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Pye/Marble Arch


Page One Records

London-based label whose owner was one Larry Page – hence the name.

FOR 011                     Sally McNally and The McCusker Brothers Céilí Band –

                                    Traditional Irish Songs

FOR 014                     Malachy Doris and His Céilí Band with Peter Sherry – Visit

to Ireland

POLS 011                   Emmet Spiceland – The First ... (1968)


UK label and part of the EMI group which was renowned for its releases by The Beatles in the 1960s and later resurfaced as a home for assorted indie rock bands (item information courtesy of John Cummins).


PMC 1176                  At Home With Bridie Gallagher

Pavee Point Travellers Centre

Dublin-based support organisation – www.paveepoint.ie.


PPCD001                    The Cassidys - Whisht

PPCD002                    Various – Travellers and Fellow Travellers

PPCD003                    The Raineys (2006)

PPCD004                    Various – Songs of the Irish Travellers: Traditional

                                    Ballads and Lyric Songs, 1967-1975 (2007)



No information available.


PEG CD 100               The Dubliners – Best of The Dubliners


Pennywhistler’s Press

Bill Ochs’s New York-based homage to Micho Russell.

PWCD 80001             Micho Russell – Ireland’s Whistling Ambassador (1995)


Peters International

No information available.


PLD 20059                 Various – The Best of Irish Folk



Offshoot of the Dutch electronics firm; now defunct.

6373-010                     Danny O’Donnell – The Donegal Fiddler (1973)

6373-017                     Na Casaidigh

6392-010                     The Sackville Folk – Ireland Free: 24 Freedom and Rebel


6392-013                     Clannad (1973)

6392-025                     Na Casaidigh – Oidreacht


6856-17                                              The McPeake Family – The Delightful McPeakes (1967)


9108-002                     Spud – A Silk Purse (1975)

9108-00?                     Spud – The Happy Handful (1975)



USA-based label distributed by Rounder www.rounder.com.


PH 1031                      Boys of the Lough – Lochaber No More (reissue of

Transatlantic TRA 311)

PH 1042                      Boys of the Lough – The Piper’s Broken Finger (reissue of

TRA 333)

PH 1045                      Joe Heaney – Come All Ye Gallant Irishmen

PH 1051                      Boys of the Lough – Good Friends, Good Music (reissue of

TRA 354)


PH 2004                      Joe Heaney – Joe Heaney (1975)

PH 2005                      John McGreevy and Séamus Cooley – McGreevy and

Cooley (1974)


CDPH 1026                Boys of the Lough – Live At Passim (1997 reissue of TRA



Canadian releases (thanks to John Cummins for these)


FI 2001                       Jean Carignan – Fiddle
FI 2018                       Jean Carignan Plays the Music of Coleman, 

Morrison and Skinner


Phonograph Folk

I suspect that this label might have been a subsidiary of Sanctuary Records (see Castle).


PHFCD 1003              Four Men and a Dog – Shifting Gravel

PHFCD 1004              Four Men and a Dog – Barking Mad

PHFCD 1005              Four Men and a Dog – Dr A’s Secret Remedy

PHFCD 1006              Four Men and a Dog – Long Roads

PFHCD 1009              The Morrison Trio (2005)



London-based budget label.

HPC 606                     The Kilfenora Céilí Band


HCD 1001                  Various – Irish Folk Favourites, Volume 1 (1992)

HCD 1003                  Various – It’s Céilí Time, Volume 1

HCD 1005                  The Dubliners – The Dubliners’ Ireland (1992)

HCD 1006                  Various – Irish Folk Favourites, Volume 2 (1992)


982657 2                     The Chieftains 7 (1991 reissue of Claddagh released as part of a

‘Sony Collectors Choice series)



Na Píobairí Uilleann

The Dublin-based pipers’ organisationwww.pipers.ie has issued a limited number of recordings. Items 001 to 007 were all originally cassettes.


