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Daisy Discs/The Daisy Label

Dublin-based label; off-shoot of Hummingbird – www.daisydiscs.com.

DDCD001                  Dessie O’Halloran – The Pound Road (2001)

DDCD002                  Sharon Shannon and The Woodchoppers – Live in Galway



DLCD 001                  Sharon Shannon – What You Make It (CD single)

DLCD 004                  Sharon Shannon (reissues of 1991 Solid release)

DLCD 005                  Sharon Shannon – Out the Gap (reissue of 1994 Solid release)

DLCD 006                  Sharon Shannon – Each Little Thing (reissue of 1997 Grapevine


DLCD 007                  Sharon Shannon – Spellbound: The Best of ... (2003

                                    reissue of Grapevine release)

DLCD 008                  Sharon Shannon & Friends – The Diamond Mountain

Sessions (2003 reissue of Grapevine release)

DLCD 009                  Sharon Shannon & Friends – Libertango  (2003 reissue

                                    of Independent release; special edition, DLCDX 009

                                    also includes a bonus live CD recorded in Canada and


DLCD 010                  Pauline Scanlon – Red Colour Sun (2004)

DLCD 011                  Sharon Shannon, Frankie Gavin, Mike McGoldrick, Jim

Murray – Tunes (2005)

DLCD 012                  Sharon Shannon – The Sharon Shannon Collection: 1990-

2005 (2005; 2CDs)

DLCD 014                  Sharon Shannon – Book of Tunes

DLCD 015                  Ronnie Drew and Eleanor Shanley – El Amor de Mi Vida

DLCD 016                  Dessie O’Halloran – The Pound Road (reissue)

DLCD 017                  Pauline Scanlon – Hush (2006)

DLCD 018                  Sharon Shannon and Big Band – Live at Dolans (2006; 2CDs)


DLCD 022                  Frank Harte and Dónal Lunny – There’s Gangs of Them Digging (2007)

DLCD 023                  Sharon Shannon – Renegade (2007)

DLCD 028                  Sharon Shannon – Galway Girl: The Best of …


DLCD 036                  Sharon Shannon – Saints and Scoundrels (2009)


N4CD 11                    Declan O’Rourke – Since Kyabarm




Dublin-based label whose associated Dolphin imprint (DOL, DOLB, DOLM or DOC prefixes) releases mainly ballad albums. The Dara ITM albums are listed below, including some on its Torc imprint (all the Mary Black and Frances Black albums have been omitted), plus several relevant Dolphin releases www.dolphin-dara.ie.

CD 013                       De Dannan – Anthem (Undated – recorded in 1985)


CD 023                       The Black Family (1986)

CD 025                       Any Old Time - Phoenix


CD 035                       The Black Family – Time for Touching Home

CD 037                       Arcady – After the Ball (1993)


CD 058                       Máirtín O’Connor – Chatterbox (1993)


CD 065                       Dolores Keane – Solid Ground


CD 072                       Any Old Time – Crossing (1995)


CD 080                       Arcady – Many Happy Returns (1996)


ARANCD 602            Various – Traditionally Irish

ARANCD 606            Various – Irish Patriotic Songs

ARANCD 609            Various – Irish Céilí


DARTECD 171          Various – Trad at Heart (1993)


DOL 1008                   Na Filí – A Kindly Welcome (LP)


DOLB 7012                Connemara Céilí Band (LP)

DOLB 7016                Richie Kelly – King of Céilí (LP)


DOLM 5008               Leo Rowsome – Irish Traditional Pipes

DOLM 5013               Various - Fleadh Ceoil Na h-Éireann 75 (LP)

DOLM 5015               General Humbert (1976 LP)


DOLTV2CD108         Liam Clancy – Yes … Those Were the Days (2006; 2 CDs)


TOLCD 1                   The Kilfenora Céilí Band – Set on Stone

TOLCD 15                 The Kilfenora Céilí Band – Live in Lisdoonvarna (2002)


TORCD 097               Dolores Keane

TORCD 098               Dolores Keane – Lion in a Cage

TORCD 099               Pat Crowley and Johnny McCarthy – Fool’s Dream (1998)

TORCD 1132             Séamus Begley and Jim Murray – Ragairne (2001)

TORCD 1163             The Black Family – Our Time Together (2004)

TORCD2K5               Dolores Keane – The Platinum Collection


TORTECD 206          Dolores Keane – The Best of ... (1997)


TORTV 1156CD        Dolores Keane – Where Have All the Flowers Gone? The

Best of ... Volume 2 (2003)

TORTV2CD1180       Dolores Keane – The Essential … (2007; 2 CDs)

TORTV2CD1187       Various – Éistigí (2008; 2 CDs)


Dave Mallinson Publications

Yorkshire-based tune-book and tutorial specialist which occasionally releases an album.


DMPCD9401             Karen Tweed – Drops of Spring Water (1994)

DMPCD9402             Karen Tweed – The Silver Spire (1994)





UK label – no information available.


DJ 1020                      Various – Now for Some Real Irish Music




Long-defunct UK label, which began life as the ‘psychedelic’ wing of Pye.

