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Fuel 2000

Fat Boy

Absolutely no information to help understand how the blessed St. Mary of O’Hara and Fat Boy came together.


FATCD 317                Mary O’Hara – Sings Irish Songs


Feenish Sound

The Hernon brothers’ own label.



FSCD001                    P. J. and Marcus Hernon – The Grouse in the Heather


CD FS002                   Feenish – Rabharta (2002)



Fermanagh Traditional Music Society


Releases are linked to the publication of the Hidden Fermanagh book.


No number                  Various – Hidden Fermanagh (2003)

No number                  Various – Hidden Fermanagh Volume 2 (2004)



USA label based in Seattle.


FRLP 002                   Paddy Cronin – The Rakish Paddy



No information available.


FLPS 1769                  Tulla Céilí Band with Martin Vaughan – Ireland’s Green



Flook’s own very successful labelwww.flook.co.uk/


001                              Flook – The Four of Us (1997; initially only available in the USA)

002`                             Flook – Flatfish (1999)

003                              Apparently, this was a very limited edition of unreleased tracks compiled for the Japanese market – Flook’s Sarah Allen cannot remember its title.

004                              Flook – Rubai (2002)

005                              Flook – Haven (2005)


Flying Fish

US-based label, distributed by Rounder - www.rounder.com.

FF058                          Cathal McConnell – On Lough Erne’s Shore (reissue of Topic


FF070                          Boys of the Lough – Wish You Were Here: Highlands and Islands Tour

(reissue of Transatlantic TRA 359)

FF225                          Boys of the Lough – Regrouped (reissue of Topic 12TS409)

FF263                          Boys of the Lough – In the Tradition (reissue of 12TS422)


FF705876                    Trian



Folk Heritage


UK based label.


FHR 056                     Drowsy Maggie


Folk Legacy

US-based label, concentrating on folk song (more information needed) – www.folklegacy.com.

Irish releases include:


FSE 1                          Paddy TunneyMan of Songs (1962)

FSE 8                          Peg Clancy Power (1963)

FSC 10                        Tom BrandonRambling Irishman (1963)

FSE 21                        Bill Meek – Traditional and Original Songs of Ireland (1965)

FSE 71                        Ian Robb and Hang the Piper (1979)

FSE 78                        Séamus and Manus McGuire – Humours of Lissadell (1980)

FSI 95                         Skip Gorman – New Englander’s Choice


CD 127                       All Hands Around – Irish Music (1999)

CD 129                       Various – Irish in America (2001)

CD 131                       Various – Irish Songs from Old New England (2003)



Folklore Records


Operated from by jazz and blues enthusiast Doug Dobell’s now sadly defunct shop on London’s Charing Cross Road – Dobell himself ran the 77 label (jazz) while the largely English folk-oriented Collector also operated from the same premises (many thanks to John Cummins for the listings below).


FLEUT-2                    Dominic Behan – The Irish Rover (1961)
FLEUT-4                    Dominic Behan – Cosmopolitan Man




US-based label – no other information available.


9010                            Various—Irish American Dance Music and Songs (LP)





According to my correspondent Alistair Banfield, this label was based in Coventry.


FSCD 012                   The Doonan Family – Fenwick’s Window (1991; band

included flute-player John Doonan and his sons Kevin on

fiddle and Mick on pipes)



See Smithsonian Folkways.


Former UK major label – vinyl releases only. TL and TFL prefixes indicate mono recordings and STL stereo.

TFL 5036                    Eileen Donaghy – Let’s Sing with the Irish (1961)

TFL 5045                    Eileen Donaghy – Ireland, My Ireland (1959)

TFL 5060                    Eileen Donaghy – Ireland’s Favourites

TFL 5088                    Eileen Donaghy – A Toast of an Irish Colleen (1960)

TFL 5109                    Eileen Donaghy – Ireland’s Requests (1960)

TFL 5159                    Peter Tomelty – Top o’ the Morning (1961)

TFL 5192                    Austin Gaffney – Irish Patriotic Songs (1962)

TFL 5193                    Malachy Doris and His Band with Tom Turkington – Irish

Dance Music (1962)


TL 5214                      The McPeake Family – Irish Folk! (1964)

TL 5244                      The Wolfe Tones – The Foggy Dew (1965)

TFL 5248                    Malachy Doris Céilí Band with Peter Sherry (1965)

