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No details available.

ICE 001                      Various – An Ice Collection

ICE 002                      Kate Purcell – The Shades of Sweet Bauroe

ICE 003C                    P. J. and Martin Hayes – The Shores of Lough Graney

(1993 cassette)



No information available.


CDIDL 106                The Dubliners (1990)


IMI Records

‘IMI’ stands for Irish Musical Industries, a company based in Melville, NY which nowadays also owns several other labels, including Colleen, Copley, Dublin, Kells and Rego (many thanks to John Cummins for this information and the listings below). 


IM2501                       Jackie Roche and his Irish Minstrels – Let's Dance an Irish


IM2502                       Jackie Roche and his Irish Minstrels – Waltz Time in Ireland

IM2503                       Thomas O'Brien and Ed Flaherty – Irish Tenors Sing Irish



Brendan Mulkere’s London-based label; vinyl releases only.

INC 7417                    John Bowe and Mary Conroy (1977)

INC 7418                    Kevin Taylor – Irish Traditional Music

INC 7419                    Roger Sherlock and Mary Conroy – Memories of Sligo


INC 7420                    Mick Woods and Mary Conroy – A Tribute to McKenna

INC 7421                    Aleanna (1979)

INC 7423                    Le Cheile – Aris (1978)

INC 7424                    Le Cheile – Lord Mayo (1978 reissue of Standfast Records

PINE 1212; 1975)

INC 7427                    Tom Madden and Frank Warren – The Little Thatched Cabin


Independent Records

Possibly Sharon Shannon’s own label www.independentrecordsltd.com.


IRL001                       Sharon Shannon & Friends – Libertango (2003)

DLCD012                   Sharon Shannon – The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990-2005

(2 CDs; 2005)



Beginish’s own label.


INIS 001                     Beginish (1998)

INIS 002                     Beginish – Stormy Weather


Inis Fáil

No information available.


IFRL-102                    Seán O’Neill Trio – Spirit of Ireland (1978)


Inishowen Traditional Singers Circle

Releases on cassette only.


ITSC 001                    Various – The Flower of Dunaff Hill (1990)

ITSC 002                    Dan McGonigle and Maggie McGee – An Hour of Song


No information available.


INT 161.015               The Furey Family (1977)

INT 800.032               The Dubliners – Fifteen Years On (double CD)


26 459-8                      Finbar Furey – Prince of Pipers


International Traditional Music Society

Los Angeles-based label www.worldtrad.org.

ITMS0201                  Various – Wooden Flute Obsession (2002)

ITMS0401                  Various – Wooden Flute Obsession 2 (2004)


According to John Cummins (many thanks), these LPs were issued by the Michael Coleman Memorial Society of New York whose members were contemporaries of Coleman. These were the first reissues on LP of Coleman and were at the time groundbreaking.


No number                  Various – The Musical Glories of Old Sligo


No number                  Michael Coleman – The Heyday of Michael Coleman

(1973; the matrix number is C3RM 0460 SP)


IRC Records

No information available.


No number                  Michael Coleman – The Musical Glory of Old Sligo (1967)


Irish Music Box

No details available.


MBR 001                   Danny Doyle – Vol. 1


Irish Music Heritage

No details available

IHCD 10                     The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – 28 Songs

of Ireland (1989)


Irish Musicians Association


82-513                         Various – Chicago Irish Musicians


Irish Play

No information available.


1008                            Seán Ó Sé – Seán Ó Sé Sings



Chris Blackwell’s London-based label originally concentrated on Jamaican reggae before branching out into progressive rock and then all manner of releases before being sold (I think) to Virgin.


ILPS 9334                   The Chieftains 5

ILPS 9364                   The Chieftains 1

ILPS 9365                   The Chieftains 2

ILPS 9379                   The Chieftains 3

ILPS 9380                   The Chieftains 4 (1976)

ILPS 9432                   The Chieftains – Bonaparte’s Retreat (1976)



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