If you are uncertain where to begin looking for the details of a particular release, then this directory might help you. Ignore ‘a’, ‘na’ or ‘the’ in a band’s name and note that Céilí Bands have their own separate entry below ‘C’ and groups below ‘G’. Albums released by ‘Various Artists’ have been omitted since there are simply far too many to include.


Wherever possible a person’s instrument(s) and his or her county or country of origin has also been provided, as well as towns, cities or counties for UK-born musicians.


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A or Top


Seán ‘ac Dhonncha [vocals; Galway] – Claddagh, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Peait A’Gearaitown label

John Aherne [vocals] – Tara

Sam Amidon [fiddle; USA] – own label

Siobhán Armstrongown label

William Andrews [uilleann pipes] – Ossian, Topic

Declan AungierChart Music



B or Top


Duck Baker [guitar; USA] – Day Job Records

Allison Barber [vocals; USA] – own label

Christy Barry [flute; Clare] – own label

Leonard Barry [uilleann pipes] – own label

Margaret Barry [vocals, banjo; Cork] – Chappell Recorded Music Library, Emerald, Folktrax, Forever Gold, Outlet, Riverside, Rounder, Smithsonian Folkways, Top Rank International, Topic, XTRA

Randal Bays [fiddle, guitar; USA] – Foxglove Records


Brendan Begley [vocals, accordion; Kerry] – Gael Linn, Hummingbird, Kells Music, own label

Máire Begley (Ó Seaghdha) [vocals, accordion, keyboards; Kerry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Séamus Begley [vocals, accordion; Kerry] – Dara, Gael Linn, Hummingbird, Kells Music, own label

Brendan Behan [vocals; Dublin] – Outlet, Spoken Arts

Dominic Behan [vocals; Dublin] – Collector, Folklore, Folkways, Major Minor, Pye, Riverside, Topic

Kathleen Behan [vocals] – Mulligan

Derek Bell [harp, piano; Belfast] – Claddagh, Clarity Sound and Light, Shanachie

Paddy Bell [vocals] – EMI

John BennettChart Music

Sam BennettFolktrax

Mary Bergin [whistle; Dublin] – Gael Linn, Shanachie

Joel Bernstein [harmonica; USA] – Foxglove Records

Paddy Berry [vocals; Wexford] – own label


Gearóidín Bhreathnach [vocals; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta


Terry Bingham [concertina; Down] – Ossian, own label


Michael Black [vocals; Dublin] – Compass Records

John Blake [flute, guitar; London] – own label


Malachy Bourke [fiddle; Dublin] – own label

John Bowe [accordion, Offaly] – Inchecronin

Turlach Boylan [flute; Derry] – Big Plain

Maggie Boyle [vocals, flute; London] – Day Job Records, Green Linnet

Neil Boyle [fiddle; Donegal] – Folktrax


Geraldine Bradley [vocals; Armagh] – own label

Harry Bradley [flute; Belfast] – Claddagh, Outlet, own label

Paul Bradley [fiddle; Armagh] – Outlet

Paul Brady [vocals, guitar; Tyrone] – Compass Records, Green Linnet, Mulligan, See For Miles, Shanachie, own label

Willie Brady [vocals] – Avoca, Request Records

Tom Brandon [vocals] – Folk Legacy


Cormac Breatnach [flute, whistle; Dublin] – own label

Máire Breatnach [fiddle, viola; Dublin] - Atlantic, Blix Street Records, Hummingbird, STARC, own label

Mary-Clare Breathnach [vocals] – Chappell Recorded Music Library

Siobhán Breathnach [harp] – Ossian

Paddy Breen [flute; Clare] – Folktrax

Máire Brennan [vocals, harp; Donegal] – BMG/RCA


Moira BriodyEmerald


Paul Brock [accordion; Westmeath] – Compass Records, Gael Linn

Vincent Broderick [flute; Galway] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Gael Linn

Nollaig (Brolly) [vocals; Derry] – Wren Records

John Brosnan [accordion; Kerry] – own label

Florie Brown - Arc Music

John Brownown label

Leo BrownGlens Music

Peter Browne [accordion; Dublin] – Connoisseur Records

Peter Browne [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Gael Linn

Ronan Browne [uilleann pipes, flute, whistle; Dublin] – Claddagh


Séamus Buglerown label

Brendan Bulgerown label

Aidan Burke [fiddle] – own label

Joe Burke [accordion, flute; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, GTD, Outlet, Shanachie, Shaskeen Records, own label

Joe Burke [banjo; Kilkenny] – Shanachie

Kevin Burke [fiddle; London] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Loftus Music, Meadowlark, Mulligan, Ossian, Rockburgh, Smithsonian Folkways

Martin, Ronán and Torlogh Burkeown label

Gerry BurnsBardic

Eddie Butcher [vocals; Derry] – European Ethnic Oral Tradition, Free Reed, Leader/Trailer, Outlet, Ulster Folk Museum, Ulster Folk and Museum/Irish Traditional Music Archive

Margie Butler [harp] – Arc Music


Anne ByrneEMI, Hawk

Brendan Byrne [bodhrán] – Outlet, Sounds Irish

Brendan Byrne (singer) – Harp

Conor Byrne [flute; Dublin] – own label

Dermot Byrne [accordion; Donegal] – Claddagh, Green Linnet, Hummingbird

Francie Byrne [fiddle; Donegal] – Claddagh, Cló Iar-Chonnachta

James Byrne [fiddle; Donegal] – Claddagh

Mickey Byrne [fiddle; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Packie (Manus) Byrne [vocals, whistle; Donegal] – Dingle's, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Topic, Veteran

Martin Byrnes [fiddle; Galway] – Leader/Trailer



C or Top


Sinéad Caher [vocals] – Mulligan

Dennis Cahill [guitar, mandolin; USA] – Green Linnet

Eddie Cahill [flute; Sligo] – Coleman Heritage Centre, Shanachie

Fergus CahillMercier

Patricia CahillAvoca

Caitlín Maude [vocals; Galway] – Gael Linn

Phil Callery [vocals] – Tara

Eamonn Campbell [vocals, guitar; Dublin] – Baycourt Records

Gerald CampbellBeltona

John Campbell [seanachie; Armagh] – Outlet, Spring Records

Phil Campbell [vocals] – Spring Records

Stephen Campbell [fiddle; Scotland] – own label

Vincent Campbell [fiddle; Donegal] – Claddagh

Seán Cannon [vocals] – Kissing Spell, Ogham

Paddy Canny [fiddle; Clare] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Dublin Records, Gael Linn, Harp, Shamrock, Shanachie

Angelina Carberry [banjo; Manchester] – own label

Noel Carberry [uilleann pipes; Longford] – own label

Peter Carberry [accordion; Longford] – own label

Peter Carberry [uilleann pipes, Longford] – Avoca

Jean Carignan [fiddle; Canada] – Philo, Smithsonian Folkways

Mary-Anne Carolan [vocals, concertina; Louth] – Topic

Barry Carroll [hammer dulcimer; Antrim] – own label

Liz Carroll [fiddle; USA] – Compass Records, Green Linnet, Shanachie

Micky and Mary CartonBrunswick, Copley

J.J. CartyOutlet

James Carty [flute; London] – Racket, Veteran

John Carty [banjo, fiddle; London] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Shanachie

Paddy Carty [flute; Galway] – GTD, Master Collector, Shanachie

Bobby Casey [fiddle; Clare] – Bellbridge, Bowhand, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Green Linnet, Mulligan

Karan Casey [vocals; Waterford] – Crow Valley Music, Shanachie, Vertical

Neil CaseyGreen Linnet

Nollaig Casey [fiddle, vocals; Cork] – Blix Street Records, Old Bridge Music, Ringsend Road, Tara

Seán Casey [fiddle; London] – Bowhand

Yvonne Casey [fiddle; Clare] – own label

Con Cassidy [fiddle; Donegal] – Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí, Claddagh

Frank Cassidy [fiddle; Donegal] – Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí

Jane Cassidy [vocals] – Claddagh

Patrick Cassidy [harp, composer] – Gael Linn, Windham Hill


Robert Cinnamond [vocals; Antrim] – Folktrax, Ossian, Topic


Aoife Clancy [vocals, guitar] – Beaumex

Bobby/Robert Clancy [vocals; Tipperary] – Ark Albums, London Globe, Talbot, Tradition

Dónal Clancy [guitar] – Helvic

Liam Clancy [vocals, guitar; Tipperary] – Dara, Epic, Fontana, Helvic, Ogham, Shanachie, Third Floor, Tradition, Vanguard

Peg Clancy (Power) [vocals; Tipperary] – Folk Legacy, London Globe, Tradition

Willie Clancy [vocals, uilleann pipes; Clare] – Claddagh, Folktrax, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Ossian, Smithsonian Folkways, Topic

Eddie Clarke [harmonica; Cavan] – Green Linnet

Grainne ClarkeOutlet

Michael ClarksonOutlet

Johnny ClearyGTD

Nora Cleary [vocals; Clare] – Ossian, Topic

Billy Clifford [flute, whistles; Kerry] – Gael Linn, Ossian, Topic

John Clifford [accordion; Kerry] – Ossian, Topic

Julia Clifford [fiddle; Kerry] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Ossian, Shanachie, Topic

Cóilín CliseamCló Iar-Chonnachta


Father Charlie Coen [concertina, flute; Galway] – Green Linnet, Topic

Jack Coen [flute; Galway] – Green Linnet, Topic, own label

Jimmy Coen [guitar; USA] – own label

Aidan CoffeyOcora, Ossian

Paddy ColeAinm

John Colfer (mandolin) – own label

Michael Coleman [fiddle; Sligo] – Ace of Hearts, Coleman Heritage Centre, Folktrax, Gael Linn, Intrepid, IRC Records, Shanachie, Viva Voce

Sharon Collen [vocals; USA] – HMV

Jo Collins [vocals] – Ainm

Kathleen Collins [fiddle; USA] – Shanachie

Miriam CollinsCló Iar-Chonnachta

Rosaleen CollinsChart Music

Tim Collins [concertina; Kerry] – own label

Deirdre Collis [accordion; Sligo] – Sound Records

Gerdie Commane [concertina; Clare] – Clachán Music

Verena Commins [accordion; England] – own label

Nancy Conescu [guitar, vocals; USA] – Connoisseur Records

Kevin ConlonSound Records

Coilín Conneely [vocals; Galway] – Sound Records

Mick Conneely [fiddle; Luton] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Kevin Conneff [vocals, bodhrán] – Claddagh

Damien Connolly [accordion] – own label

Johnny Connolly [melodeon, accordion; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, World Music

