Sage Arts   Saydisc   Sceilig Records   See for Miles   Shamrock  


Sharpe Music   Shaskeen Records   Silver Hill   Skellig   Skitteesh  


Sliced Bread Records   Small Time   Smithsonian Folkways   Snapper  


Solid   Solo   Sony   Sound (U.K.)   Sounds Irish   Souvenir  


Special Delivery   Spectrum   SPH Records   Spike Records  


Spoken Arts   SPOL Records   Spot   SRT  


Standard Colonial Records   Standfast Records   STARC   Starlight  


Starline   Start   Stereo Gold Award   Stiff   Stylus  


Suffering Duck   Sugar Hill   Summit   Swilly Recording Services


Sage Arts

USA label www.sagearts.com.

SA 03012                    Boys of the Lough – Live at Carnegie Hall (1989)

SA 22012                    Len Graham and Cathal McConnell – For the Sake of Old

Decency   (1993)



Traditional music specialist based in Gloucestershire which issued some compilations of Peter Kennedy’s recordings, thus blurring the copyright issue even further!

CD-SDL 348              Eileen Monger – The Lilting Banshee

CD-SDL 372              Bonnie Shaljean – Farewell to Lough Neagh (1988)

CD-SDL 407              Various – Songs of the Travelling People (1994)

CD-SDL 411              Various – Traditional Songs of Ireland (1995)

CD-SDL 416              Various – Bagpipes of Britain and Ireland (1996)

CD-SDL 420              Various – Traditional Dance Music of Ireland (1997)

CD-SDL 430              Various – The Celtic Harp


Sceilig Records

Tim Dennehy’s Clare-based label www.sceilig.com/

SRCD 001                  Tim Dennehy – A Thimbleful of Song (1996 reissue of 1989


SRCD 002                  Tim Dennehy – Farewell to Miltown Malbay

SRCD 003                  Tim Dennehy – The Blue Green Door (2002)

SRCD 004                  Tim Dennehy – Between the Mountains and the Sea (2003)

SRCD 005                  Tim Dennehy – Old Boots and Flying Sandals (2007)


See for Miles

UK reissue specialists.


SEECD 376                Seán O’Casey, Paul Brady with John Kavanagh – The

Green Crow Caws (a musical celebration of the works of

Seán O’Casey – musicians include Peter Browne and Paddy

Glackin; 1993 reissue of 1980 EMI LP)



This now defunct label’s full name was Shamrock Souvenir Records and it was based in County Monaghan. It also at one time owned the rights to the Dublin label and reissued some of its LPs either under the Shamrock or Harp imprint (information kindly supplied by John Cummins).


SLP 501                      Various – A Tribute to President Kennedy (1964)

SLP 502                      The Moonlighters Sing Irish Folk Hits (1965)


SLP 903                      Tulla Céilí Band – Echoes of Erin (Dublin Records reissue)

SLP 904                      The Kilfenora Céilí Band – Memories of Ireland (Dublin

Records reissue)


Number unknown       Paddy Canny, P.J. Hayes, Peter O’Loughlin and Bridie

Lafferty – All-Ireland Champions – Violin (1959; Dublin

Records reissue)          


Sharpe Music

Based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone; cassette releases.

RBC 116                     Cathal Hayden – Handed Down (1982)

RBC 511                     Various – Irish Accordion Favourites (undated)

Shaskeen Records

Irish label – no other information available – vinyl releases only.

OS-360                        Joe Burke, Andy McGann and Felix Dolan – A Tribute to

Michael Coleman (undated)

OS 361                        Joe Burke and Charlie Lennon – Traditional Music of


Silver Hill

Finbarr Dwyer’s label; vinyl only.

PSH 100                      Brendan McGlinchey with Mary Mulholland –

Music of a Champion (1974)

PSH 102                      Michael Dwyer – Traditional Music of Ireland (1975; 7” EP)

PSH 103                      Pat McNulty – Uilleann Pipes (1976)

PSH 104                      The Troubadours – Ned of the Hill (1975)

PSH 105                      Drowsy Maggie – Maureen/Home Boys Home (7” single)

PSH 106                      Finbarr Dwyer – Star of Ireland

PSH 108                      Séamus Tansey – King of the Concert Flute


Number unknown       John Whelan and Christine Considine – Irish Traditional

Music (almost certainly either 101 or 107)


Austrian label which seems only to have issued albums by Na Casaidigh.

