Outlet is now defunct (and, indeed, I know that someone has purchased the entire unsold stock of LPs, 7” singles and cassettes, including some 50,000 of the last–named).


The company employed a bewildering variety of catalogue number prefixes. Original vinyl releases were prefixed SOLP or OLP and STOL or TOL (depending upon whether the record was stereo or mono), cassettes COX and CDs (whether originals or reissues) PTICD, plus some releases were also issued as 8-track cartridges. However, that’s only half the story as there’s also the OAS/COAS traditional music series, the LPCL series, the mainly ballads Chyme series and various other prefixes and don’t even ask me what BOL or ZLP signified! To add to the confusion, some albums were reissued with different titles to the originals (and sometimes different catalogue numbers too) and selected albums were also issued on the label’s Dublin-based offshoot, Homespun (using the HRL prefix). Outlet was also thoroughly lackadaisical when it came to putting a date on its releases. Gaps are depicted in red font.


The list below omits most of the many recordings of balladeers, pub songs, rebel songs, etc. except those of historical importance, as well as the company’s short-lived Shock Rock label, a woeful attempt to cash in on punk.


Note that many websites suggest that Outlet is still in existence, but clicking on their links will direct you to the online music store www.soundsirish.com which is connected to Wren Records.


Many thanks to Michael Costello for his help in compiling this discography.



Traditional Music series – where possible, the original title has been given


Most were reissued as CDs (with the PTICD prefix). Those that were not retain the original SOLP prefix.



PTICD 1001               Tom McHaile – All Ireland Whistling Champion (also

                                    issued as All Ireland Whistling Champion at Boyle)

PTICD 1002               Seán McGuire and Roger

Sherlock – Two Champions

(released under at least two other titles, including Irish Traditional Fiddling)

SOLP 1003                 The Fianna Folk – Free and

Easy (ballad group)

PTICD 1004               Finbarr Dwyer with Teresa

McMahon– Pure Traditional

Irish Accordion Music (also issued as Irish Traditional


PTICD 1005               Seán McGuire and Josephine Keegan – Champion of


PTICD 1006               Seán McGuire – Traditional Irish Fiddle  (also issued as The

Best of ...)

PTICD 1007               Séamus Tansey – Traditional Irish Music (reissued under at least three different titles, including The Best of Séamus Tansey in LP and cassette format)

PTICD 1008               Seán McGuire and Roger Sherlock with Josephine

Keegan – At Their Best (1970)

SOLP 1009                 Kevin Loughlin – The Pride of Fermanagh


PTICD 1010               Na Filí – Farewell to Connaught (a.k.a Traditional Music of Ireland)

SOLP 1011                 Finbarr Dwyer – The Best of Finbarr Dwyer

PTICD 1012               Seán Ryan, Kathleen Ryan and Pat Lyons – Back Home to the Cliffs of Moher

SOLP 1013                 Various – Festival

PTICD 1014               Seán McGuire and Joe Burke – Two Champions (also

                                    Issued as simply Seán McGuire and Joe Burke)

PTICD 1015               Joe Burke – Galway’s Own.... (also issued as Joe Burke)

SOLP 1016                 Finbarr Dwyer – Ireland’s Own Traditional Accordionist

PTICD 1017               Na Filí – Na Filí 3

SOLP 1018                 Connie Foley – The Wild Colonial Boy (ballad singer)

SOLP 1019                 Various – Ulster Outcry


PTICD 1020               Ted Furey and Brendan Byrne – Toss the Feathers

SOLP 1021                 Connie Foley – Isle of Innisfree

PTICD 1022               Séamus Tansey, Bernadette and Joe Sheridan and

Bernadette Grehan – Traditional Music of County Sligo (also

LP was reissued as Sligo Céilí)

SOLP 1023                 Various – 9 Irish Traditional Music Champions Play 16 of

Their Best

SOLP 1024                 John Whelan – Pride of Wexford

SOLP 1025                 The Éamonn Ceannt Céilí Band – Dancing in Ireland (band

included Vincent Broderick on flute)

SOLP 1026                 Various – Meet the Champions (1975)

SOLP 1027                 Joe Burke, Finbarr Dwyer, Kevin Loughlin and John Whelan – Session with Four Accordion


SOLP 1028                 Brian Vallely, Pipers Club Armagh and Group – Song of the Chanter (reissued as PTICD 3007)

SOLP 1029                 Margaret Barry – 15 Songs from Ireland’s Own


SOLP 1030                 Pride of Erin Céilí Band – Fermanagh Céilí

SOLP 1031                 Seán McGuire – Ireland’s Champion Fiddler

SOLP 1032                 Finbarr Dwyer – Ireland’s Champion Traditional


SOLP 1033                 Josephine Keegan – Fiddle (1977)

SOLP 1034                 Eamon Mitchell Group – Sliabh Gallion Braes (1977)