STL 5258                    The McPeake Family – At Home with the McPeakes

TL 5267                      Shangarry Céilí Band – The Irish Rebellion (1965)

TL 5328                      The Wolfe Tones – Up the Rebels (1966)

STL 5433                    The McPeake Family – Pleasant and Delightful (1967)

TL 5450                      Noel Murphy – Nya-a-a-a-h! (1967)

TL 5462                      The Wolfe Tones – The Rights of Man (1968)

TL 5496                      Noel Murphy – Another Round (1969)


TFL 6067                    Liam Clancy


SFL 13068                  The McPeake Family – Irish Folk


6438 020                     The Tinkers – ‘Til the Wild Birds ... (1970)


687.947 TL                 The McPeake Family – Voyages Autour du Monde: Irlande

(undated French release)


Foot Stompin’ Records

Simon Thoumire’s Edinburgh-based label which mainly issues Scottish musicwww.footstompin.com.

CDFSR 1702              Liz Doherty – Last Orders (1999)

CFFSR 1704               Liz Doherty and Fiddlesticks – Racket in the Rectory (2000)

Forever Gold

UK budget label.


FG 492                        Margaret Barry and Patrick Galvin – An Irish Tinkerlady (2007;

tracks licensed from Topic)


Four Courts Press

Dublin publishing house.

No number                  Dáibhí Ó Cróinín (ed.) – The Songs of Elizabeth Cronin

(2000; includes two CDs of Elizabeth’s singing).

Foxglove Records

Fiddler/guitarist Randal Bays’s label, based in Seattlewww.foxgloverecords.com.

FG9601                       Randal Bays and Joel Bernstein – Pigtown Fling (1996)

FG9701                       Randal Bays – Out of the Woods (1997)


FG0350CD                 Randal Bays and Roger Landes – House to House

Fréa Records

No information available.


MW 4048                   David Munnelly – By Heck! (2003)

MW CD 4051             David Munnelly – Swing (2006 reissue of own label release)


Free Reed

Derbyshire based label which was pretty active in the 1970s and 1980s, but now mainly releases boxed set archive collections www.free-reed.co.uk .

See also its concertina collaborations with Topic – listed here.

Irish releases include:


FRR001/2                   Séamus Ennis – Forty Years of Piping (1975)

FRR003                      Eddie Butcher – I Once Was a Daysman (1976)

FRR004                      Micho Russell – Traditional Music of County Clare (1976 –

reissued on CD in 2008 as FRRR 09)

FRR007                      Joe Holmes and Len Graham – Chaste Muses, Bards and

Sages (1977)


Additionally, Johnny Moynihan appears on Field Vole Music (FRR012)


2007 also saw reissues of the Topic concertina collaborations, also available as a limited edition 6-CD boxed set, The Clare Set (AnClar 06).


FCLAR 01                  The Russell Family of Doolin, Co. Clare

FCLAR 02                  Bernard O’Sullivan and Tommy McMahon – Clare


FCLAR 03                  Chris Droney – The Flowing Tide

FCLAR 04                  John Kelly – Irish Traditional Concertina and Fiddle Music

FCLAR 05                  Tommy McMahon and Bernard O’Sullivan – Irish

Traditional Concertina Music of Co. Clare

FCLAR 06                  Various – Clare Concertinas


Free State Records

Jimmy Crowley’s Cork-based label – www.jimmycrowley.com.

CD CRO 001              Jimmy Crowley – The Boys of Fair Hill (2006 reissue of Mulligan LUN 014)

CD CRO 002              Jimmy Crowley – Camphouse Ballads (2006 reissue of Mulligan LUN 031)

CD CRO 003              Jimmy Crowley – Some Things Never Change (2006 reissue of Mulligan LUN 045)

CD CRO 006              Jimmy Crowley – My Love is a Tall Ship (1997)

CD CRO 007              Jimmy Crowley – Uncorked (1998)

CD CRO 008              Jimmy Crowley – Coast of Malabar (2000)


CD ALT 001               Various – Sex, Sca & Sedition (1999)




Frémeaux & Associés


French publishing house which also issues CDs  of archive material – www.fremeaux.com/index.html.


FA 5061                      Various – Irish in America 1910-1942 (2004; double CD of

remastered 78s)



Fuel 2000


No information available about this budget label.


3020616262/3020613882       The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – An

                                                Introduction to … (2006; 2 CDs)



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