SCRCD001                Na Casaidigh/The Cassidys (undated)

SCRCD96002            Na Casaidigh – Off to Philadelphia (1996)



Scottish label.

SKIT-2003-2              Martin Furey – Howl (2003)

Sliced Bread Records

Pennsylvania-based label – www.slicedbread.com/

CD-SB71180              Na Casaidigh/The Cassidys – Singing from Memory (1998)


Small Time

UK-based label.



Small CD 8486           Flook! – Live! (1997)

Smithsonian Folkways

Washington DC-based label linked to the Smithsonian Institute. This list includes the Folkways label recordings .The full catalogue can be found at www.si.edu/folkways/genrlist.htm.

FW 3002                     Wallace House – Irish Songs of Resistance (1959)


FS 3521                       Various – Irish Music from Cleveland

FS 3522                       Various – Irish Music from Cleveland 2

FS 3523                       Various – Irish Music from Cleveland 3

FW 3531                     Jean Carignan – Old Time Fiddle Tunes (1960)

FG 3551                      Neil A. Duddy – The Donegal Piper

FW 3575                     Various – Irish Music in London Pubs (1965)


FE 4002                      Various – Songs of Aran (1957)

FW 4051                     Various – Irish and British Songs from the Ottawa Valley


FW 6818                     Willie Clancy – Irish Popular Dances

FW 6819                     Various – Irish Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes (includes Michael

Gorman and Willie Clancy;10” LP; 1956)

FW 6861                     Sorcha Ní Ghuiarim – Sings Traditional Irish Songs in Gaelic


FW 8501                     Ewan MacColl and Dominic Behan – The Singing Streets (1958)

FW 8729                     Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman (recorded in 1965,but

not issued until the 1970s)

FW 8762                     Deirdre Ní Fhionn – Irish Traditional Songs

FW 8781                     Various – Traditional Music of Ireland, Volume 1: The Older

Traditions of Connemara and Clare (1963)

FW 8782                     Various – Traditional Music of Ireland, Volume 2: Songs and

Dances from Down, Kerry and Clare

FW 8821                     Various – Irish Dance Music (1973)

FW 8872                     Various – As I Roved Out Field Trip Ireland (the

Ritchie/Pickow recordings)


RF 112                        John J. Kimmel – Virtuoso of the Irish Accordion


SFW CD 40481          Brian Conway – First Through the Gate (2002)

SFW CD 40485          Kevin Burke – Sweeney’s Dream (2001 reissue of 1973

Meadowlark LP, itself subsequently reissued as Folkways Records

FW 8876)

SFW CD 40544          Various – Sound Neighbours (2008 compilation of ‘contemporary

                                    music from Northern Ireland’)





No details available


SMC CD 160             The Dubliners – Ageless Classics (double CD)


SMD CD 150             The Dubliners – The Complete Dubliners (double CD)





Dublin-based label which issued a substantial number of singles, including chart-toppers by The Saw Doctors.


ROCD 8                     Sharon Shannon (1991)

ROCD 14                   Sharon Shannon – Out the Gap (1994)

ROCD 16                   Nomos – I Won’t Be Afraid Any More (1995)



This Dublin label was a subsidiary of Release Records.


SOLO 7006                Tom McCuaigh, Seán Potts – The Roving Irish (1976)

SOLO 7012                Tommy Peoples – A Traditional Experience with ...

                                    (1977; subsequently reissued on CD as Ovation OVA 503)



Multinational www.sonymusic.net.



SK 60585                    OST – Dancing at Lughnasa

SK 60746                    Eileen Ivers – Crossing the Bridge

SK 60835                    Lá Lugh – Senex Puer (1998 French release)



Sound (U.K.)


No details available, but this was a UK label and not the same as Sound Records of Sligo.