Johnny B. Connolly [accordion] – Green Linnet

Johnny Óg Connolly [accordion; England] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Rita Connolly [vocals; Dublin] – Tara

Séamus Connolly [fiddle; Clare] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Green Linnet, Mapleshade Records

Mary Conroy [piano] – Inchecronin

Christine Considine [piano] – Silver Hill

Mike Considine [bouzouki; Galway] – own label

Brian Conway [fiddle; USA] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Green Linnet, Smithsonian Folkways

Ollie Conway [vocals; Clare] – Ossian, Topic

Zoë Conway [fiddle; Louth] – Tara

Jim Coogan [accordion] – own label

Mary Coogan [guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki] own label

Joe Cooley [accordion; Galway] – Gael Linn

Séamus Cooley [flute; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Philo

Andy CooneyShanachie

Michael CooneyGreen Linnet, own label

Stephen Cooney [guitar; Australia] – Hummingbird, Kells Music

Quentin Cooper [multi-instrumentalist] – own label

Eddie Corcoran [flute; Sligo] – Leader/Trailer

Joe CorcoranCló Iar-Chonnachta

Mary Corcoran [piano] – Beaumex

Michael CorcoranGreen Linnet

Seán Corcoran [vocals, bouzouki; Louth] – Green Linnet

John Corry [vocals; Tyrone] – Folktrax

Cecilia CostelloFolktrax

Tom Phaidín Tom (Costello) [vocals; Galway] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Eamonn Cotter [flute; Clare] – own label

Geraldine Cotter [piano, whistle; Clare} – Ossian

Eamonn Coyne (banjo; Liverpool) – Compass Records

Eamonn Coyne (fiddle; Roscommon) – Veteran

Mick Coyne (uilleann pipes) – Celtic Music


Bob CraigEmerald

Bríd Cranitch [piano; Cork] – Ossian

Matt Cranitch [fiddle; Cork] – Gael Linn, Ossian

Kevin Crawford [flute, whistle; Birmingham] – Green Linnet, own label

Séamus Creagh [fiddle, vocals; Westmeath] – Gael Linn, Ossian

(Martin) Junior Crehan [fiddle; Clare] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, own label

Kevin Crehan [fiddle; Clare?] – own label

Michael CrehanOutlet

Elizabeth Cronin [vocals; Cork] Folktrax, Four Courts Press

Johnny CroninShanachie

Paddy Cronin [fiddle; Kerry] Copley, Fiddler, Outlet, Talcon Records

Timmy CroninAvoca

Elizabeth Crotty [concertina; Clare] – RTÉ

P.J. Crotty [flute; Clare] – own label

Siney Crotty [vocals; Clare] – Ossian, Topic

Jimmy Crowley [vocals, guitar, bouzouki; Cork] – Celtic Collections, Free State Records, Gael Linn, Greentrax, Mulligan, Raglan, own label

Pat Crowley [keyboards] – Dara


Frank Cullen [mandolin, mandola; Dublin] – own label

Carol Cullinan [piano; Clare] – own label

James Cullinan [fiddle; Clare] – own label

Tommy Cunniffe [accordion; Roscommon] – own label

Matt Cunningham [accordion] – Ainm, GTD

Ciarán Curran [bouzouki; Fermanagh] – Claddagh

Eamon/Éamonn CurranGreen Linnet, Wundertüte

Eileen Curtin [vocals; Galway] – Camus Productions, GTD

Cathy Custy [concertina; Clare] – own label

Mary Custy [fiddle; Clare] – Celtic Music, own label

Tola Custy [fiddle; Clare] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label



Céilí and Dance Bands or Top


All band names are followed by Céilí Band unless stated otherwise.


Abbey – own label

All-Star [Boston, USA] – Copley

Ard Rí [Belfast] – Request Records

Ardellis [Kildare] – Chart Music, EMI, Request Records

Assaroe [Donegal] – Avoca, Blarney Castle Records, Glenside

Aughrim Slopes [Galway] – Own label

Avoca [Wicklow] – EMI


Ballinakill [Galway] – Capitol, Music For Pleasure

Ballinamere [Offaly] – Avoca, own label

Barefield [Clare] – Tíg na Coille


Brendan MulhaireHawk, Spoken Arts

Breffni – own label

Brian BorúEmerald

Bridge [Laois] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Hawk

Brophy Brothers [Dublin]  Starlight


Castle [Dublin] – Arfolk, Chappell Recorded Music Library, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Ciarán Kelly – see Kieran Kelly

Coleman [Sligo] GTD

Connemara [Galway] Dolphin

Coolin [Clare] – GTD


David Curry’s Irish Band [Belfast] – EMI

Dermot O’Brien [Louth] – Copley, Harp, Release

Dónal Ring [Cork] – GTD, Polydor, Pye

Dublin [Dublin] – Connoisseur Records

Dún a RíTop Spin


Éamonn Ceannt [Dublin]  ARC Records, Avoca, Dominion Records, Outlet

Emerald [Meath] – Request Records

Ennis [Clare] – Rath Records

Eugene Leddy’s [Cavan]  Avoca


Four Courts [London] – Starlight

Four ProvincesThistle

Frank Gilligan’s Killarney [Kerry] – Emerald

Fred HannaBeltona


Gallowglass [Kildare] – Beltona, CBS, CMR Records, Columbia, EMI, Erin, Hallmark, Harp, Top Rank International



Glenside [London] – Castle Music, Transatlantic


Heather Breeze  GTD


InisfailARC Records, Ember

Innisfree own label


Jack Barrett [Meath] – Dublin Records, Glenside, Harp

Jack WadeCopley

Jackie Hearst [Down] – Bardic, Folktrax, Glenside

John McGrathGTD

John O’NeillDublin Records, Harp

Johnny Pickering [Armagh] – ARC Records, Harp


Kieran Kelly [Westmeath] – Dublin Records, Harp, Riverside

Kilfenora [Clare] – Castle Music, Dara, Dublin Records, EMI, GTD, Harp, Pickwick, Shamrock, Transatlantic, own label

Kips Bay [USA] – Green Linnet


Laichtín Naofa [Clare] – Cois na hAbhna, Dublin Records, Harp

Larry McKeeDominion Records

Liam IvoryDominion Records

Liberty Boys [Dublin] – Glenside

LeitrimDublin Records, Harp


Longridge [Offaly]  Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann


Malachy Doris [Tyrone]  BMG/RCA, Emerald, Fontana, Major Minor, Page One Records, Prism,Wing

Malachy Sweeney [Armagh] – Copley

Mayglass [Wexford] – Dublin Records, Harp

The McCusker Brothers [Armagh] – Avoca, Blarney Castle Records, Folktrax, Page One Records, Request Records, Topic

Michael Moran and His Shamrock CB [Longford/Dublin] – Tribune


Murray Céilí GroveGTD


Noel Tuohy [Dublin]  ARC Records


Ormond Star [Tipperary] – Riverside

Owenmore [Leitrim] – Harp, Release


Pride of Erin [Fermanagh] – Outlet


Raheny [Dublin] – Connoisseur Records

Richard Fitzgerald’s (Bundoran) [Donegal]  Avoca, Dublin Records, GTD, Harp, Pye, Release


St Fachnan’sGTD

St Peter’sDominion Records

Seán DonoghueARC Records

Seán Dunphy [Dublin] – Dominion Records

Seán Norman Céilí Band – own label



Sliabh LuachraChart Music

Swallow’s Tail [Sligo] – Sound Records


The Táin – own label

Tulla [Clare] – Claddagh, Dublin Records, EMI, Fiesta, Green Linnet, GTD, Shamrock

Turloughmore Tíg na Coille, own label


Vincent LoweCopley



D or Top


Jackie Daly [accordion, concertina; Cork] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Ossian, Topic, own label

John Daly [fiddle; Cavan] – own label

Mike Daly [accordion] – own label

Patricia Daly [harp, vocals; Armagh] – own labelrr

Luke Daniels [accordion] – Wren Records

Junior Davey [bodhrán; Sligo] – own label, Sound Records

Shaun Davey [composer; Down] – Tara

Anthony Davis [accordion; Birmingham, UK] – own label

Paddy Day [vocals] – Pye


Cormac de Barra [harp] – own label

Domhnaill de Barra [vocals, accordion; Kerry] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Gael Linn

Éamon de Buitléar [accordion] – Gael Linn

Nan Tom Teamín de Búrca [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label

Niamh de Burca [vocals] – Gael Linn

Paul de Graë [guitar] – Claddagh, Kells Music, Ossian

Seán de hÓra [vocals] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Tony de Marco [fiddle; USA] – Green Linnet


Jimmy Deane [accordion; Mayo] – GTD

Dicky Deegan [uilleann pipes] – own label

Bert Deivert [guitar, bouzouki; USA] – own label

Tommy DelaneyGael Linn

Robin DempseyTara

Bill Dennehy own label

Tim Dennehy [vocals; Kerry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Sceilig Records

Todd Denman own label

Joe Derrane [accordion; USA] – Beaumex, Copley, Green Linnet, Mapleshade Records, Shanachie

Joe DevlinGael Linn


Dermy Diamond [fiddle; Belfast] – own label

Tara Diamond [flute; Down] – own label

Cara Dillon [vocals; Derry] – Rough Trade, own label

Eoin Dillon Kíla Records

Gerry Diver – own label


John(ny) Doherty [fiddle; Donegal] – Claddagh, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Folktrax, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Ossian, Shanachie, Topic

Liz Doherty [fiddle, Donegal] – Foot Stompin' Records, own label

Mickey Doherty [fiddle; Donegal] – Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann, Folktrax

Tom Doherty [melodeon; Donegal] – Green Linnet

Felix Dolan [piano; USA] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Green Linnet, GTD, Shamrock, Shanachie

Packie Dolan [fiddle] – Viva Voce

Brian DomhnaillCló Iar-Chonnachta

Eileen DonaghyFontana, Wing

Des Donnelly [fiddle; Tyrone]own label

Dezi Donnelly [fiddle; Manchester] – Magnetic Music, own label

Donall Donnelly own label

Maeve Donnelly [fiddle; Galway] – Claddagh, Green Linnet, own label

Seán DonnellySpring Records

Jim DonoghueMulligan

Martin Donohoe [accordion; Cavan] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Mike Donohue (or Mike Donaghue?) – Camus Productions/GTD

Harry DonovanEMI

Dennis Doody [accordion; Kerry] – Mulligan

Maisie DooleyDominion Records

Paul Dooley [harp] – own label

John Doonan [flute, piccolo; Newcastle] – Leader/Trailer, Ossian, Topic

Felix Doran [uilleann pipes; Wicklow] – Folktrax, Ossian, Topic

Johnny Doran [uilleann pipes; Wicklow] – Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann, Na Píobairí Uilleann