SOLP 1035                 Various – Airs of Ireland (1977; Seán McGuire, Na Filí, Séamus Tansey, Tom M’Haile [sic] and Brian Vallely)

SOLP 1036                 Pride of Erin Céilí  Band – Harvest Time in Ireland

SOLP 1037                 Séamus Shannon – Traditional Irish Accordion (1979)

SOLP 1038                 Shaskeen – Galway’s Own Shaskeen

SOLP 1039                 Kevin Loughlin – All-Ireland Champion Traditional



SOLP 1040                 Josephine Keegan – Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Airs (1980)

SOLP 1041                 Mick Gavin – Irish Traditional Music

SOLP 1042                 Kevin Loughlin, John Gordon, Mairéad McCann – Irish

Traditional Music from Belleek

PTICD 1043               Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland and Kathleen Smyth –

Cherish the Ladies

SOLP 1044                 Josephine Keegan – Irish Traditional Music (1983)

PTICD 1045               Jim McKillop and Josephine Keegan – Irish Traditional

Fiddle Music (a.k.a. Mist in the Glen)

SOLP 1046-1051


PTICD 1052               Seán McGuire – Man of Achievement (1988 reissue of

Top Spin LP from 1975)

PTICD 1053               Ronnie Drew and The Dubliners – Ireland’s Finest Ballad Songs (1997)

SOLP 1054

PTICD 1055               Seán and Jim McGuire – Brothers Together


CD issues/reissues (some took over the catalogue numbers of LPs which have not been reissued)


PTICD 1035               Tomás Ó Canaínn – With Pipe and Song


PTICD 1041               John & James Kelly with Michael Crehan & Michael

Gavin – Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (reissue of Tara 1008)


Numbers prior to 1088?


PTICD 1088               Various – Lambeg Drums with Fife and Rattly

PTICD 1089               Seán McGuire – Hawks and Doves of Irish Culture


PTICD 1090               Paul Bradley – The Atlantic Roar (1997)

PTICD 1091               Ray Gallen – The Man of the House (1998)

PTICD 1092               O’Aces – An Oiche Go Maidín

PTICD 1093               Tomás Ó Canainn – The “Pennyburn Piper” Presents

Uilleann Pipes (1998)

PTICD 1094

PTICD 1095               Various – Session Music from Belfast

PTICD 1096

PTICD 1097               Jason O’Rourke – The Bunch of Keys (2000)

PTICD 1098               Michael Clarkson and Gerry James – The Far Set (1999)

PTICD 1099


PTICD 2001               Various – Festival of Irish Folk (also issued as CHCD 1013N)

PTICD 2002               Various – Festival of Irish Folk, Volume 2 (also issued as

CHCD 1035N)

PTICD 2003               Ronnie Drew with The Dubliners

PTICD 2004               Michael Mac Liammoir – Ireland Free

PTICD 2005               Brendan Behan Sings Irish Folksongs and Ballads

PTICD 2006               Gearóid Mac Lachlainn – Patriotic Voices: Readings from

Oscar Wilde


PTICD 3001               The Sands Family – Folk from the Mournes (reissue of OAS


PTICD 3031               Seán McGuire – Ireland’s Champion Fiddler


PTICD 9000               Harry Bradley – Bad Turns and Horse-shoe Bends (1999)


OAS/COAS series (the “C” indicating a cassette)


OAS 3001                   Willie McElroy – Of Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh (1977)

OAS 3002                   Paddy Cronin – Kerry’s Own

OAS 3003                   Na Filí – The Music of Na Filí (1978 compilation)

OAS 3004                   The Sands Family – Folk from the Mournes

OAS 3005                   Houl’ Yer Whist – On Boyne’s Red Shore (Orange ballads)

OAS 3006                   Cúchulainn – Three Months in Winter

OAS 3007                   Eddie Butcher – The Titanic and Other Traditional


OAS 3008                   John Mulgrew – The Woodworm Got in Me Fiddle (fiddle

music from Co. Derry)

OAS 3009                   John and Frances Rodgers – Ballads from ....


OAS 3010                   Various – The Newcastle Fishing Disaster: Songs, Music

and Lilts from Co. Down

OAS 3011                   Paddy Gamble – Killeavy’s Pride (ballads)

OAS 3012                   John McKeown – The Sportin’ Sailor Boy

COAS 3013                Michael Flanagan – Lone Shanakyle

OAS 3014                   Tom McGonigle and Robert McGouran – Road Map of


OAS 3015                   Houl’ Yer Whist – Ballads from Co. Down

OAS 3016                   The Quinn Family – Music from the Glens (1979)

OAS 3017                   Seán McGuire – From the Archives

COAS 3018                Mick Quinn, John Campbell – A Whisper of Ballads from

South Armagh

COAS 3019                Hughie McAlindon – The Diamond Green

COAS 3020                Michael Quinn – Time to Make the Hay

OAS 3021                   John Campbell – A Whisp of Ballads from Around the Ring of Gullion