2-801                           The Dubliners – Greatest Hits (1989 boxed set)


418137                        Various – The Irish Folk Festival (1985; double LP)


68495-1                       The Dubliners – Greatest Hits


CD 8                           Various – Irish Folk Festival (1986)

CD 11                         The Dubliners – 20 Greatest Hits (1989)



Sounds Irish


A Newry-based label which appears to have acquired rights to old Outlet releases. Its website does not, unfortunately, include a full catalogue, but here’s a couple of albums worthy of note. www.soundsirish.com


SICD 5011                  Seán McGuire – The Wild Irishman (reissue of Outlet PTICD 1005)

SICD 5012                  Ted Furey and Brendan Byrne – Toss the Feathers





No details available.


SRC 315                     Waxie’s Dargle – World Tour of Clare (1992 cassette)



Special Delivery


This off-shoot of Topic records issued a few Irish releases during its brief period of operation in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


SPCD 1033                 Patrick Street – Irish Times

SPCD 1043                 Ron Kavana – Home Fire (1987)

SPCD 1047                 Four Men and a Dog – Shifting Gravel (1993)

SPCD 1049                 Patrick Street – All in Good Time (1993)





UK label.


544813-2                     Various – Global Roots: Irish Folk (2003)



SPH Records


No information available, but possibly German?


SPHCD 7795              Various – Irish Folk Festival



Spike Records


Almost certainly the label of the London-based band Dingle Spike.


SRTX78/CUS185       Dingle Spike

SRT 4 KL 167            Dingle Spike – Sunday Papers (1984)


Spoken Arts

Based at 95 Valley Road, New Rochelle, New York, this label mainly produced LPs of Irish literature and
Shakespeare performed by the 'greats' of the Irish theatre. Relevant titles are listed below. Many thanks to John Cummins for this information.

SA 206                        Grainne Ní Eigeartaigh - Irish Folk Songs Sung in Irish and


SA 216                        Brendan Mulhaire and his Céilí Band
SA 218                        Dermot O'Brien and his Quartet Play Céilí Music
SA 760                        Brendan Behan Sings Irish Songs and Ballads

SPOL Records

Long defunct label based in Hamilton Street in Dublin’s salubrious Dolphin’s Barn area (many thanks to John Cummins for the listing).


SS01                            Aggie White and Peter O’Loughlin – A Selection of Irish

Dance Music (EP featuring fiddle and flute duets)


No details available.

SPR 8504                    The Dubliners – Best of The Dubliners (1983)





No details available.


SRT/CUSTOM 012   Irish Mist (Joe Giltrap & Malcolm Rogers) – Rosin the Bow




Standard Colonial Records


US label, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, issuing LPs at the end of the 1950s and in the early 1960s (information generously provided by John Cummins).


COL LP621                McNulty Family – Twelve Authentic Irish Folk Songs


COL LP758                T. Fitzgerald – Irish Dances
COL LP768                Jim McCann – Irish Folk Dances
COL LP781                Mickey Griffin – Irish Dances

COL LP794                Bob Gardiner – Old Country Dances From Ireland (early

album from the accordionist later known as Bobby) 

COL LP806                Various – The Fields Are Greener There (Irish songs/dances)

COL LP816                Various – More Songs and Dances From Ireland
COL LP824                Various – Irish Song and Dance Festival
COL LP862                Various – More Songs and Dances From Ireland
COL LP945                Bob Gardiner, Jimmy Whelan, Jerry Malone – Songs and

Dances of Ireland

COL LP123                Paddy Killoran Orchestra, Michael Flynn flute, Mickey




Standfast Records


London-based label.


PINE 1212                  Le Cheile – Lord Mayo (1975)

PINE 1216                  Various – Traditional Music from Galway and Clare (includes

Bobby Casey and Liam Farrell; 1977)




Dublin-based label which ended production following the untimely death of its owner; note its unique and utterly helpful numbering system (193 = January, 1993, etc.).