Martin and Christine Dowling own label

Danny Doyle [vocals] – Chyme, EMI, Granuaile, Irish Music Box, Tara

Jimmy DoyleComhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Shanachie

John Doyle [guitar, vocals; Dublin] – Compass Records, Shanachie

Paul Doyle [guitar, bouzouki; Galway] – GTD

Seán Doyle [vocals] – Compass Records


Labhrás DraipearGael Linn

Ronnie Drew [vocals, Dublin] – Chyme, Columbia, Outlet

Chris Droney [concertina; Clare] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Copley, Topic/Free Reed


Neil A. Duddy [uilleann pipes; Donegal] – Smithsonian Folkways

Johnny Duffy [fiddle; Sligo] – Ossian, Topic

Philip Duffy [fiddle; Sligo] – GTD, own label

Teresa Duffy [vocals] – Avoca, Beltona

Alph Duggan [guitar] – Twin Records

Johnny Duhan [vocals] – Round Tower

Eoin Duignan [uilleann pipes, whistle; Dublin] – Gael Linn, OAC Productions, own label

Packie Duignan [flute; Roscommon] – Ossian, Topic

Cathal Dunne Gael Linn

Christy DunneSuffering Duck

Graham Dunne [guitar] – own label

Mickey DunneSuffering Duck

(The) Pecker Dunne [banjo, vocals] – Emerald, Music Box

Tom Dunne [fiddle] own label

Veronica DunneEMI

Con Durham [uilleann pipes] – Connoisseur Records

Donnacha Dwyer [uilleann pipes; Galway] – own label

Finbarr Dwyer [accordion; Cork] – Outlet, Silver Hill, own label

Michael Dwyer [whistle; Cork] – Silver Hill

Michael and Margaret Dwyer – own label

Richie Dwyer [accordion; Cork] – own label



E or Top


Tim Edey [guitar, concertina, etc.; Broadstairs, Kent] – own label

Alf EdwardsTopic


Larry EganCló Iar-Chonnachta

Seamus Egan [banjo, flute, guitar; USA] – Green Linnet, Shanachie

Róisín Elsafty [vocals; Galway] – Vertical


Séamus Ennis [uilleann pipes, vocals; Dublin] – Claddagh, Collector, Ember, Folktrax, Free Reed, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Leader/Trailer, Ossian, RTÉ, Tara, Topic, Tradition

Tom Ennis [uilleann pipes; USA] – Topic


Rick Epping [harmonica; USA] - own label



F or Top


Marty FaheyShanachie, own label

Kieran Fahy [fiddle] – Arc Music

Máirín Fahy [fiddle; Galway] – RTÉ

Michael Falsey [uilleann pipes, vocals; Clare] – own label

Lucy Farr [fiddle, vocals; Galway] – Topic, Vertical

Liam Farrell [banjo; Tyrone] – Veteran

John FaulknerCló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Shanachie, Wundertüte, own label

Séamus Fay [lilter; Cavan] – Cavan Music


John Feeley [guitar] – Gael Linn


Alec Finn [bouzouki; Leeds] – Cross Border Media, Greentrax, Shanachie, own label

Fred Finn [fiddle; Sligo] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Joe Finn [uilleann pipes; Offaly] - own label

Brian Finnegan [flute, whistle; Armagh] – Acoustic Radio

Brian FitzgeraldCló Iar-Chonnachta

Kathleen Fitzgerald [vocals] – Avoca, Dublin Records, Harp, Release

T. FitzgeraldStandard Colonial Records

Edwin FitzgibbonAvoca


Stephen Flaherty [guitar; Clare] – own label

Michael FlanaganOutlet

Michael Flatley [flute; USA] – own label

Tom FlemingChart Music, Evergreen

Michael FlynnStandard Colonial Records

Mick Flynn [vocals; Clare] – Ossian, Topic, own label

Patricia Flynn [vocals; Armagh] – Spring Records


Seán FogartyAce of Clubs

Willie Fogarty – own label

Declan Folan [fiddle; Sligo] – Sound Records

Connie Foley [vocals] – Copley, Outlet

Ged Foley [guitar] – Green Linnet

Mick FosterPye

Edel Fox [concertina; Clare] – own label

Phil Fox [vocals] – Jonesboro


Eamon Friel [vocals] – Spring Records

Pat FrielGTD

Albert Fry [vocals; Belfast] –Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn


Aíne Furey [vocals] – Celtic Collections

Eddie Furey [guitar, vocals; Dublin] – Beat Goes On, Castle Music, Dawn, EMI, Harp, Music Club, Nonesuch, Transatlantic, Wundertüte, XTRA

Finbar Furey [uilleann pipes, whistle, vocals; Dublin] – Beat Goes On, Castle Music, Celtic Collections, Crescent, Dawn, EMI, Harp, Intercord, Music Club, Nonesuch, Polydor, Transatlantic, Wooded Hill, Wundertüte, XTRA

Martin Furey [uilleann pipes] – Skitteesh

Ted Furey [fiddle] – Arfolk, Le Chant du Monde, Outlet, Sounds Irish

Patty Furlong [accordion; USA] – own label



G or Top


Austin Gaffney [vocals] – Beltona, Fontana

Bridie Gallagher [vocals; Donegal] – Beltona, Emerald, Parlophone

Pat Gallagher [vocals, guitar; Donegal] – Cooking Vinyl

Rita Gallagher [vocals; Donegal] – own label

Sheila Gallagher [vocals] – Folktrax

Ray Gallen [bodhrán; Belfast] – Chyme, Outlet

Mick GalvinChart Music

Patrick Galvin [vocals] – Forever Gold, Topic

Paddy GambleOutlet

Colm Gannon – own label

Jamie Gans own label

John Joe Gannon [accordion; Westmeath] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Gael Linn

Bobby Gardiner [accordion; Clare] – Beaumex, Clare Records, Copley, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Gael, Ossian, Release, Robin, Standard Colonial Records, own label

Tony GarriganCirca

Sheila GarryOssian

Seán Garvey [vocals, guitar; Kerry] – Harry Stottle

Frankie Gavin [fiddle, flute; Galway] – Bee’s Knees, Daisy Discs, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Mapleshade Records, Ocora, RTÉ, Shanachie, Tara, World Music, own label

Kathleen Gavin [piano] – own label

Mick GavinOssian, Outlet, Topic


Nora Ghriallais [vocals; Galway] – own label

Sarah Ghriallais [vocals; Galway] Camus Productions, Cinq Planètes


Emmett Gill [uilleann pipes; London] – Na Píobairí Uilleann

Hugh Gillespie [fiddle; Donegal] – Green Linnet, Topic

Lamond Gillespie [fiddle; London] – own label


Kevin Glackin [fiddle; Dublin] – Gael Linn, own label

Paddy Glackin [fiddle; Dublin] – Beaumex, Gael Linn, Ossian, Shanachie, Tara, Topic

Séamus Glackin [fiddle; Dublin] – Gael Linn

Dick Glasgow [fiddle; Scotland] – Causeway Music

Barry Gleeson [vocals; Dublin] – Wavelength, own label


John Gordon [fiddle; Fermanagh] – own label

Michael Gorman [fiddle; Sligo] – Chappell Recorded Music Library, Emerald, Folktrax, Smithsonian Folkways, Topic, XTRA

Skip GormanFolk Legacy


Ailbe Grace [accordion, whistle; Tipperary] – own label

Len Graham [vocals; Antrim] – Claddagh, Free Reed, Gael Linn, Ossian, Sage Arts, Shanachie, Topic

Aoife Granville [flute; Kerry] – own label

Eliot Grasso [uilleann pipes; USA] – Na Píobairí Uilleann, own label

Con Greaney [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label

Jimmy Gregory own label

Anne GreehyAvoca

Bernadette Grehan [vocals; Roscommon] – Outlet

Kevin Griffin [banjo; Clare]– Ossian

Mickey GriffinStandard Colonial Records

Vincent Griffin [fiddle; Clare] – Ossian, Topic

The Grogan BrothersGTD

Paul Gross [fiddle, piano; UK] – Leader/Trailer


Carmel Gunning [whistle, flute; Sligo] – Sound Records, own label



Groups, Families and Associations or Top




Afro Celt Sound SystemReal World


Afterhours/After Hours Celtic Music, own label



Airlaown label


Alias Acoustic BandProper Records

Alias Ron KavanaAlias Recordings, Chiswick

All Hands AroundFolk Legacy

Altan Celtic Collections, Earthsongs, Eureka, Green Linnet, Narada, Reactive Masters, Vertical, Virgin Records


AmerginGreen Note


AnamGreen Linnet, JVC, own label

Any Old TimeDara, Mulligan


Aontasown label


ArcadyDara, Shanachie

ArcanadhWren Records

Armagh Pipers ClubOutlet

The Artane Boys BandAvoca


At the RacketRacket Records


Bachelors WalkMagnetic Music

Bakerloo JunctionEmerald


(Dermot O’Leary and) The BardsEmerald, Tara

Barley BreeShanachie

The Barley CovePye


Béal Tuinne – Tara

BeginisInis, Tara

Benny O’Carroll’s All-Ireland Band own label

Beoga Compass Records, own label

Belfast SingersEmerald

Bert Flynn Vocal GroupDominion Records

Bevel Jenny – own label


The Black FamilyDara

The BlacksmithsEMI


The Blarney FolkEmerald

Blood or WhiskeySound Records


BohintaCeltic Collections, VELO

boholaShanachie, own label

The Border Colliesown label

The Bothy BandGreen Linnet, Mulligan, Polydor, Windsong/Strange Fruitl

The Bowhouse QuintetKRL/Lochshore

Boys of the LoughAUK, Blix Street Records, Flying Fish, Leader/Trailer, Lough, Ossian, Philo, Rounder, Sage Arts, Shanachie, Topic, Transatlantic



Brock Maguire BandGreen Linnet, own label

Broderick – Offspring Records

Brogue – Celtic Gold


The BucksWarner Brothers/WEA

BumblebeesHummingbird, own label

The BuskersHawk, Rubber Records

Buttons and BowsGael Linn, Green Linnet


Na Caisidigh/The Cassidys (Donegal family) – Gael Linn, Philips, Release (USA), RTÉ, Skellig, Sliced Bread Records