DNLS 3037                Finbar and Eddie Furey – The Dawning of the Day (1972)



Dawros Music


The Kane Sisters’ own label, based in Letterfrack, Co. Galway www.thekanesisters.com.


DM001                       Liz and Yvonne Kane – The Well Tempered Bow (2002)

DVCD 002                  The Kane Sisters – Under the Diamond (2004)



Day Job Records


London-based label


DCD 106                    Duck Baker, Maggie Boyle, Ben Paley – The Expatriate

Game (2005)



Deacon Records


Long defunct label based in London NW1 – information courtesy of John Cummins.


1050                            Leo Maguire – Thistle and Shamrock




Former UK major label – Ace of Clubs and Ace of Hearts were its budget offshoots and Beltona usually covered spoken word releases.

LK 4633                      Various – Irish Folk Night (1964; The Dubliners, Luke Kelly

and Dave Phillips; Paul Lenihan, and Michael Gorman, Margaret

Barry and Jimmy Power)


SKL-R 5287               De Dannan – Selected Jigs and Reels (1977)

SKL 5318                   De Dannan – Banks of the Nile (1980)


Ace of Clubs


ACL 1097                   Cavan O’Connor – The Strolling Vagabond

ACL1136                    Diarmuid O'Neill, Patrick O'Malley, Enoch Kent – Irish Rebel Songs

(1961; the first two singers are reputed to be Dominic Behan)

SCL1256                     Seán Fogarty, Patrick O'Neill – Ireland Boys Hurrah (1958; again, Behan is believed to be said Patrick O’Neill)


Ace of Hearts


AH 56                         Michael Coleman – Irish Jigs and Reels

AH 95                         Michael Coleman, The McNulty Family – Irish Dance Party

(undated; one side devoted to each)


Beltona (thanks to John Cummins for several of these listings)


LBE 11                       Patrick O’Hagan – Dear Little Shamrock

LBE 13                       Mary O’Hara – Songs of Erin

LBE 14                       Various – The Green Isle

LBE 15                       Gallowglass Céilí Band – Irish Dance Time

LBE 16                       Gerald Campbell – The Wandering Minstrel

LBE 17                       Bridie Gallagher – The Girl from Donegal

LBE 19                       Maureen Hurley – ‘Tis Pretty to Be in Ballinderry

LBE 20                       Mary O’Hara – Love Songs of Ireland

LBE 22                       Presenting Ireland’s Patrick O’Hagan

LBE 25                       Bridie Gallagher – Moonlight in Mayo

LBE 32                       Johnny Muldoon’s Garryowen Céilí Band

LBE 34                       Austin Gaffney – The Songs of Percy French

LBE 37                       Teresa Duffy – Songs of Freedom

LBE 40                       Presenting Kathleen Watkins

LBE 42                       Teresa Duffy – A Little Bit of Irish

LBE 43                       The Gallowglass Céilí Band – A Date with ....

LBE 48                       Let’s All Dance to the Gallowglass Céilí Band


EBL 51                       Fred Hanna and His Ceilidhe Band – Irish Country Dances,

Volume 1 (10” LP)


SBE 115                      Teresa Duffy – Songs of Freedom


ABL 504                     Séamus MacNeill – Morn Till Night (pipes; 10” LP)


EBL 522                     Richard Hayward and Seán McGuire – Words and Music of

Ireland (undated 10” LP)

EBL 523                     Fred Hanna and His Ceilidhe Band – Irish Country Dances,

                                    Volume 2 (10” LP)

EBL 525                     Joe Lynch (10” LP)





Former large UK independent label which emerged from the debris of Stiff Records and was closely associated with Elvis Costello, now a part of the Demon Music Group (owned by Woolworth’s! – www.demonmusicgroup.co.uk)


FIENDCD 71             Sarah and Rita Keane – At the Setting of the Sun

FIENDCD 82             Christy Moore – Ordinary Man (1988)


DMGTV 031              The Dubliners – Too Late to Stop Now: The Very Best of …

                                    (2006; double CD)


TDEMCD 11             Sweeney’s Men – Time Never Was Here (1992)

TDEMCD 13             The Johnstons – The Transatlantic Years (1992)



Folk label based in Middlesex, England – vinyl releases.

DIN 302                      Packie Byrne and Bonnie Shaljean – The Half Door (1977)

DIN 311                      Packie Byrne and Bonnie Shaljean – Roundtower (1983)



No information available.


DINCD 51                  Goats Don’t Shave – The Rusty Razor (1992)



Dutch label and one of the worst-named ever!


DC 886842                 The Dubliners – Best of The Dubliners

SA 872862                  The Dubliners – Whiskey in the Jar (triple CD)

SI 856442                   The Dubliners – The Best of The Dubliners (1999)


Disque Mouez Briez

French label – long defunct.

3315                            Micheál Ó Riabhaigh, Carrigaline Pipe Band – Les Irlandais

aux Fêtes de Cornouaille (1960; 10” LP)



Defunct UK label whose initials (I think) stand for Dick James Music.