SCD 193                     Deiseal – The Long Note

SCD 593                     Máire Breatnach – Angels’ Candles

SCD 1093                   Declan Masterson – Tropical Trad

SCD 294                     Hada to Hada – My German Lover

SCD 394                     Máire Breatnach – Branohm

SCD 1094                   Garrett Wall – All of the Above
SCD 1294                   Thom Moore – Gorgeous and Bright

SCD 295                     Sonny Condell – Someone to Dance With

SCD 395                     Speranza – About Time

SCD 1095                   The ‘Slightly’ Bewildered String Band

SCD 596                     Deiseal – Sunshine Dances

SCD 696                     Máire Breatnach – Celtic Lovers



London based label – long defunct (many thanks to John Cummins for the listings). Items with an ST EP prefix were released as 6” EPs


ST LP12                      Brophy Brothers Céilí Band
ST EP22                      McNab's Shamrock and Thistle Band – A Night at

McNab's – Vol 1

ST EP30                      Four Courts Ceilidhe Band - Vol 1 (1962)
ST EP35                      Four Courts Ceilidhe Band - Vol 2 

NB The Four Courts Ceilidhe Band consisted of the London-based musicians Jimmy Jimmy, Paul Gross, Tommy Maguire, Tony Howley, Michael Plunkett and Reg Hall.


UK budget subsidiary of EMI – vinyl releases only.


SRS5059                     The Dubliners – Seven Drunken Nights

STS5155                     The Dubliners – More of the Hard Stuff



No information available.


VMCD 7307               The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – Greatest

Hits (1989)


Stereo Gold Award

Part of the Pickwick group.


MER 430                    Various – The Best of Irish Céilí (1976; features the following

                                    CBs – The Ardellis, Gallowglass, Michael Moran & Shannon Side)


UK independent label – long defunct.

SEEZ 55                      The Pogues – Red Roses for Me (1984; CDSEEZ 55 issued in


SEEZ 58                      The Pogues – Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (1985; also #



No details available.

SMD 731                    The Dubliners – 25 Years: A Celebration (1987; double CD

with various guests)



Suffering Duck


No details available (and it might actually be Sufferin’ Duck!).


SUF DUCK 001         Mickey Dunne – The Limerick Lasses
SUF DUCK 002         Eoghan Mac Aogain – Le Fonn (1994)
SUF DUCK 003         Christy Dunne – Pluckin’ Good

SUF DUCK 004         Mickey Dunne and ? Byrnes – A True Born Irishman

SUF DUCK 005         Eoghan Mac Aogain – The Clare Hills (1999)



Sugar Hill


No details available.


1130                            De Dannan – Song for Ireland





No details available.


SUMCD 4073            The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – Men of the West



Swilly Recording Services

This label was based at 81 Redington House, Rodney Street, London N1 9QJ and, despite the number of the item listed below. I have not been able to track down any other releases.

SWC 005                    Humour the Bow – A Musical Tribute to Jimmy Power


Recorded live at The Victoria, Holloway Road, this undated cassette must have been released shortly after Jimmy’s death in 1985. The album was produced by Billy Stevens and engineered by Peter Graves.


Here is the full track listing:


Side 1


1) The Four Courts Quartet – The Mullingar Races/Music in the Glen

2) Seán Casey (fiddle) – The Musical Priest/Jenny’s Chickens

3) Freddy McKay – The Fenian Record Player

4) Mary and Jack Heffernan – Paddy in London

5) Roderick McDonald – Selection of Pipe Tunes

6) Danny Meehan (fiddle) – I Lost My Love and I Care Not


Side 2


1) Lucy Farr/Tommy Healy – Selection of Reels

2) Peta Webb – The May Morning Dew

3) Bernadette McCarthy – Selection of Reels

4) Caroline Nolan (flute) – Cooley’s/Lord Wellington

5) Ted Franklin – The Wild Colonial Boy

6) Seán Casey (tenor banjo) – Farewell to Miltown/The Star of Munster

7) Lucy Farr, Bernadette McCarthy, Tommy Healy, Reg Hall, Dermot Kearney,

Seán Casey and Gerry Wright (bodhrán) – The Tarbolton/The Longford Collector/The Sailor’s Bonnet




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