CalicoKRL/Loughshore, Ossian, own label

Caluaown label

Cara Artes Records

CarloChart Music

Carnlochown label

Carrigaline Pipe BandDisque Mouez Briez

The Cassidys (traveller family) – Pavee Point


Céide own label

The Céilí Banditsown label

Celtic Fiddle FestivalGreen Linnet, Loftus Music

Celtic Tradition own label

Celtic Twilight OrchestraAinm

Ceol PotterGael Linn

Ceoltóirí ColemanColeman Heritage Centre

Ceoltóirí ChualannGael Linn

Ceoltóirí LaigheanGael Linn

Ceoltóirí MhaghlochaGTD

Ceoltóirí Ros na RíOutlet


Chaff Olympic Records


Cherish the LadiesBMG/RCA, Green Linnet, Rounder, own label

The ChieftainsBMG/RCA, Castle Music, CBS, Chappell Recorded Music Library, Claddagh, Columbia, Island, Mercury, Music Club, Pickwick, Shanachie



Cíanown label

Citizens KeaneCircín Rua


Claisceadal Chuil AodhaGael Linn

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy MakemCBS, Emerald, Fuel 2000, Hallmark, Harp, Irish Music Heritage, Ogham, Ossian,  Platinum Music, Pye, Shanachie, Start, Tradition

The Clancy Brothers and Robbie O’ConnellVanguard

The Clancy ChildrenTradition

Clannad BBC, BMG/RCA, Celtic Collections, Celtic Music, Cooking Vinyl, Duck, Gael Linn, Music Club, Ogham, Philips, Shanachie, Tara, Third Floor


Cóisirown label

The Coleman County Traditional SocietyLeader/Trailer

The Connacht Ramblersown label

Na ConnerysCeltic Note

Cór Thaobh a’ Leithid – own label

Corner Houseown label

Coscán own label


CranBlack Rose Records, Claddagh, Cross Border Media

Crannógown label

Craobh RuaKRL/Lochshore, own label


The Crehan FamilyEMI


Cruinniú – own label


Cúchullain GTD, Outlet

CúnlaCló Iar-Chonnachta

Cupla Chart Music


Damhsa own label

Damp in the AtticMagnetic Music

Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock BandTopic

Danú Shanachie, own label


De DannanBee’s Knees, Cara, Celtic Collections, Celtic Music, Dara, Decca, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Harmac, Hummingbird, Ogham, Polydor, Shanachie, Sugar Hill, Third Floor, Warner Brothers/WEA, Wundertüte

The Deane FamilyGTD

Déanta Green Linnet, Spring Records


Delosown label

DervishDoonaree, Kells Music, Sound Records, Whirling Discs


Diamond Accordion BandEmerald

Dingle SpikeSpike Records


The Donagher Family – GTD

The Doonan FamilyFolksound

DordánGael Linn, Narada, Shanachie

Na Dorsa own label

Douglas Gunn EnsembleGael Linn, Ossian, own label


Draiocht Cross Border Media, Shanachie

Drowsy MaggieCottage Records, Folk Heritage, Silver Hill

Drumshanbo Traditional Music Group own label


Dublin City RamblersHawk

Dublin CoterieEmerald

The DublinersArc Music, Ariola, Baycourt Records, Bellaphon, Blue Chip, BMG/RCA, Cambra, Camden, Castle Music, Celtic Airs, Celtic Collections, Celtic Pride, Chyme, Columbia, Connoisseur Collection, Demon, Disky, DJM, Eagle Records, EMI, Essential, Eureka, Eurotrend, Happy Hour, Harmac, Harp, Ideal, Intercord, MAT, Major Minor, Music For Pleasure, Outlet, Pegasus, Pickwick, Polydor, Pye, RAM Records, RTÉ, Snapper, Sound (UK), Spot, Starline, Stylus, Target, Transatlantic, True Trax, Wooded Hill

Duchas own label

The Duggans/The Duggan FamilyCló Iar-Chonnachta, GTD

DuirlingCló Iar-Chonnachta

The Dunne Family own label


Eamon Mitchell GroupOutlet


Emerald Girls Pipe BandCastle Music

Emerald Isle SingersTara

Emmet SpicelandGael Linn, Hawk, Page One Records


Erne own label

Errislannan own label


Fair Isle FolkEMI

Fallen AngelsMagnetic Music, Tara

Far TullaChart Music


FeenishFeenish Sound


The Fianna FolkOutlet

Na FilíB&C, Circa, Dolphin, EMI, Harp, Mercier, Outlet, Transatlantic

Na FiréinGael Linn

The Fintan Lalor Pipe BandAvoca

Fisherstreet Mulligan


The Flanagan BrothersOssian, Shanachie, Topic, Viva Voce

FlookFlatfish, Small Time

Fluters FiveOutlet

The Flying ColumnEmerald


The FolkstonesEmerald

The FontanasHallmark

Four Men and a DogCastle Music, Cross Border Media, Green Linnet, Hook, Phonograph Folk, Special Delivery, Topic

The Four Star TrioCraft


The Freedom Fighters - Allegro

The Freeman FolkEMI

The Freemen Emerald


The Furey Family - Intercord

The Fureys and Davy ArthurAriola, Castle Music, Celtic Collections, Harmac, Music Club, Polydor, Ritz, RTÉ, Shanachie, Telstar

The Fuschia Band own label

Futa Fata Féasóg – own label


Galldubh – own label

Galloping GreenRaglan


Gealtra own label

Geantraí – own label

General HumbertDolphin, Gael Linn


Goats Don’t ShaveCooking Vinyl, Dino

Golden BoughArc Music


GrádaCompass Records, own label

The Green Fields of America Compass Records

The Grehan SistersTransatlantic

Grianán West Winds


Hada to HadaSTARC

Harmony RoweEMI

Haste to the Wedding own label


Heritage GTD, Raglan


The High Notes – own label


Houl’ Yer WhistOutlet


Iontach – own label

Iorras AithneachCló Iar-Chonnachta


The Irish Balladeers Avoca

The Irish BrigadeNew Folk Records, Release

Irish MistSRT

Irish TraditionGreen Linnet

Iron HorseMagnetic Music


Island Eddy Cló Iar-Chonnachta


John McGettigan and His Irish MinstrelsTopic

The JohnstonsCastle Music, Demon, Hallmark, Pye, Transatlantic, Wooded Hill

The Jolly BeggarmenEMI, Tara


The KerriesMajor Minor


Kíla Green Linnet, Kíla Records




Lá LughLughnasa Music, Sony

The La Salle Boys BandTop Rank International

The Lahawns – own label

Laurie McCahill and His Junior Accordion BandViva


Le CheileInchecronin, Standfast Records

The Lennon FamilyGael Linn


Lia LuachraMalgamú Music

Líadan – own label


The London Lasses and Pete QuinnLo La Records

Loudest WhisperPolydor

Loughrea MusiciansGTD


The LudlowsPye

Lúnasa Compass Records, Green Linnet


Mac Murrough (previously Shades of MacMurrough) Kissing Spell, Polydor


The McCarthysMaree

McNab’s Shamrock and Thistle BandStarlight

The McNamara FamilyDrumlin Records

The McNulty FamilyAce of Hearts, Copley, Standard Colonial Records

The McPeakes/The McPeake FamilyDTS, Evolution, Folktrax, Fontana, Ossian, Philips, Topic, Windmill


Maca Tara

Macalla Gael Linn


Maigh Seola – own label

The Makems Outlet


Martin Mulvihill SchoolGreen Linnet


Meascan – own label


Midnight CourtMagnetic Music

Midnight WellMulligan

Míse – own label


MoherCross Border Media, KRL/Lochshore

Monks of the Screw – own label

The MoonlightersHarp, Shamrock

Mórga – own label

The Morrison Trio – Phonograph Folk

Moving Cloud [Denmark/UK] – own label

Moving Cloud [Ireland] – Green Linnet

Moving HeartsRubyworks, Tara, Warner Brothers/WEA

Mozaik Compass Records, Hummingbird, own label


Muintir CatháinGael Linn

Muintir LewisTara

The Mulcahy FamilyShanachie


Nábac – own label

Napper TandyRTÉ

Navan – own label


Nenagh Singers’ Circle – own label


NightnoiseWindham Hill


NomosGrapevine, Green Linnet, Solid

North CreggGreentrax, Magnetic Music




O’Aces Outlet


The O’Brien Family own label



OisínArc Music, Ossian, Tara


Open HouseGreen Linnet


OsnaCeltic Note


The Paddy DoylesEmerald

Paddy Killoran OrchestraStandard Colonial Records

Paddy McGinty Happy SevenEMI

Patrick StreetGreen Linnet, Loftus Music, Nectar, Special Delivery

The PattersonsCBS, Harp


The Pipers ClubHawk

The PiratesTara


PlanxtyColumbia, Polydor, Shanachie, Tara, Warner Brothers/WEA


The PoguesStiff, Warner Brothers/WEA

The Popes/Shane MacGowan’s Popes/Shane MacGowan and The PopesEagle Records, ZTT


The Press GangHawk

ProvidenceAppleseed, Rolling River




The Quare FellowsCBS


The Quinn Family  Glen Arm Records, Outlet


Radio Éireann SingersOssian

The RakesLeader/Trailer

Rann na FeirsteGael Linn

Rattle the Boards – own label

Raymond Roland QuartetEmber, Ossian


The Red Hat Band – own label

Reelan – own label

ReeltimeGreen Linnet

RelativityGreen Linnet

The Relics of Auld DacencyEMI

Renvyle Comhaltas GroupGTD


Rig the JigAnew, CMR Records, own label

Ring of Gullion CCÉSpring Records

Rinn Mhic Giolla Rua CCÉ – own label


Rodney’s GloryGTD


The Russell FamilyGreen Linnet, Ossian, Topic

Russell’s House – own label


Ryan’s FancyRelease


St. Catherine’s Dominican ChoirAvoca

The Sackville FolkPhilips

Sam Wilson and The LoyalistsTop Rank International

The Sands FamilyEmerald, EMI, Green Linnet, Outlet, Spring Records




Sean NuaShanachie

Sean TalamhArc Music

Seán O’Neill TrioInis Fáil

Seoda – own label


The Shamrock RebelsRequest Records

Shamrock SingersChart Music

The Shannon BrothersRainbow

ShantallaGreen Linnet, Wild Boar Music

Shaskeen GTD, Harp, Outlet, Release

ShebeenGTD, own label


The Sinnott Family – own label

Síona – own label


Skara BraeGael Linn, Shanachie

Skylark Claddagh, Green Linnet, Wundertüte


Sliabh NotesCross Border Media, Kells Music, Ossian

Slide – own label

Sliotar – own label


Solas Compass Records, Shanachie

South Roscommon Singers’ Circle – own label


Spud Kissing Spell, Philips, Release


The Star of Munster TrioOssian, Topic

Steampacket – own label

Stockton’s WingPolydor, Raglan, Revolving Records, Tara

Stoker’s LodgeRaglan


Sweeney’s Men Castle Music, Demon, Pye, Transatlantic




The Tap Room TrioCladdagh

Tara – Arc Music

TarrasMagnetic Music


Téada Ceol Records, Gael Linn, Green Linnet


Tim O’Shea and FriendsLackeen

The TinkersFontana


The Tom Collins Bandown label

Toss the FeathersMagnetic Music

TouchstoneGreen Linnet


Traditional Irish Music AssociationAvoca

TrianFlying Fish, Green Linnet

The TroubadoursSilver Hill


Tuath – own label


The Unwanted – Whirling Discs


The Voice SquadCladdagh, Hummingbird, Shanachie, Tara


Wallace HouseSmithsonian Folkways

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones Ceol Music

Waxie’s DargleSouvenir


We 4Gael Linn

The West Ocean String QuartetWren Records, own label


White Raven – own label

Wild FlowersMagnetic Music

Wild GeeseAr Linn, Joke


The Wolfe TonesAinm, Celtic Collections, Fontana, Harmac, Shanachie, Triskel

The Woods Band Market Square, Mulligan



H or Top


Rachel Hair [harp; Ullapool] – own label

Reg Hall [piano; Croydon] – Leader/Trailer, Topic, Veteran

Richie HalpinChart Music

John HalstedTopic

Gráinne Hambly [harp] – own label

(Colin) Hammy Hamilton [flute, vocals; Belfast] – Ossian

David Hammond [vocals; Belfast] – Greenshays, Mulligan, Request Records, Tradition