COAS 3022                Ann Mulqueen – Kerry’s 25th


OAS 3025                   Tomás Ó Canainn – With Pipe and Song (1980)


OAS 3027                   Tom McLung – The Moyallen Brown Red

OAS 3028                   Grainne Clarke – Songs of Rogues and Honest Men


OAS 3030                   Josephine Keegan – Irish Traditional Music (1980)

COAS 3031                Gerry McFadden – Drones from the Black Mountain

OAS 3032                   Fluters Five – O’Carolan’s Receipt for Drinking (1981)

OAS 3033                   The Makems at Home (1981)


OAS 3037                   Josephine Keegan – Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes (1982)


OAS 3040                   Nuala agus Tomás Ó Canainn – Beal na Trá (1982)



LPCL series


LPCL 501                   J.J. Carty – Specially for Irish Dancers (1981; button



TOL/STOL series


TOL 103                     Nazareth House Céilí Band and Singers

TOL 104                     Various – Fleadh Night at Mark McLaughlin’s

TOL 121                     Various – 20 Requested Ballads of Ireland

STOL 122                   Peter Tomelty – The Mountains of Mourne

STOL 129                   Ceoltóirí Ros na Rí and Éamonn Ceannt Céilí Band –

Recall And Step About


CHCD series (most of which were originally released under the Chyme imprint)


CHCD 1001                The Dubliners – At Home with The Dubliners

CHCD 1002                The Dubliners – Revolution

CHLP 1003                 The Dubliners - Hometown

CHCD 1006                The Dubliners – Dubliners Live

CHLP 1007                 The Dubliners – Ballads and Booze

CHLP 1010                 The Dubliners – Dubliners Live

CHCD 1010                Ray Gallen – Celtic Beat

CHCD 1011                The Dubliners – All-Time Dubliners Favourites (also issued

as Dubliners Collection)

CHLP 1012                 The Dubliners – Together Again

CHCD 1012                Various – Celtic Rhythm

CHCD 1013                Various – Festival of Irish Music (double CD)

CHCD 1014                The Dubliners – Greatest Hits (1989)

CHCD 1015                The Dubliners – Original Greatest Hits

CHCD 1016                The Dubliners – The Luke Kelly Album

CHCD 1025                The Dubliners – 15 Years On (double CD)

CHCD 1028                The Dubliners – Greatest Hits

CHCD 1029                Danny Doyle – Whiskey on a Sunday

CHLP 1030                 The Dubliners – Prodigal Sons

CHCD 1031                The Dubliners – Luke’s Legacy

CHCD 1032                The Dubliners – Seven Drunken Nights

CHCD 1033                The Dubliners – Irish Favourites

CHCD 1034                The Dubliners – Irish Favourites 2

CHCD 1035                Various – Festival of Irish Music, Volume 2 (double CD)

CHCD 1037                Various – Festival of Traditional Irish Music (double CD)

CHCD 1038                Brier – The Best of Irish Folk

CHCD 1039                Various – The Very Best Collection of Irish Céilí Music

CHCD 1040                Various – The Cream of Irish Folk (double CD)

CHCD 1041                The Dubliners – Luke Kelly: The Collection

CHCD 1042                Various – Classic Collection of Irish Music (double CD)

CHCD 1050                Rince – Complete Irish Dancing Set (also issued as First Steps

and Beyond)

CHCD 1052                The Dubliners – Dubliners Instrumental (1999)

CHCD 1053                Ronnie Drew – The Collection (double CD)

CHCD 1054                The Dubliners – Songs of Dublin

CHCD 1055                The Dubliners – Irish Rebel Ballads

CHCD 1094                The Dubliners – Collection Volume 2

CHCD 1096                Guinness Choir – Classic Irish Songs

CHCD 1099                Various – Ireland’s Greatest Love Songs

CHCD 2001                Various – Celtic Airs, Volume 1

CHCD 2002                Various – Celtic Airs, Volume 2

CHCD 2003                Various – Irish Music to Set You Dancing

CHCD 2012                Various – Celtic Rhythm

CHCD 2015                Seán Ó Sé – Irish Heritage

CHCD 2025                Various – The Celtic Uilleann Pipe Collection, Vol. 1

CHCD 3021                Various – Ireland: A Song for Every County




CD IRISH 010           Shaskeen – Traditional Music and Song


CDIRL 509                Various – Best Ever Traditional Irish Pub Session

CDIRL 510                Various -  Best of Irish Céilí Music, Vol. 1


CD LUKE 001            Luke Kelly – Songs of the Workers

CD PUB 027               The Dubliners – Irish Pub Songs

CD RON 001             Ronnie Drew – The Irish Rover


FDL 100                     Finbarr Dwyer and Teresa McMahon

LP 7006                      Various – Mary from Dungloe and Other Irish Folk Hits


SBOL 4017                 Connie Foley – Three Leaf Shamrock (1973)



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