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Mapleshade Records   Maree   Mark Town   Market Square  


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Music for Pleasure   Musical Traditions



No information available.


MATCD 211              The Dubliners – Off to Dublin Green (1993)


Magherabaun Records

Percussionist Tommy Hayes’s occasional label.

OPPCD 001                Tommy Hayes – A Room in the North (1997)

OPPCD2                     Various – Síol/Seed (2000)


Major Minor

Long defunct London-based label founded by Ronan O’Rahilly, owner of the pirate Radio Caroline, largely specialising in folk and ballads; subsequently sold to Mervyn Solomon of Emerald Records – thanks to John Cummins for this information. The ‘MM’ prefix indicates a mono recording, while ‘SM’ was used for stereo.

MMLP 3                    The Dubliners – A Drop of the Hard Stuff (1967)

MMLP 5                    The Dubliners – More of the Hard Stuff (1967)

SMMLP 6                  Dominic Behan (1967)

MMLP 9                    The Kerries (1967)


GOL 200                     The Dubliners – Ballads on Tap (1968)


SMCP 5056                Malachy Doris Céilí Band with Peter Sherry – Irish Night



SMLP  14                   The Dubliners – Drinkin’ and Courtin’ (1968)

SMLP  34                   The Dubliners – At It Again (1968)

Malgamú Music

Paul Kelly’s Dublin-based label which had an immediate burst of activity and then went quiet for several yearswww.malgamu.com.

MALGCD 110           Paul Kelly – A Mandolin Album (1998)

MALGCD 111           Seán Whelan – End of Autumn (1998)

MALGCD 112           Lia Luachra (1998)

MALGCD 113           Kevin O’Connor – From the Chest (1999)

MALGCD 114           Lia Luachra - Traffic (2000)

MALGCD 115           De Jimbé (2001)



Mapleshade Records

USA label which uses an analogue studio, originally established to recreate the sound of Blue Note jazz recordings from the 1950s, but nowadays branching out into other genreswww.mapleshaderecords.com.


09232                          Joe Derrane, Frankie Gavin, Brian McGrath – Ireland’s

Harvest (2002)

10332                          Joe Derrane, Séamus Connolly, John McGann – The Boston

Edge (2004)



Galway-based label issuing releases by members of the McCarthy family and their spouseswww.iol.ie/~marmusic

MMC CD51               Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy with Alec Finn –

The Wind among the Reeds (1995)

MMC CD52               Tommy McCarthy – Sporting Nell (1997)

MMC CD53               Jacqueline McCarthy – The Hidden Note (1999)

MMC CD54               The McCarthys – The Family Album (2002)


Mark Town

No details available.


TD 18176                    Various – Airs from Eire (1976)


Market Square

No details available.


MSMCD123              The Woods Band – Music from the Four Corners of Hell (2003)


Master Collector

USA label – no further details available, except that its releases bore the lengthy prefix ‘Master Collector Series’. The release below is the only one I have been able to discover and my guess is that it was linked to Shanachie in some way since the latter’s Carty/O’Connor release bears the catalogue number 29001. John Cummins has subsequently confirmed that the label was a short-lived forerunner of Shanachie

1                                  Paddy Carty and Mick O’Connor – Traditional

                                    Music of Ireland


USA-based label, part of Shanachie.

101                              Paddy O’Brien with Seán O’Driscoll – Hill 16 (1984)

102                              Various – Traditional Irish Music from New York City (1985)


104                              Skip Healy – Empty Pockets (1985)


Number unknown         Kevin Burke – Sweeney’s Dream (1973)



No information available.


224049-321                 Various – Celtic Souls (2006; 10-CD boxed set, featuring various

                                    Outlet releases; ridiculously cheap and possibly the only way now to

acquire some of these OOP albums)



Cork-based publishing company which released several albums in the 1970s, some later reissued by Ossian. Since Mercier was fundamentally interested in literature some of the recordings (such as Keane and Brendan Behan’s biographer O’Connor would usually be defined as ‘spoken word’). Thanks to Alastair Banfield for information on this label.