Mick Hanly [vocals, guitar] – Green Linnet, Mulligan, Polydor, Ringsend Road, Round Tower, own label

Geordie Hanna [vocals; Tyrone] – Eagrán, Topic, own label

Brian Hanlon own label

Robbie Hannan [uilleann pipes; Down] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Na Píobairí Uilleann, Shanachie

Steáfán Hannigan [multi-instrumentalist] – Ossian

David HanrahanOssian

Kieran Hanrahan [banjo; Clare] – own label

Mike Hanrahan [vocals, guitar; Clare] – Wundertüte

Ronan Hardiman [composer] – Hummingbird

Gerry Harrington [fiddle; Kerry] – Claddagh, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Connoisseur Records, Kells Music, Mulligan

Cathie HarropEmerald

Frank Harte [vocals; Dublin] – Claddagh, Daisy Discs, Hummingbird, Mulligan, Ossian, Topic

Gary Hastings [flute, fife; Belfast] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Cathal Hayden [fiddle; Tyrone] – Cross Border Media, Hook, Liekedeler, Rainbow, Sharpe Music, own label

Helen Hayes [vocals; Clare] – own label

Kitty Hayes [concertina, vocals; Clare] – Clachán Music, own label

Martin Hayes [fiddle; Clare] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Ice

P.J. Hayes [fiddle; Clare] – Dublin Records, Harp, Ice, Shamrock, Shanachie

Paddy Hayes – own label

Tommy Hayes [bodhrán, percussion; Limerick] – Magherabaun Records, Mulligan, own label

Richard HaywardBeltona


James N. HealeyMercier

Colm Healy [accordion; Clare] – own label

Dan Healy – own label

Hugh Healy [concertina; Clare] – own label

Skip Healy [flute] – Meadowlark

Tommy Healy [flute; Sligo] – Ossian, Topic

Joe Heaney [vocals; Galway] – Aquitaine, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Collector, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Northwest Folklife & University of Ethnomusicology Archives, Ossian, Philo, Shanachie, Topic

Brendan Hendry [fiddle; Derry] – own label

Kevin Henry [flute, recitation; Sligo] – BogFire

Conal Hernon [banjo; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Marcus Hernon [flute; Galway] – Feenish Sound, Gael Linn, GTD

Mai Hernon [vocals] – own label

Oisín Hernon [accordion; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

P.J. Hernon [accordion; Galway] – Feenish Sound, Gael Linn, GTD

Seán Hernon [whistle; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Carl Hession [piano; Galway] – Gael Linn, Raglan


Jerry HicksGael Linn

Noel Hill [concertina; Clare] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Shanachie, Tara, own label

P.J. HillGlens Music


John HobanClachán Music

Dick Hogan – own label

Frank HoganGTD

Jimmy HoganFolktrax

Joe Holmes [vocals; Antrim] – Free Reed, Ossian, Topic

Peter Horan [flute, fiddle; Sligo] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Séamus Horan [fiddle; Leitrim] – Ossian, Topic

Winifred Horan [fiddle; USA] – Compass Records, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Shanachie

Crawford Howard [vocals] – Spring Records

Michael HowardBaycourt Records, Harmac

Seán HowleyGoasco

Ger Hoyne [bodhrán, vocals] – own label


Brian Hughes [whistle; Kildare] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Maureen HurleyBeltona

Sharon Hussey – own label

Michael Hynes [flute; Clare] – Tíg na Coille



I or Top


Andy Irvine [mandola, bouzouki, guitar, harmonica, hurdy-gurdy; London] – Appleseed, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Tara, Wundertüte, own label

Eileen Ivers [fiddle; USA] – Compass Records, Earthsongs, Green Linnet, Sony



J or Top


Jolyon JacksonTara

Gerry JamesOutlet


Adrian Jefferies – own label

Al JeffreyTopic


Willie JohnsonTopic

Adrienne Johnston [vocals] – EMI

Aaron Jones [vocals, guitar, bouzouki] – Green Linnet

Gina JoyceEmerald



K or Top


James Kaneown label

Liz Kane [fiddle; Galway] – Dawros Music

Yvonne Kane [fiddle; Galway] – Dawros Music

Ron Kavana [vocals, guitar; Cork] – Green Linnet, Proper Records, Special Delivery

John KavanaghEMI, See For Miles

Theresa Kavanagh [fiddle; Donegal] – own label


Conor Keane [accordion; Clare] – own label

Dolores Keane [vocals, flute; Galway] – Claddagh, Dara, Gael Linn, Grapevine, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Ringsend Road, Shanachie, Wundertüte

James Keane [accordion; Dublin] – Green Linnet, Rego, Shanachie, own label

Jimmy Keane [accordion; USA] – Green Linnet, Kells Music

John B. Keane [vocals; Kerry] – Glenside

Rita Keane [vocals; Galway] – Claddagh, Demon

Sarah Keane [vocals; Galway] – Claddagh, Demon

Seán Keane [fiddle; Dublin] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Ogham, Shanachie

Seán Keane [vocals, flute; Galway] – Circín Rua, Cross Border Media, Grapevine, Kells Music, own label

Tommy Keane [uilleann pipes; Waterford] – Kells Music, Maree, Mulligan

Tommy Kearney [uilleann pipes; Waterford] – Na Píobairí Uilleann

Josephine Keegan [fiddle, piano; Dundee] – Celtic Music, Outlet, Rubber Records, Tompo, Viva, own label

Kevin Keegan [accordion; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Niall Keegan [flute, St Albans] – own label

Brendan KeenanGael Linn

John(ny) Keenan [banjo] – Gael Linn, Halshaw Music

Paddy Keenan [uilleann pipes, whistle; Meath] – Gael Linn, Hot Conya Records, Tara

Thomas Keenan [whistle] – Gael Linn

Dessie Kelliher [banjo] – own label

Alan Kelly [accordion; Roscommon] – Black Box, Compass Records, Tara

Annie Jane Kelly [vocals] – Folktrax

Brian Kelly [banjo; London] – own label

Eugene KellyCló Iar-Chonnachta

Frank Kelly [fiddle; Donegal] – own label

Gene Kelly [accordion] – Topic

Grainne Kelly [whistle] – Connoisseur Records

Hughie Kelly [accordion; Donegal] – own label

James Kelly [fiddle; Dublin] – Claddagh, Outlet, Shanachie, Tara, own label

John Kelly Jr. [fiddle; Dublin] – Outlet, Tara

John Kelly Sr. [fiddle, concertina; Clare] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Gael Linn, Topic/Free Reed

John Kelly [flute; Roscommon] – Black Box, Compass Records

Laoise Kelly [harp; Mayo] – own label

Liam Kelly [flute; Sligo] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Luke Kelly [vocals, guitar; Dublin] – Celtic Airs, Chyme, Transatlantic, unidentified

Noel KellyEMI

Patrick Kelly [fiddle; Clare] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, own label

Paul Kelly [mandolin; Dublin] – Malgamú Music

Richie KellyChart Music, Dolphin

Tom KellyRaglan

Éilís Kennedy [vocals; Kerry] – own label

Frankie Kennedy [flute; Belfast] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet

John Kennedy [vocals, whistle; Antrim] – Veteran

Michael J. KennedyJune Appal

Alec KerrChart Music

Barry Kerr [flute; Armagh] – Spring Records

John KerrChart Music

Des KeoghEMI

Mary KeoghGael Linn

Breda Keville [fiddle; Galway] – own label

Claire Keville – own label


Pat Kilbride [vocals, guitar, cittern; Kildare] – Green Linnet, Temple Records

Vinnie Kilduff [whistle; Mayo] – Mulligan

Paddy Killoran [fiddle; Sligo] – Coleman Heritage Centre, Shanachie

John J. Kimmel [accordion; USA] – Leader/Trailer, Smithsonian Folkways

Geraldine King – own label

P.J. King [accordion; Clare] – own label

Philip King [vocals, harmonica] – Gael Linn

Larry Kinsella [concertina; Wexford] - own label


Liz Knowles [fiddle; USA] – Lyrichord Discs



L or Top


Peter Laban [uilleann pipes] – own label

Bridie Lafferty [piano; Dublin] – Dublin Records, Harp, Shamrock, Shanachie

Eugene Lambe [flute, whistle, uilleann pipes; Clare] – GTD

Frankie Lane [dobro; Meath] – Gael Linn, own label

Roger Landes – Foxglove Records

Julie Langan [fiddle; Mayo] – own label

Brendan Larrissey [fiddle; Louth] – Cross Border Media, own label

Grey Larsen [flute; USA] – own label

Bill Laswell [producer, remixer] – Shanachie

Jim Lavin [uillleann pipes] – GTD


Jean-Yves le Pape [uilleann pipes]Arc Music


Mick Leahyown label

Colm Learaí [accordion] – own label

Tony Ledwith [accordion; Westmeath] – Leader/Trailer

Anne Patricia LeeAvoca

Paddy League [bodhrán, guitar] – own label

John Lee [flute; Leitrim] – Gael Linn

Tom Lenihan [vocals; Clare] – Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann, Ossian, Topic

Ben Lennon [fiddle; Leitrim] – Claddagh, Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Charlie Lennon [fiddle, piano; Leitrim] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Gael Linn, RTÉ, Shamrock, World Music, own label

