1972)

GES 1069                   The Bards – Definitely Irish Folk


GES 1075                   Cathie Harrop’s Ireland (1972)


GES 1081                   Brian Coll and The Plattermen – Brian Coll’s Ireland

GES 1083                   Nick Walsh – Erin Go Brass

GES 1089                   Malachy Doris Céilí Band – Dance, Dance Dance to

Malachy Doris and His Céilí Band (1972)


GES 1095                   Mary O’Hara’s Ireland (1973)


GES 1123                   The Paddy Doyles Live (1972)


GES 1151                   Jim McKillop and Mary Mulholland – The Wind That

Shakes the Barley

GES 1152                   Pecker Dunne – Introducing The Pecker


GES 1167                   Mary O’Hara – Monday Tuesday (1977)


GES 1187                   Bakerloo Junction – Emigrant’s Return (1978)


GES 1192                   Belfast Singers – My Native Land (1978)


GES 1201                   The Sands Family – Real Irish Folk (1978)


GES 1219                   Bakerloo Junction – My Lagan Softly Flowing (1982)


GES 1231                   Bakerloo Junction – Irish Songs and Ballads

GES 1232                   Various – Irish Favourites

GES 1238                   Diamond Accordion Band – At Home in Ireland (1988)

GES 1239                   Gina Joyce – Forget-Me-Nots (1988)


MCLD19351              Arty McGlynn – McGlynn’s Fancy (undated CD reissue of

1980 LP, BER 011)

MCVD 30012             Margaret Barry and Pecker Dunne – Travellin’ People



MLD1                         Deirdre O’Callaghan – Through Tara’s Halls

MLD2                         Frank Gilligan’s Killarney Céilí Band – The Kerry Dances

MLD3                         Louis Browne – Fairest of Them All

MLD4                         The Skyrockets Dance Orchestra – Swingtime in Ireland

MLD5                         Bridie Gallagher – Irish Requests

MLD15                       Brian Cole and The Plattermen – Rose of Tralee


SLD 35                       The Blarney Folk (1969)



UK major label which at one time had an EMI (Ireland) subsidiary whose releases listed below are all in vinyl format. Those UK releases with CD or 7243 as part or all of the prefix are CD issues; MC indicates a cassette release.

EMI (Ireland)


ARAN 3010                The Blacksmiths – Merrily Kissed the Quaker (1972)


ISLE 3002                  The Dubliners – Ballads on Tap

ISLE 3003                  The Crehan Family – The Green Hills of Clare (1973)

ISLE 3004                  Tulla Céili Band with Martin Vaughan – Sweetheart in the


ISLE 3005                  Anne Byrne – Come By the Hills

ISLE 3006                  Eddie and Finbar Furey with Paddie Bell (1974)

ISLE 3008                  David Curry’s Irish Band – Traditional Irish Rhythms


LEAF 7002                 Geraldine O’Grady – The Quiet Land of Erin

LEAF 7005                 The Sands Family – You’ll Be Well Looked After (1976)

LEAF 7008                 Gemma Hasson – Looking for the Morning

LEAF 7009                 Aileach (1975)

LEAF 7010                 Des Keogh – Airs and Disgraces (1976)

LEAF 7011                 Crubeen – Eagle’s Whistle (1976)

LEAF 7012                 The Sands Family – After the Morning (1977)

LEAF 7014                 Aileach – Ard Rí (1977)

LEAF 7016                 Various – Folk Tales of Old Ireland (1977)

LEAF 7019                 The Relics of Auld Dacency


STAL 1001                 The Shannonside Céilí Band – Cruising Down the Shannon

STAL 1002                 Tulla Céilí Band – Claddagh Ring (1969)

STAL 1003                 Irish Concert Orchestra – Gems from the Irish Airwaves

STAL 1004                 The Crehan Family (1971)

STAL 1006                 Abbey Theatre Orchestra – Memories of the Abbey Theatre

STAL 1009                 Na Fíli – One Day for Recreation

STAL 1010                 Harmony Rowe

STAL 1011                 Carmel Quinn

STAL 1013                 The Kilfenora Céilí Band – Clare Céilí with ...

