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Racket Records

At the Racket’s own label.

RR001                        At the Racket

RR002                        Brian Rooney – The Godfather (1999)

RR003                        At the Racket – Mirth-Making Heroes (2001)

RR004                        Curly Sullivan – Classic Irish Songs

RR005                        John Carty – I Will If I Can (2005)

RR006                        James Carty – Upon My Soul (2006)

RR007                        Matt Molloy, John Carty and Arty McGlynn –

                                    Pathway to the Well (2007)

RR008                        At the Racket – It’s Not Racket Science (2008)


Ireland-based label.

RGLP 3                      Carl Hession – Echoes of Ireland (1987)

RGLP 5                      Heritage – Celtic Mystery (1987)

RGCD 6                     Stockton’s Wing – Celtic Roots Revival (1988)

RGLP 7                      Frank Patterson – Ireland’s Best Loved Ballads (1987)

RGLP 8                      Galloping Green – Music for the Dublin Millennium and

Beyond (1987)


RGCD 10                   Maura O’Connell – Just in Time (1987)

RGS 12                       Stockton’s Wing – Polkas/Air (1988 7” single)

RGLP 14                    Jimmy Crowley and Stoker’s Lodge – The Best of ... (1988)

RGLP 15                    Tom Kelly – The Penny Whistle (1988)



Irish label (perhaps the same as Sharpe Music?)


RB 011                       Shannon Brothers – Shannon


RB 116                       Cathal Hayden – Handed Down (1982)

RB 118                       Kevin Loughlin – Scotch ‘n’ Irish


RAM Records

Irish label – no information available.


RMLP 1025               The Dubliners – Fifteen Years On (1977; double LP)


Rath Records

Clare-based label.

RRCD001                  Padraic O’Reilly – Down the Ivory Stairs (2001)

RRCD002                  Ennis Céilí Band – Traditional Dance Music from County

Clare (2003)

RRCD003                  Cruinniú – Live in Corofin (2007)

RRCD004                  Padraic O’Reilly – Highly Strung! (2007)





No information available.


RVCD 190                  Christy Moore – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy


Reactive Masters

Absolutely no information available.


REMCD 500              Altan – The Essential Altan


REWCD 357              Various – Celtic Harp


Real World

UK label founded by Peter Gabriel and closely linked to Womad realworld.on.net/rwr.

CD RW 26                  Various – Music at Matt Molloy’s

CD RW 27                  Various - Lament

CD RW 61                  Afro-Celt Sound System – Volume 1: Sound Magic (1996)

CD RW 62                  Various – The Gathering

CD RW 67                  Iarla Ó Lionáird – The Seven Steps to Mercy (1997)

CD RW 76                  Afro-Celt Sound System – Volume 2: Release (1999)

CD RW 84                  Iarla Ó Lionáird – I Could Read the Sky (2000; film


CD RW 96                  Afro-Celt Sound System – Volume 3: Further in Time

CD RW 111                Afro Celts - Seed

CD RW 126                Iarla Ó Lionáird – Invisible Fields (2005)

CD RW 133                Afro-Celt Sound System – Anatomic (2005)



Forerunner of the current New York-based label – www.regorecords.com.


RIR 1000                    Paddy Reynolds, Charlie Mulvihill and James Keane –

                                    Sweet and Traditional, Music of Ireland



Kathleen Loughnane’s own Galway-based label.


KLCD 01                    Kathleen Loughnane – Affairs of the Harp

KLCD 02                    Kathleen Loughnane - Harping On (2002)

KLCD 03                    Kathleen Loughnane – Harp to Heart (2005)



This Irish label was based in Dublin’s Lombard Street, but also seems to have either been linked to or owned the Shannon Music shop on Kilburn High Road in London. It also issued albums under the Solo imprint. Thanks to John Cummins for the first three items on the list.


BRL 4004                   Richard Fitzgerald Céilí Band and Kathleen Fitzgerald –

                                    The Fitzgeralds of Donegal

BRL 4014                   Shaskeen – Green Groves of Erin

BRL 4021                   Dermot O’Brien Céilí Group – O’Brien’s Crossroads Céilí

BRL 4053                   The Shaskeen (1974)

BRL 4056                   Séamus Shannon – Irish Traditional Accordion Music

BRL 4062                   Various – Irish Night at Larry’s featuring Mick Foster

BRL 4073                   Bobby Gardiner – At Home

BRL 4091                   Owenmore Céilí Band (1977)

BRL 4109                   Ryan’s Fancy – Newport Town (1979)


BRL 8013                   The Irish Brigade Live


XRL 5001                   Shaskeen – Green Groves of Erin

XRL 5003                   Shaskeen – The Dawn (1977)

XRL 5004                   Spud – Smoking on the Bog (1977)

XRL 5005                   Shaskeen – The Ash Plant

Release (USA)

No information available.


RRL 8018                   The Cassidys Live


Request Records

Based in New Rochelle, New York, this company issued LPs in the late 1950s and very early 1960s. Thanks to John Cummins for this information and the bulk of the listings below.