Maurice Lennon [fiddle; Leitrim] – Gael Linn, Tara

Aimée Leonard [vocals; Scotland] – own label

Denis Liddy [fiddle; Clare] – Tíg na Coille

Tony Linnane [fiddle; Clare] – Tara


Donna Long [piano, fiddle; USA] – Green Linnet

Kevin Loughlin [accordion; Fermanagh] – Misty, Outlet, Rainbow

Oliver Loughlin [accordion; Sligo] – own label

Kathleen Loughnane [harp; Tipperary] – Reiskmore


Dónal Lunny [bouzouki, guitar, vocals; Kildare] – Claddagh, Daisy Discs, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Greenshays, Hummingbird, RTÉ


Aoghan Lynch own label

Brendan P. Lynch own label

Jerry Lynch [vocals; Clare] – own label

Joe LynchBardic, Beltona

Maureen LynchConnoisseur Records

Tomás Lynch – own label

Donie LyonsCló Iar-Chonnachta

John Lyons [vocals; Cork] – Topic

Neil Lyons [bodhrán] – own label

Pat Lyons [accordion; Tipperary] – Outlet

Patrick Lyons [multi-instrumentalist; Waterford] – Music Club, own label

Tim Lyons [vocals; Cork] – Green Linnet, Leader/Trailer



Mac or Top


Eoghan Mac AogainSuffering Duck


Ewan MacColl [vocals] –Topic


Tadhg Mac DhonnagainGael Linn, own label

Seán Mac DhonnchadhaGael Linn

Oisín Mac Diarmada [fiddle; Clare] – Ceol Records, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Green Linnet

Máirtín Tom Sheánín (Mac Donnacha) [vocals; Galway] – Camus Productions, Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Cóil Neaine Pháidín MacDonncha [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Josie Mac Donncha [vocals; Galway – almost certainly Seosamh, below] - own label

Pádraig Mac Donncha [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Seosamh Mac DonnchaGael Linn

Dara Bán Mac Donnchadha [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Johnny Máirtín Learaí Mac DonnchadhaCló Iar-Chonnachta


Tomás Jimmy Mac EoinGTD

Father Sydney MacEwanAvoca


Jim Mac Farland [vocals; Derry] – own label


Antóin Mac Gabhann [fiddle; Cavan] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde [accordion, uilleann pipes, vocals; Donegal] – own label

Geraldine MacGowan [vocals] – Cross Border Media, Magnetic Music, Tara, own label

Seosamh Mac Grianna [whistle; Donegal] – own label

Seán Bán Mac GriannanGael Linn


Seosamh Mac IomaireGael Linn


Fionnuala Mac LochlainnGael Linn


Aidan MacMahon – own label

Dolly MacMahon [vocals] – Claddagh

Tony Mac Mahon [accordion; Clare] – Gael Linn, Shanachie

Lorcán Mac Mathúna [vocals; Dublin] – own label

Pádraic Mac Mathúna [uilleann pipes] – Gael Linn

Séamus Mac MathúnaComhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann


Andrew Mac Namara [accordion; Clare] – own label

Mary Mac Namara [concertina; Clare] – Claddagh, own label

Pat Mac NamaraGTD

Séamus MacNeillBeltona

Pádraig MacNiocaillGael Linn


Éamonn Mac Ruarí [vocals; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta



Mc or Top


Seán McAloon [uilleann pipes; Fermanagh] – Mercier, Na Píobairí Uilleann, Topic

Gabriel McArdle [vocals, concertina; Fermanagh] – Claddagh

Mick McAuley [accordion, vocals; Kilkenny] – Compass Records, Shanachie


James McCaffertyGreen Linnet

Joe McCaffertyEuropean Ethnic Oral Tradition

Leo McCaffreyEmerald

Brenda McCann – own label

Cathal McCannEmerald

Jim McCannStandard Colonial Records

Jim McCann [vocals] – Hawk

Leo McCann – own label

Conor McCarthy [accordion; Clare] – Twin Records, own label

Denis McCarthyMercier

Jacqueline McCarthy [concertina; London] – Kells Music, Maree

Johnny McCarthy [accordion; Clare] – Twin Records

Johnny McCarthy [fiddle; Cork] – Dara

Seán McCarthyEMI

Nollaig McCarthyNa Píobairí Uilleann

Tommy McCarthy [concertina, fiddle; Clare] – Maree

Oisín McAuley [fiddle; Donegal]Compass Records

Maranna McCloskey [vocals; Derry] - own label

Paddy McCluskeyFolktrax

Brian McCollumSpring Records

Billy McComiskey [accordion; USA] – Compass Records, Green Linnet

Cathal McConnell [flute, whistle, vocals; Fermanagh] – Compass Records, Flying Fish, Mercier, Ossian, Sage Arts, Topic

Mickey McConnell [vocals, guitar; Fermanagh] – Spring Records

Annemarie McCormack [fiddle; Clare]– Twin Records

June Mc Cormack [flute; Sligo]Doorla Records

Martin Mc Cormack [uilleann pipes; Monaghan] – own label

Billy McCormick – own label

Tom McCuaighSolo

L.E. McCulloughOssian


Josie McDermott [flute, vocals; Sligo] – Ossian, Topic

Larry McDonagh [flute; Sligo] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Michael Joe McDonagh [fiddle; Sligo] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Charlie McDonnell [vocals; Antrim] – Glens Music


Willie McElroy [vocals; Fermanagh] – Outlet

Catherine McEvoy [flute; Birmingham]– Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label

John McEvoy [flute; Birmingham] – Chart Music, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label

Gerry McFadden [uilleann pipes] – Outlet


Andy McGann [fiddle; USA] – Green Linnet, GTD, Shamrock, Shanachie

John McGann [guitar; USA] – Mapleshade Records

Charlie McGeeBardic

Maggie McGee [vocals; Donegal] – Inishowen Traditional Singers Circle

Charlie McGettigan [vocals, guitar; Donegal] – Anew

Brendan McGlinchey [fiddle; Armagh] – Silver Hill

Paul McGlinchey [flute; Tyrone] – own label

Arty McGlynn [guitar; Tyrone] – Blix Street Records, Emerald, Mint Julep, Ocora, Old Bridge Music, Racket Records, Ringsend Road, Tara, own label

Mike McGoldrick [flute, whistle, uilleann pipes; Manchester] – Aughrim, Daisy Discs, Magnetic Music, Vertical

Dan McGonigle [vocals; Donegal] – Inishowen Traditional Singers Circle

Mary McGonigleAvoca, Chart Music, Glenside

Tom McGonigleOutlet

Robert McGouranOutlet

Matt McGranahan – own label

Brian McGrath [piano, banjo; Fermanagh] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Jim McGrath [accordion; Fermanagh] – Liekedeler, own label

John McGrath [accordion] – Chart

Peg McGrath [flute; Roscommon] – Outlet

Vincent McGrath – own label

Paul McGrattan [flute, whistle; Dublin] – Claddagh, Hare's Ear

Johnny McGreevy [fiddle] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Green Linnet, Philo

Christopher McGroryAinm

Jim McGuireOutlet

Manus McGuire [fiddle; Sligo] – Folk Legacy, Gael Linn, Green Linnet, own label

Séamus McGuire [fiddle; Sligo] – Folk Legacy, Gael Linn, Green Linnet

Seán McGuire [fiddle; Belfast] – Ainm, Avoca, Beltona, Blarney Castle Records, Celtic Gold, Celtic Music, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Dominion Records, Emerald, EMI, Eureka, Folktrax, Gael Linn, Outlet, Platinum Music, Rubber Records, Sounds Irish, Spring Records, Top Spin, Viva


Tom McHaile [whistle; Roscommon] – Outlet

Joe McHugh [uilleann pipes; Derry] – own label


John McInallyHarp


Archie McKeegan [vocals; Antrim] – Antrim Glens Traditional Group, Glens Music

Antoinette McKenna [vocals, harp; Dublin] – Shanachie, Wundertüte

Joe McKenna [uilleann pipes, whistle; Dublin] – Shanachie, Wundertüte

John McKenna [flute; Leitrim] – John McKenna Traditional Music Society, Viva Voce

Conor McKeon [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – own label

Gay McKeon [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Na Píobairí Uilleann, own label

Seán McKeon [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Na Píobairí Uilleann, own label

John McKeownOutlet

Susan McKeown [vocals, Dublin] – Alula, Green Linnet, Harmonia Mundi, World Village

Jim McKillop [fiddle; Antrim] – Emerald, Outlet, Sound Records, own label


Dinny McLaughlin [fiddle; Donegal] – Robin, own label

Seán McLaughlinGael Linn

Zan McLeod [guitar; USA] – Claddagh

Tom McLungOutlet

John McCluskeyEmerald

Robbie McMahon – own label

Seán McMahon [vocals; Clare] – own label

Tommy McMahon [concertina; Clare] – Green Linnet, Ossian, Topic/Free Reed

Dorothy McManusCopley

El McMeen [guitar; USA]– Shanachie, own label


Dominic McNabGlens Music

Sally McNallyPage One Records

Brian McNamara [uilleann pipes; Leitrim] – Drumlin Records, own label

Christy McNamara [accordion; Clare] – own label

Seán McNamara [fiddle; Clare] – Veteran

Pat McNulty [uilleann pipes; Glasgow] – Ossian


Mary McPartlan [vocals; Leitrim] own label

Kathleen McPeakeSpring Records


Sarah McQuaid [vocals, guitar; USA] – Ossian, Round Tower, own label


John McSherry [uilleann pipes, whistle; Belfast] – Vertical

Paul McSherry [guitar; Belfast] – own label



M or Top


Joanie Madden [flute, whistle; USA] – Green Linnet, or own label

Tom MaddenInchecronin


Dónal Maguire [vocals, mandolin, banjo; Louth] – Rossendale Records

John Maguire [vocals; Cavan] – Folktrax, Leader/Trailer

Leo MaguireDeacon Records

Tom MaguireOssian

Tommy MaguireShanachie


Áine Bean MaitiúCló Iar-Chonnachta


Sarah Makem [vocals; Armagh] – Folktrax, Topic

Stephanie Makem [vocals; Armagh] - own label

Tommy Makem [vocals, banjo; Armagh] – Epic, Hawk, Ogham, Shanachie, Third Floor, Tradition