STAL 1015                 The Dubliners – I Know My Love (1971)

STAL 1016                 Seán McGuire

STAL 1021                 Avoca Céilí Band – Céilí Time

STAL 1023                 Avoca Céilí Band – Céilí Night

STAL 1026                 Geraldine O’Grady – Melodies of Ireland

STAL 1029                 Tulla Céilí Band – Ireland Green

STAL 1030                 Ardellis Céilí Band – The Bells of Shannon

STAL 1033                 Michael O’Dwyer

STAL 1039                 Paddy McGinty Happy Seven – Dublin to Dixie (1975)

STAL 1040                 Various – A Souvenir of Ireland

STAL 1042                 Gallowglass Céilí Band – 25th Anniversary (1975)

STAL 1044                 Jimmy O’Dea with Harry O’Donovan (1975)

STAL 1045                 Mick O’Shea – The Man from Labasheeda (1975)

STAL 1047                 Various – The Best of Irish Folk Music (1976)

STAL 1048                 The Blacksmiths 2, featuring Paddy Keenan (1976)

STAL 1051                 Various – Universal Folk Centre 10 Years On (1977)

STAL 1053                 Various – Irish Traditional Favourites (1977)

STAL 1054                 Various – Irish Traditional Favourites, Volume 2 (1977)

STAL 1055                 Delia Murphy (1977; reissued on CD in 2002 as The Legendary

Delia Murphy)

STAL 1056                 The Freeman Folk

STAL 1058                 Mick O’Shea – My Homeland (1977)

STAL 1059                 Fair Isle Folk – The Fisherman’s Rebellion


STAL 6001                 Irish Rhythms Orchestra – Irish Rhythm

STAL 6003                 Gallowglass Céilí Band – The Wearing of the Green

STAL 6004                 Seán McCarthy – The Wandering Man (1970)

STAL 6006                 Various – Souvenir of Ireland: A Musical Tour

STAL 6007                 Noel Kelly – Gay and Gaelic

STAL 6008                 Shannonside Céilí Band – Kerry Céilí (1970)

STAL 6010                 Danny Doyle – Whiskey on a Sunday (1968)

STAL 6012                 Veronica Dunne – Around the Ring of Kerry (1970)

STAL 6018                 Ardellis Céilí Band – The Other Side of the Shamrock (1970)

STAL 6020                 Arthur Murphy – A Nation Sings (1966)

STAL 6021                 Various – A Souvenir of Ireland

STAL 6022                 Various – Ballad Night Out (1970)


STAL 8002                 Various – Céilí Time in Ireland

STAL 8003                 Seán Ó Sé, Na Fíli, The Jolly Beggarmen – A Salute to the


STAL 8004                 Various – Traditional Irish Songs of Freedom

STAL 8005                 Various – Memories of Dublin

STAL 8006                 Geraldine O’Grady – The Quiet Land of Erin (1973 LP)

STAL 8008                 Seán Ó Sé – The Banks of My Lovely Lee (1973 LP)

STAL 8010                 The Jolly Beggarmen – The Very Best of Irish Rebel Songs,

Volume 1

STAL 8012                 John Kavanagh – The Songs and Words of Seán O’Casey





CC 227                        The Dubliners (1988)


CDEM 1480               The Dubliners – Original Dubliners (1993; double CD)


CDEMS 1459             Various – Ireland: Its Melodic Powers 1923-1955 (1992;

                                    Mostly vocal tracks, but does include Leo Rowsome)


CD IRISH 007           The Dubliners – Greatest Hits

CD IRISH 363           The Dubliners – Ireland’s Number 1 Folk Group


CDB790 656 2            Various – Songs from the Emerald Isle (1988)