NPU 001                     Patsy Touhey – The Piping of Patsy Touhey (undated;

remastered 78s)

NPU 002                     Various – Round the House: Music for the Sets, Volume 1

NPU 003                     Various – Mind the Dresser, Volume 2

NPU 004                     Various – Pay the Piper, Volume 3

NPU 005                     Various – Call the Tune, Volume 4

NPU 006                     Various – Show the Lady, Volume 5

NPU 007                     Various – Face the Hob, Volume 6

NPU 008                     Various – A New Dawn: Uilleann Piping, Another

Generation (1999)

NPU 009                     Gay McKeon and Nollaig McCarthy – The Art of Uilleann Piping, Volume 3 (2000, video plus CD)


NPU 010                     Various – Piping in Ireland (2002)


NPU CD 001              Patsy Touhey – The Piping of Patsy Touhey (remastered version of NPU 001 with fourteen additional tracks; 2005)


NPU CD 011              Johnny Doran – The Master Pipers: Volume 1 (2003 remastering of CBE 001)

NPU CD 012              Tommy Kearney – The Master Pipers: Volume 2 (2003)

NPU CD 013              Seán McAloon – Stór Píobaireachta: Piping from the

Archives 1 (2004)

NPU CD 014              Eliot Grasso – Up Against the Flatirons (2007)

NPU CD 015              Emmett Gill – The Mountain Groves (2007)

NPU CD 016              Robbie Hannan – The Tempest (2008)

NPU CD 017              Liam O’Connor and Seán McKeon – Dublin Made Me (2009)


NPU DVD 001           Various – The Art of Uilleann Piping

NPU DVD 006           Liam O’Flynn, Tommy Keane, Ronan Browne –Piper’s Choice,

                                    Vol. 1 (2008)



No information available.


CSD 001                     Liam Rowsome (1970s)


Platinum Music

No details available.


PLATCD 298             Seán McGuire with His Fiddle Orchestra – Celtic Rhapsody

PLATCD 335             The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – Live in Concert




UK label – no other details known.


PLAY 1008                 Seán Ó Sé – Seán Ó Sé Sings



North London-based budget label - www.prismleisure.com.


PLATCD651              Malachy Doris Céilí Band – Best of Irish Dance


Proper Records

London-based distributor which has also issued a number of albums, all the Irish-related ones either being compiled by or featuring Ron Kavana – www.proper-records.co.uk/

PROPERBOX3          Various - Farewell to Ireland (1999)


R2CD 40-73               Alias Acoustic Band – 1798-1998: Irish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance and Reconciliation (1998)

R2CD 40-107             Various – The Irish Music Anthology (2000)


PRPCD10                   Ron Kavana with The Resident Aliens – Alien Alert (1999)


Punch Music

Yorkshire-based label.


PMCD002                  Brendan Power – New Irish Harmonica (1994)


Pye and Marble Arch

Pye was once a major UK label and Marble Arch was one of its budget offshoots.



NPL 18127                 Various – The Rafters Ring at the Abbey Tavern (1965; LP)

NPL 18134                 Dominic Behan – Ireland Sings (1966)

NPL 18139                 Dominic Behan – Rebellion (1966)


NPT 19031                 Michael O’Duffy – Songs from the Emerald Isle (10” LP)


7N 17312                    Sweeney’s Men – Old Maid in the Garret/Derby Ram


7N 17459                    Sweeney’s Men – Waxie’s Dargle/Old Woman in Cotton



Golden Guinea and Golden Hour Series


As the first label’s title suggests, these albums cost 21 shillings, while the latter usually stretched the LP’s format to its limit, cramming almost 60 minutes of music into two sides of vinyl.


GGL 10370                 The Sound of Richard Fitzgerald’s Céilí Band

GGL 10457                 The Barley Cove – Fenian Ballads

GSGL 10466              Paddy Day – The Patriot Game (1970)

GSGL 10487              Mick Foster – Traditional Irish Music


GH 880                       Golden Hour presents The Clancy Brothers and Tommy

Makem (1979)


Marble Arch


MAL 680                    Various – Irish Folk (1966)

MAL 701                    Richard Fitzgerald’s Céilí Band

MAL 808                    The Johnstons – The Travelling People (1968)

MAL 1123                  Dominic Behan – Arkle (1969)

MAL 1204                  The Ludlows – The Wind and the Sea (1966)

MAL 1345                  Dónal Ring Céilí Band


CMA CD 134             The Dubliners – Wild Rover (1991)



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