Darren Maloney [banjo; Cavan] – own label

Jerry MaloneStandard Colonial Records

P.J. MaloneyAvoca


Pete Mancuso [guitar] – own label

Claire Mann [flute; Newcastle] – Green Linnet, own label


Josephine Marsh [accordion; Clare] – Tara, own label

Peter MarsdenConnoisseur Records

Laurel Martin [fiddle] – own label

Tommy Martin [uilleann pipes] – Tre Records

Declan Masterson [uilleann pipes] – Gael Linn, STARC, own label


Emer Mayock [flute, uilleann pipes; Mayo] – Key Records, own label


Danny Meehan [fiddle; Donegal] – Bowhand

Martin Meehan [flute; Armagh] – own label

Paul Meehan [guitar; Armagh] – Vertical

Bill MeekFolk Legacy

Áine Meirbhic – own label

Marina MeylerConnoisseur Records


Cáit Mhac IonnraicOssian

Máiréad Mhic DhonnchaCló Iar-Chonnachta

Úna Mhic MhathúnaComhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann


Vince Milne [fiddle; Cork] – Ossian

Dan Milner [vocals, guitar; USA] – own label

Ellen Mitchell [vocals; Glasgow] – Musical Traditions

Kevin Mitchell [vocals; Derry] – Greentrax, Musical Traditions, Topic

Pat Mitchell [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Ossian, Topic

Matt Molloy [flute; Roscommon] – Claddagh, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Racket Records, Shanachie, Virgin Records, own label

Kevin Moloney – own label

Mick Moloney [vocals, mandolin, banjo; Limerick] – Compass Records, Green Linnet, Shanachie, Transatlantic

Paddy Moloney [uilleann pipes, whistle; Dublin] – Claddagh

Seán Moloney own label

Seán Mone [vocals; Armagh] – own label

Eileen MongerSaydisc

Christy Moore [vocals, guitar, bodhrán, keyboards; Kildare] – Columbia, Demon, Equator, Grapevine, Leader/Trailer, Mercury, Newberry, Polydor, Raven, RTÉ, Tara, Warner Brothers/WEA

Seán MontgomeryGael Linn

Paul Moran [harmonica; Dublin] – own label

Thomas MoranFolktrax

Tom Moran [banjo, mandolin] – own label

Melissa Morgan [harp] – Kicking Mule

Pan Morigen [vocals] – Green Linnet

Ruthie Morrisey [vocals] – Avoca, Copley

James Morrison [fiddle; Sligo] – Coleman Heritage Centre, Shanachie, Topic, Viva Voce

Jimmy Morrison [uilleann pipes] – own label

Van Morrison [vocals, guitar, saxophone; Belfast] – Mercury

Andy Morrow [fiddle; Leitrim] – own label

Robin Morton [vocals, concertina, bodhrán; Armagh] – Mercier, Ossian, Topic

Kevin Moyna [vocals] – own label

Con Moynihan – own label


Louise Mulcahy [flute, uilleann pipes; Kerry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Michelle Mulcahy [fiddle, concertina, harp, piano; Kerry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Mick Mulcahy [accordion; Kerry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

John MulgrewOutlet

Eamon MulhaillAnew

Martin MulhaireGreen Linnet, Request Records

Brendan Mulholland [flute; Antrim] – own label

Mary Mulholland [piano; Antrim] – Emerald, Outlet, Silver Hill

William Mullaly [concertina] – Viva Voce

Dawn MulliganConnoisseur Records

Neil Mulligan [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Spring Records

The Mulloy BrothersGTD

Ann Mulqueen [vocals; Kerry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Outlet

The Mulrooney SistersChart Music

Mick Mulvey [flute; London] – own label

Brendan Mulvihill [fiddle; USA] – Green Linnet

Charlie MulvihillKells Music, Rego

Martin Mulvihill [fiddle; Limerick] – Global Village, Green Linnet

David Munnelly [accordion; Mayo] – Fréa Records, own label

Arthur MurphyEMI

Briege MurphySpring Records

Colm Murphy [bodhrán, Cork] – Gael Linn

Delia Murphy [vocals] – EMI, XTRA

Denis Murphy [fiddle; Kerry] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Ossian, RTÉ, Shanachie, Topic

Dónal Murphy [accordion;  Limerick] – own label

Maggie Murphy [vocals; Fermanagh] – Veteran

Noel MurphyFontana

Patrick Murphy [concertina; Clare] – Celtic Crossings

Phil, John and Pip Murphy [harmonicas; Wexford] – Claddagh

Rose Murphy [accordion, fiddle; Galway] – Ossian, Topic

Andrew Murray [vocals; Galway] – own label

Jim Murray [guitar; Kerry] – Daisy Discs, Dara, own label

Martin Murray [fiddle, mandolin, banjo; Tipperary] – Cross Border Media

Mirella Murray [accordion; Galway] – own label

P.J. MurrihyHarmac



N or Top


Colin Nea [accordion; Westmeath] – CMR Records

The Neff Brothers [Cork] – own label

Máiréad Nesbitt [fiddle] – Celtic Collections, Vertical

Chris Newman [guitar; Bristol] – Black Crow, Green Linnet, Old Bridge Music, Wundertüte

Frank Neylan – Copley


Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich [vocals; Kerry} – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Máire Ní Bheaglaoich – see Máire Begley

Seosaimhín Ní Bheaglaoich [vocals; Kerry] – Gael Linn, own label

Órfhlaith Ní Bhriain [vocals, piano; Limerick] – GTD

Derbhile Ni BhrolcháinGael Linn

Déirde Ní Bhuacalla – own label


Máire Ní Ceocáin Uí Crualaoi – own label

Nuala Ní ChanainnOutlet

Niamh Ní Charra [fiddle, concertina; Kerry] – own label

Eithne Ní Chatháin own label

Máire Ní Chathasaigh [vocals, harp; Cork] – Black Crow, Green Linnet, Old Bridge Music, Temple Records, Wundertüte

Máire Ní ChéidighGTD

Máire Ní Chéilleachair – own label

Odi Ní Chéilleachair [vocals] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Sorcha Ní Chéilleachair [vocals] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Caitríona Ní CheannabháinCló Iar-Chonnachta

Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola [vocals; Galway] own label


Caitlin Ní Dhomhnaill [vocals; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Mairéad Ní Dhomhnaill [vocals; Meath] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Shanachie

Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill [vocals, keyboards; Meath] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Shanachie

Eithne Ní Dhonaile [vocals] – own label

Máire Áine Ní Dhonnchadha [vocals; Galway] – Claddagh


Grainne Ní EageartaighSpoken Arts


Aoife Ní Fhearraigh [vocals; Donegal] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, New Samarkand

Déirdre Ní FhionnGael Linn, Smithsonian Folkways


Áine Ní GhallcobhairGael Linn

Sorcha Ní Ghuairim [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Smithsonian Folkways


Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh [fiddle, vocals; Donegal] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet

Eilí Ní MharcaighGael Linn

Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin [vocals; Donegal]

Treasa Ní MhiolláinCló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Cháit Ní MhuimhneacháinRTÉ


Nóirín Ní RiainGael Linn, Ossian


Máire Ní Scolaí Gael Linn

Eilís Ní Shúilleabháin [vocals; Cork] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta


Eithne Ní Uallacháin [vocals; Louth] – Claddagh, Gael Linn

Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin [vocals; Louth] – Gael Linn, Shanachie


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh [vocals, flute; Kerry] – Compass Records

Máire Nic Dhonnchadha Gael Linn


Patricia Nic Ruairí [vocals; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta


Martin Nolan [uilleann pipes] – own label

Jimmy Noonan – own label

Paddy Noonan [accordion] – Copley, Request Records

Sheila NoonanKells Music

Billy NovickGreen Linnet


Laurence Nugent [flute, whistles; Fermanagh] – Shanachie



O or Top


Mánus Ó BaoillOssian

Seán Ó BaoillOssian

Breandán Ó Beaglaoich – see Brendan Begley

Séamus Ó Beaglaoich – see Séamus Begley

Gerry O’Beirne [guitar] – own label

Donncha Ó BriainGael Linn

Garry Ó Briain [guitar, mandocello; Dublin] – Gael Linn, Shanachie

Damian O’Brien [fiddle; Sligo] – own label

Dermot O’BrienDominion Records, Gael Linn

Diarmuid O’Brien [fiddle; Limerick] – own label

Eileen O’Brien – own label

Jerry O’Brien [accordion] – Beaumex, Copley

Jimmy O’Brien Moran [uilleann pipes; Waterford] – own label

John O’Brien [uilleann pipes] - own label

Martin O’Brien [concertina; Clare] – own label

Michael/Mick O’Brien [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – ACM, Ainm, Ossian, RTÉ, Topic

Michelle O’Brien – own label

Paddy O’Brien [accordion; Offaly] – Green Linnet, Meadowlark, Shanachie, own label

Paddy O’Brien (Tipperary) – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Green Linnet

Thomas O’BrienAvoca


Labhrás Ó Cadhla [vocals; Waterford] – RTÉ

Deirdre O’CallaghanEmerald, Top Rank International

Tómas Ó Canainn [uilleann pipes, vocals; Derry] – Ossian, Outlet, own label

Pádraig Ó Carra – Gael Linn

Darach Ó Catháin [vocals; Galway] – Gael Linn, Shanachie

Seán Ó Ceallaigh – see John Kelly Sr.

