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This is an entirely non-profit-making site dedicated to the review of books and recorded media related to Irish traditional music. Its aim, in particular, is to draw attention to the many independent releases and publications that have appeared over the last few years and provide direct links to sites where these items can be purchased. However, to be as comprehensive as possible, reviews of material produced by commercial organisations are also included.

Reviews are welcome on any subject. The album or book doesn't have to be a new release - it could just be one of your all-time favourites or, alternatively, bugbears. Similarly, if you disagree with a point in a review or its entire tenor, feel free to email your comments (see above for the address).

Articles are also extremely appreciated, especially those which provide an overview of someone's career or shine a new light through an old window.

Finally, to avoid any debate about the scope of the material included in these pages, our subject is not just those singers and musicians who are part of the mainstream of Irish traditional music, but those working on its borders too.

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While brief quotation from reviews is acceptable (though The Irish Music Review must be cited as the source), copying of entire reviews is prohibited without prior agreement.

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