SRLP8057                  Frank Ritchie – The Singing Ulsterman
SRLP8059                  David Hammond – Belfast Street Songs
SRLP8060                  Frank Ritchie – Courtin' in Ireland
SRLP8061                  David Hammond – Songs of Ireland
SRLP8123                  Emerald, McCusker Bros, Ardellis Céilí Bands – Céilí Time

in Ireland

SRLP8124                  Willie Brady – Irish Street Singer
SRLP8149                  The Shamrock Rebels – Irish Rebel Songs
SRLP10071                Ard Ri Céilí Band – Dublin Dance Date

SRLP10087                Martin Mulhaire, Paddy Noonan (accordions) – Memories of


Revolving Records

A very short-lived Dublin label which issued some dozen or so 7” singles and just a few LPs in the first half of the 1980s.

REVL 2                      Stockton’s Wing – Take One: Live (undated, but by the

haircuts mid-1980s; later issued as REVCD2)  


UK label – long defunct, but apparently part of the Decca group – thanks to John Cummins for additional information.


LPR 1001                   Liverpool Céilí Band – Cbampions Twice

LPR 1005                   Various – Rebellion at Easter (1966 TV soundtrack

                                    which includes Dominic Behan)

LPR 1006                   Liverpool Céilí Band – Off to Dublin


Ringsend Road

Dublin-based label, now defunct.

DK CD1                     Dolores Keane (1989)

DKS 4 C                     Dolores Keane – Lion in a Cage (1989)

MCG CD 1                 Arty McGlynn, Nollaig Casey – Lead the Knave (1989)

MH CD 1                   Mick Hanly – All I Remember (1989)



No information available.


RITZCD 101              The Fureys and Davey Arthur – When You Were

                                    Sweet Sixteen (1986)

RITZLCD0069           The Fureys and Davey Arthur – Winds of Change (1992)



Founded in New York in 1953 by Bill Grauer, the label was noted for its jazz releases. However, Grauer died in 1963 and the label folded a year later (many thanks to John Cummins for this information and the listings below).

RLP 12-602                Margaret Barry – Songs of an Irish Tinker Lady

RLP 12-604                Patrick Galvin  – Irish Drinking Songs
RLP 12-608                Patrick Galvin  – Irish Love Songs

RLP 12-613                Patrick Galvin  – Irish Street Songs

RLP 12-616                Patrick Galvin  – Irish Humour Songs

RLP 12-820                Dominic Behan – Songs of the I.R.A. (1957)

RLP 12-839                Ciarán Kelly Céilí Band – Irish Dance Party
RLP 12-840                Ormond Star Céilí Band  – The Grand March


No information available

ROB/AL/MO72         Dinny McLaughlin – A Rake o’ Reels and a Clatter o’ Jigs


462                              Bobby Gardiner 1989 (1989)



Defunct London-based label.

ROC 104                    Gay and Terry Woods (1978)

ROC 105                    Kevin Burke – If the Cap Fits (1978)

Rolling River

Providence’s own label www.providence-trad.com.


RRCD 001                 Providence (1999)

RoRi CD 002             Providence – A Fig for a Kiss (2001)

Number unknown       Providence – III (2005)


Rossendale Records

Lancashire-based label.


MUSCD002               Dónal Maguire – The Clergy’s Lamentation (2000)

MUSCD005               Dónal Maguire – Gilded Chains and Sordid Affluence (2001)

MUSCD007               Dónal Maguire – Michael Davitt - The Forgotten Hero? (2006)


Rough Trade Records

London-based indie specialist – www.roughtraderecords.com – now part of the Sanctuary group (see Castle Music).

RTRADECD019        Cara Dillon (2001)

RTRADECD123        Cara Dillon – Sweet Liberty (2003)

RTRADECD198        Cara Dillon – After the Morning (2006)


Round Tower

Originally a Dublin label, now based in Surrey, England.

RTMCD 16                Johnny Duhan – Family Album (1990)

RTMCD 32                Mick Hanly – Warts and All (1991)

RTMCD 61                Mick Hanly – Happy Like This (1992)

RTMCD 094              Sarah McQuaid – When Two Lovers Meet (1999 reissue of 1997 Mongrel Music release)



Rounder’s massive catalogue makes excellent reading in its own right. The label’s Irish releases are listed below – www.rounder.com.

3006                            The Boys of the Lough – Second Album (reissue of Leader

LER 090)


CD 1087                     Various – From Galway to Dublin: Early Recordings of

Traditional Irish Music (1993)

CD 1123                     Various – Milestone at the Garden: Irish Fiddle Masters

from the 78rpm era (1996)

CD 1742                     Various – World Library of Folk and Primitive Music –

Ireland (1998) 

CD 1774                     Margaret Barry – I Sang Through the Fairs (1998)

CD 6005                     Irish Traditional Music in America: East Coast (date


CD 6006                     Various – Traditional Irish Music in America: Chicago


CD 6008                     Ed Reavy et al. – The Music of Ed Reavy (2001)

CD 6014                     Various – Light Through the Leaves: Traditional Irish Wind

Instrumentals (2001)


11661-7063-2              Cherish the Ladies – Woman of the House (2005)


Easydisc budget series


EDCD 9008                Various – Celtic Magic

EDCD 9010                Various – Celtic Dances, Jigs and Reels

EDCD 9011                Various – Celtic Winds


Rubber Records

No details available.

RUB 007                     The Buskers – Life of a Man (1973)


RUBCD 029               Seán McGuire and Josephine Keegan – On Two Levels






Recent arrival on the Irish scenewww.rubyworks.com.


RWXCD 60                Moving Hearts – Live in Dublin (2007)




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