CDP 790 996 2           The Dubliners (1990)

CDP 796 577 2           Various – Ireland of Treasures (1990)


DL 1104                      Various – Songs from the Emerald Isle (1987; double LP)


EMC 3091                  The Dubliners – Very Best of The Dubliners (1975)


GAE 1003                   Various – The Irish Phonograph (1986)


TEMC 6002               Adrienne Johnston – Of the Johnstons (1975 LP)


7243 83121625           Various – Celtic Graces (Paul Brady, Bothy Band, Planxty, etc.; 1994)

7423 856700 2            The Dubliners – Essential Collection

7243 856703 2            Various – Irish Céilí Reels and Jigs (1997)


7777 890652 0            The Dubliners – Original Dubliners

English Folk Dance and Song Society

Based at Cecil Sharp House in Camden Town, London NW1, the EFDSS has issued albums sporadically over the last forty years. Only the Irish ones are listed below.

LP 1003                      John Doherty – Pedlar’s Pack (1964)

LP 1009                      Packie Manus Byrne (1969)


Root and Branch 1     Various – A New World (1999, a general collection which

includes Cara Dillon, Paul Brady and Cathal McConnell)

Root and Branch 2     Various – Everybody Swing (2000, a general archive collection

which includes Bobby Casey, Margaret Barry, Michael Gorman

and Willie Clancy)



Former multinational.


SEPC 82081               Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy



No details available.

ATLASCD 003           Christy Moore – King Puck (1993)




Defunct Dublin label (listing courtesy of John Cummins).


No number                  Gallowglass Ceili Band – Wild Colonial Boy (1984)


Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh’s own label, based in Gweedore.

SM 001                       Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh – Slán agus Beannacht (1988; later

reissued as SCD 003)


SCD 004                     Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh – Bláth Buí (1992)

SCD 005                     Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh – Oíche go Maidin (1994)

SCD 006                     Various – Music from the Famine Remembrance


SCD 008                     Various – Dúlamán a’ Tsleibhe (2002)



No information available.

ESSCD 004                The Dubliners – The Dubliners’ Dublin (1989)

ESSCD 422                The Dubliners – 25 Years A-Greying (1996)

ESSCD 423                The Dubliners – 30 Years A-Greying (1996)



No information available.


EURCD 004               Seán McGuire – Celtic Fiddle

EURCD 400               The Dubliners – Best of the Dubliners

EURCD 701               Altan – Collection

EURCD 702               Various – Celtic Women


European Ethnic Oral Tradition

Based in Trinity College’s Language and Communication Centre, this short-lived label issued a number of cassettes (I think) in the 1980s.

EE1                             Various – Songs of the Irish Travellers: Traditional ballads &

lyric songs recorded and edited by Tom Munnelly (1983)

EE2                             Various – Early Ballads in Ireland: 1968-85 field recordings

edited by Tom Munnelly and Hugh Shields (1985)

EE3                             Various – Shamrock, Rose and Thistle No 2: Folk singing in

North Derry (1982)

EE4                             Various – Shamrock, Rose and Thistle No 3: Folk singing in

North Derry (1982)

EE5                             Eddie Butcher – Adam in Paradise (1982)

EECS                          Joe McCafferty – Ceolta agus Seanchas Thír Chonaill:

Stories and songs from Donegal  (1984)

EESC                          Various – Scéalamhráin Cheilteacha: Narrative songs in the

Celtic Languages

EEEB                          Various – Early Ballads in Ireland



No information available.


157.773                       The Dubliners



UK label, long defunct

EVE 5007                   Tom Fleming – Kerry’s Delight and Other Jigs, Reels

and Hornpipes.


Details unknown.

Z 1002                         The McPeake Folk Group – Welcome Home (1969; reissue of DTS release)



Expert Records


London-based label – this was a one-off release.


No number                  Chanter – Suburban Ethnia (1977)




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