825 365-D                   The Dubliners – The Best of The Dubliners



Dominion Records


Toronto-based label, issuing vinyl releases in the late 1950s and early 1960s (listings courtesy of John Cummins – many thanks!).


LP 1258                      St Peter's Céilí Band (from Dungannon Co Tyrone)
LP 1259                      Neil Murray – Irish Tenor
LP 1260                      Maisie Dooley – Irish Ballads
LP 1290                      Bert Flynn Vocal Group – Irish Ballads
LP 1291                      Seán Breen Sings Irish Favourites

LP 1304                      Liam Ivory Céilí Band
LP 1305                      Mary Sheridan – Irish Concert
LP 1345                      Dance with Dermot O'Brien
LP 1359                      Seán Dunphy’s Céilí Band
LP 1360                      Eileen Sheehan – Songs of Ireland
LP 1361                      Johnny Flynn Showband, Galway
LP 1374                      Seán McGuire – Traditional Irish Fiddler (all tracks are set dances)
LP 1375                      Éamonn Ceannt Céilí Band
LP 1377                      Larry McKee and The Shandonairs – Let's Have a Céilí



Part of Emmtree Music; no other information available.


DNRCD 1003            Dervish – Live at Johnny Fox’s (2006)


Doorla Records

June Mc Cormack and Micheal Rooney’s own label – www.draiochtmusic.com.

DOORLA 001            Síona – Launching the Boat (1998)

DOORLA 002            Unreleased private recording

DOORLA 003            Michael Rooney and June Mc Cormack – Draíocht (2004)

DOORLA 004            Michael Rooney and June Mc Cormack – Land’s End (2006)


No information available.


DRCD 004                 Various – Clare Women of Music and Song


Drumlin Records

Family-based label brianmcnamara.irish-music.net

LHTCD1                    The McNamara Family – Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure (1998)


BMNCD1                   Brian McNamara – A Piper’s Dream  (2000)

BMNCD2                   Brian McNamara – Fort of the Jewels (2004)



The three initials stood for Davies Transcription Service and this UK label only released five albums – thanks to Alistair Banfield for the information.

LFX3                           The McPeakes – Welcome Home (1966)



Dublin Records


Originally established by Paddy Killoran and accordionist John O’Neill in New York City in the 1950s, this label has recently become active again. I am indebted to John Cummins for supplying the information below and providing much of the discography’s details. Thanks also to Noel Roche for identifying the Betty O’Kelly LP.


Dublin Records was located at Woodside, New York and the driving force behind the label was James (Jim) O'Neill. James and brother John were from Labasheeda, Co. Clare and emigrated to New York.  Both brothers made albums for the label.  The label commenced operations in 1958 and seems to have disappeared by about 1966.


Apart from LPs, singles were also produced – usually a couple of titles from each LP and some from tapes not yet issued as LPs.  The singles appeared on the Dublin label and Dublin's Hillside label.  These singles were mainly intended for juke boxes which were installed in many Irish venues in New York.


In correspondence James O'Neill mentioned that he had many more tapes of Irish artists and bands that were never released as LPs and there were plans for recording a number of the great Irish musicians in London at the time.


After disappearing in about 1966 Shamrock Souvenir Records of Monaghan took over the label in 1969/1970 and the  Dublin LPs re-appeared in new covers mostly on the Harp label.  In some instances the existing Dublin album covers were used with a Harp sticker placed on them. Shamrock issued a number of the Dublin singles as either 7” 45s or EPs and the O'Neill Brothers who were not issued on LPs appear on these.


The three re-released Dublin LPs on the list are distributed by Rego records once owned by accordionist Paddy Noonan but now part of the Irish Music Corporation of Green Isle, New York.  The Corporation claims to have all the Dublin original master tapes.


The complete discography is shown below and also the Shamrock Souvenir Records numbers.  Sometimes the wording of the albums varies very slightly from the original Dublin titles. 


DU 1000                     The Tulla Céilí Band – Echoes of Erin (1958; 2004 CD


DU 1001                     John O’Neill and His Irish Dance Band – Irish Folk Music

DU 1002                     James O’Neill – Dublin in Song

DU 1003                     Paddy Canny, P.J. Hayes, Peter O’Loughlin and

Bridie Lafferty – Meet Paddy Canny (1959; 2004 CD reissue

of All Ireland Champions – Violin)

DU 1004                     The Kilfenora Céilí Band – The Fabulous... (2004 CD reissue)

DU 1005                     The Leitrim Céilí Band (Loughrea) – It’s Irish Dance Time

DU 1006                     John O’Neill Irish Dance Band – Irish Ballroom Dancing

DU 1007                     Laichtín Naofa Céilí Band – It’s and Irish Dance Party 

DU 1008                     Brendan Hogan/Kieran Kelly and His Céilí Band – Irish


DU 1009                     Betty O’Kelly – The Voice of Ireland

DU 1110                     Jack Barrett and His Irish Céilí Band – Céilí Time in Ireland

DU 1111                     Mayglass Céilí Band – The Pride of Erin

DU ????                     Kathleen Fitzgerald with the Richie Fitzgerald Céilí Band





No information available.


925166 2                     Clannad – Robin of Sherwood (1986)


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