IRL 1                          James N. Healy – Songs and Music of Cork and Kerry

IRL 2                          John B. Keane – Self Portrait

IRL 3                          James N. Healy, Denis McCarthy and Fergus Cahill

Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland

IRL 4                          Ulick O’Connor – An Evening with …

IRL 5-8

IRL 9                          Na Filí – An Ghaoth Aniar /The West Wind

IRL 10                        Cathal McConnell and Robin Morton – An Irish Jubilee 

IRL 11                        Various – Folksongs Sung in Ulster, Volume 1

IRL 12                        Various – Folksongs Sung in Ulster, Volume 2


Also, Folk Music and Dances of Ireland (1971, catalogue number unknown) released in association with the original publication of Breandán Breathnach’s book of the same name


Number unknown       Seán McAloon and John Rea – Drops of Brandy (1969; reissued by Topic in 1976)



20170 SMCL              Christy Moore – Paddy on the Road (1969)


MERH 124                 Van Morrison and The Chieftains – Irish Heartbeat (1988)


Mint Julep

No information available


JULEP 16                   Arty McGlynn – McGlynn’s Fancy (1980)



Details unknown.

MYLP 5004                Kevin Loughlin – From Glen to Glen (1977)


USA label – A quote from collector Philippe Varlet "Morningstar was an early label set up by Dan Collins and Rich Nevins before Shanachie. The original "Wheels of the World" LP first came out on the Morningstar label around 1974." Thanks to Alastair Banfield for tracking down this information.


45001                          Various – Wheels of the World: Classics of Irish Traditional



Music Box

No details available.

MB LP 1018               Pecker Dunne – The Tinker Man (1988)


Music Club

UK budget-priced reissues label (part of the Demon Music Group – www.mcimusic.co.uk  – only its Irish releases are listed below.

MCCD 010                 The Fureys and Davey Arthur – Best of ... (1991)

MCCD 042                 Various – Dublin Songs

MCCD 048                 The Chieftains – The Magic of The Chieftains (1992)

MCCD 243                 Various – Celtic Spirit

MCCD 278                 Various – A Treasury of Irish Song (1990s reissue of

Gael-Linn material)

MCCD 293                 Finbar and Eddie Furey – The Best of ... (1997 reissue of

1960s/1970s Transatlantic material)

MCCD 351                 Clannad – An Díolaim (1998 compilation of early tracks)

MCCD 409                 Various – Celtic Voices (Gael Linn material)

MCCD 450                 Patrick Lyons – Ireland in My Dreams (reissue of 1998 own

label release)

MCCD 463                 Various – A Treasury of Irish Gold (Gael Linn & Hummingbird


MCCD 528                 Various – Celtic Heartbeat (2004)


MCDLX 095              Clannad – Beginnings (2CDs – 2008)


Music for Pleasure

This was a budget label and part of the UK’s EMI group. Originally known as MfP, it changed its name in the late 1980s to Compacts for Pleasure.


41 1046 3                    The Dubliners – Here’s The Dubliners (1984; double LP)


7243 8276002 3          The Dubliners – Live at The Albert Hall (1993)

7243 8567002 2          The Dubliners – Essential Collection (1997)


CC 227                        The Dubliners (1988 compilation, possibly reissued as CDMFP


CC 291                        Various – Irish Melodies (1992)


CC 8235                      The Dubliners – Dubliners Live (1987)


DL 1125                      Various – Sounds of Ireland (double LP featuring loads of céilí



MFP  1058                  Brendan Hogan and the Ballinakill Céilí Band (recorded live

                                    at the Irish Club, Parnell Square, Dublin in 1958).


Musical Traditions

Offshoot of the internet magazine, producing albums of traditional song and music. Irish releases are listed belowwww.mustrad.org.uk.

MTCD202                  Peta Webb – The Magpie's Nest (1989 MC, 2003 CD)

MTCD315-6               Kevin and Ellen Mitchell – Have a Drop Mair (2001)

MTCD325-6               Various – From Puck to Appleby : Songs of Irish Travellers

in Britain (2003)  

MTCD329-0               Various – The Hardy Sons of Dan - Football, Hunting and

Other Traditional Songs from around Lough Erne's Shore


MTCD331-2               Various – Around the Hills of Clare (2004)



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