Micheal Mháire Ghabha Ó Ceannabháin [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Pádraig Tom Photch (Ó Ceannabháin) [vocals; Galway] –Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Patsy Ó Ceannabháin [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Peadar Ó Ceannabháin [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Seosamh Ó CeannabháinCló Iar-Chonnachta

Tomás Ó Ceannabháin [flute, uilleann pipes; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Pádraig Ó CearbhaillCló Iar-Chonnachta

Seán Ó ConaireGael Linn

Seán Chóilín Ó ConaireCló Iar-Chonnachta

Macdara Ó Conaola [vocals; Galway] – own label

Coilín Ó Confhaola [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Labhrás Ó ConghaileCló Iar-Chonnachta

Connie O’Connell [fiddle; Cork] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Shanachie

John O’Connell – own label

Maura O’Connell [vocals; Clare] – Raglan

Robbie O’Connell [vocals, guitar; Waterford] – Celtica, Green Linnet, Helvic, own label

Tony O’Connell [concertina; Limerick] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label

Brian O’Connor [flute] – Magnetic Music

Cavan O’ConnorAce of Clubs

Denis O’Connor – own label

Dónal O’Connor [fiddle, piano; Louth] – Vertical

Eilish O’Connor [fiddle; Louth] – own label

Gerry O’Connor [banjo, fiddle; Tipperary] – Compass Records, Mulligan, own label

Gerry O’Connor [fiddle; Louth] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Lughnasa Music

Kevin O’Connor [fiddle; Watford] – Malgamú Music

Liam O’Connor [fiddle; Dublin] – Na Píobairí Uilleann

Máirtín O’Connor [accordion; Galway] – Claddagh, Dara, Mulligan, own label

Mick O’Connor [banjo] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Master Collector, Shanachie

Pat O’Connor [fiddle; Clare] – Clachán Music, Curragh Records

Paudie O’Connor (accordion, Kerry]own label

Rory O’ConnorGlenside

Sinéad O’Connor [vocals; Dublin] – Hummingbird

Breandán Ó CrobhainGael Linn

Máirtín Pheats Ó Cualain [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn


Jimmy O’DeaEMI

Máirtín Ó DiomsaighGael Linn

Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh [vocals, guitar; Belfast] – Errigal

Beairtle Ó Domhnaill – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Conall Ó DomhnaillCló Iar-Chonnachta

Micheál Ó Domhnaill [vocals, guitar; Dublin] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Polydor

Éamon Ó DonnchadhaCló Iar-Chonnachta

Aidan O’Donnell [fiddle; Donegal] – own label

Al O’DonnellLeader/Trailer, Transatlantic

Colm O’Donnell [vocals, flute, whistle; Sligo] – BogFire, Coleman Heritage Centre

Danny O’Donnell [fiddle; Donegal] – Philips, RTÉ

Eugene O’Donnell [fiddle; Derry] – Green Linnet

Gerry O’Donnell [flute] – own label

Joe O’Donnell [guitar] – Polydor

PV O’Donnell [fiddle; Donegal] – own label

Cyril O’Donoghue [guitar, bouzouki, vocals; Clare] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Twin Records, own label

Brian O’DonohueGoasco

Bríd O’Donohue [whistle; Clare] – own label

Joe O’DonovanComhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Barry O’DowdChart Music

Séamie O’Dowd [vocals, guitar, harmonica; Sligo] – own label

Brendan O’DowdaColumbia

Con Ó Drisceoil [accordion, vocals; Cork] – Ossian

Aodh Ó Duiibheannaigh [vocals; Donegal] – Gael Linn

Brendan O’DuillComhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Michael O’DwyerEMI

Seán O’Driscoll [banjo; Cork] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Meadowlark, own label

Treasa O’DriscollAquitaine, Gael Linn

Art Ó Dufaigh [vocals; Derry] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Michael O’DuffyAvoca, Pye

Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn [uilleann pipes; Armagh] - own label


Éamonn Ó Faogáin   own label

Antaine Ó FaracháinCló Iar-Chonnachta

Anne-Marie O’Farrell own label

Meaití Jo Shéamuis Ó Fátharta [vocals; Galway] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Martin Joe Ó FlathartaCló Iar-Chonnachta

Peada Ó FlathartaCló Iar-Chonnachta

Val Ó FlathartaCladdagh

Ronan O’Flaherty [fiddle; Galway] – own label

Liam O’Flynn [uilleann pipes, whistle; Kildare] – Celtic Music, Claddagh, Tara, Warner Brothers/WEA

Colm Ó FoghlúCló Iar-Chonnachta


Jimmy Dinny Ó Gallchóir [vocals; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Conal Ó Gráda [flute, whistle; Cork] – Claddagh

Geraldine O’GradyAvoca, EMI, own label

Noel O’Grady – own label


Patrick O’HaganBeltona

Patsy O’HaganSpring Records

Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin [concertina; Clare] – Celtic Crossings

Dessie O’Halloran [vocals, fiddle; Galway] – Daisy Discs

John O’Halloran – own label

The O’Halloran Brothers [Dessie above plus Vince, accordion] – Topic

Mary O’Hara [vocals, harp; Sligo] – Beltona, Emerald, Fat Boy, Gael Linn, Shanachie, Tradition

Méibh O’Hare [fiddle] – own label

Seosamh Ó hÉanaí – see Joe Heaney

Brian Ó hEadhra [vocals, guitar; Dublin] – own label

Maretta O’HehirChart Music


Ruadhraí O’Kane [fiddle, bodhrán; Derry] – Wren Records

Máire O’Keeffe [fiddle; Kerry] – Gael Linn, own label

Pádraig O’Keeffe [fiddle; Kerry] – Ossian, RTÉ, Topic

Betty O’KellyDublin Records, Harp

Lillis Ó Laoire [vocals; Donegal] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Christy O’Leary [uilleann pipes, flute, vocals; Kerry] – Old Bridge Music, own label

Dan O’LearyShanachie

Johnny O’Leary [accordion; Kerry] – Craft, Gael Linn, Ossian, Topic

Iarla Ó Lionáird [vocals, keyboards; Cork] – Gael Linn, Real World, Shanachie

Pádraic Ó LochlainnGTD

Peadar/Peter O’Loughlin [flute, uilleann pipes; Clare] – Claddagh, Dublin Records, Harp, Shamrock, Shanachie, SPOL Records


Ciarán Ó Maonaigh [fiddle; Donegal] – Claddagh, own label

Liam Ó Maonlaí [vocals, keyboards] – Kíla Records

Martin O’Malleyown label

Patrick O’MalleyAce of Clubs

Colm Ó MéalóidCló Iar-Chonnachta

Marcas Ó Murchú [flute, whistle; Belfast] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta


Diarmuid O’NeillAce of Clubs

James O’NeillDublin Records

Patrick O’NeillAce of Clubs

Eoin O’Neill [bouzouki, guitar; Dublin] – Celtic Music, Clachán Music

Sarah Anne O’Neill [singer; Derrytresk] – Topic


Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh [fiddle, uilleann pipes; Dublin] – ACM, own label

Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh – own label

Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh [concertina; Meath]

Brendan O’Regan [bouzouki, guitar] – Mulligan

Mary O’Regan [vocals] – Magnetic Music

Tadhg O’ReganARC Records, Avoca, Blarney Castle Records

Brian O’Reilly – own label

Jerry O’Reilly [vocals; Dublin] – Craft

Padraic O’Reilly [piano; Clare] – Rath Records

Eoin Ó Riabhaigh [uilleann pipes; Cork] – Gael Linn

Micheál Ó Riabhaigh [uilleann pipes; Cork] – Disque Mouez Briez

Peadar Ó Riada [composer] – Gael Linn, own label

Seán Ó Riada [composer, harpsichord, bodhrán; Cork] – Claddagh, Gael Linn, Shanachie

Brian O’Rourke [vocals] – Camus Productions

Declan O’RourkeDaisy Discs

Jason O’Rourke [concertina; Belfast] – Outlet, Wren Records

Kane O’Rourke [fiddle; Meath] – own label

Micheál Ó Ruanaigh – see Michael Rooney


Muiris Ó Scanláin [vocals; Kerry] – own label

Maidhc Dainin Ó SéCló Iar-Chonnachta

Jimmy Ó Sé [accordion; Kerry] – own label

Seán Ó Sé [vocals; Cork] – Chyme, Circa, EMI, Gael Linn, GTD, Harmac, Irish Play, Play, own label

Paul O’Shaughnessy [fiddle, flute; Dublin] – Claddagh, own label

Mick O’SheaEMI

Tim O’Shea [vocals, guitar] – own label

Seán Ó SiocháinGael Linn

Finola Ó Siochrú – own label

Danny Mhaici Ó Súilleabháin own label

Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin [vocals; Cork] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin [composer, keyboards; Cork] – Gael Linn, Virgin Records

Bernard O’Sullivan [concertina; Clare] – Green Linnet, Ossian, Topic/Free Reed

Eoghan O’Sullivan  [accordion; Cork] – Claddagh, Kells Music, Mulligan

Gabe O’Sullivan [flute; Galway] – Green Linnet

Jerry O’Sullivan [uilleann pipes; USA] – Green Linnet, Shanachie

Kathleen O’Sullivan [vocals; London] – own label

Mary O’SullivanCló Iar-Chonnachta

Tommy O’Sullivan [guitar; vocals; London] – Hot Conya Records, own label


Seán Ó TuamaComhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann


Patrick Ourceau [fiddle; France] – Celtic Crossings



P or Top


Caesar PacificGreen Linnet

Ben Paley [fiddle; USA] – Day Job Records

Niamh Parsons [vocals; Dublin] – Green Linnet, Greentrax, own label


Peggy PeakinVeteran

Siobhán Peoples [fiddle; Clare] – own label

Tommy Peoples [fiddle; Donegal] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Green Linnet, GTD, Mulligan, Ovation, Shanachie, Solo, Waltons, own label

Johnny Pickering [fiddle; Armagh] – Gael Linn

Charlie Piggott [accordion, banjo; Cork] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Michael PlunkettTopic


Dan Possumato [accordion; USA] – own label

Seán Potts [uilleann pipes, whistle; Dublin] – Claddagh, Solo

Seán (Óg) Potts [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Hare's Ear

Tommy Potts [fiddle; Dublin] – Claddagh

Johnny PowellCopley

Brendan Power [harmonica; New Zealand] – Green Linnet, Greentrax, Hummingbird, Punch Music, own label

David PowerCladdagh

Jimmy Power [fiddle; Waterford] – Bounty, Clan, Hit Records, Leader/Trailer, Ossian, Tompo, Topic

Tom Power [guitar; London] – Leader/Trailer

Kate Purcell [vocals] – Ice



Q or Top


Michael Queally – own label

Anthony Quigney – own label

Carmel QuinnEMI

Eimear QuinnAinm

Frank QuinnArhoolie

Hugh QuinnFolktrax

Martin Quinn [accordion, Armagh] – own label

Michael/Mick QuinnOutlet

Séamus Quinn [fiddle, piano; Fermanagh] – Claddagh, Cló Iar-Chonnachta

Seán Quinn [accordion; Antrim] – Glens Music



R or Top


Mary Rafferty [flute; Galway] – Kells Music, own label

Mike Rafferty [accordion; USA – Kells Music, own label

Gavin Ralston [guitar] – own label


John Rea [hammer dulcimer; Antrim] – Mercier, Ossian, Topic

Ed Reavy [fiddle; Cavan] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Ossian, Rounder

J.M. Reavy own label

Tommy Reck [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet

Patrick Reddan – own label

Larry RedicanRTÉ

Paul RedmondCladdagh

John Regan [accordion; Sligo] – Beaumex, Sound Records

Colin Reid [guitar; Belfast] – Topic

John Reilly [vocals; Roscommon] – Folktrax, Topic

Marie and Martin Reilly own label

Paddy ReynoldsKells Music, Rego, Shanachie


Leo Rickard [uilleann pipes] – Claddagh

Brendan Ring [uilleann pipes; Cork]

Frank RitchieRequest Records


Ian RobbFolk Legacy

Helen Roche [vocals; Liverpool] – own label

Jackie Roche [fiddle] – Avoca, IMI Records

John and Frances RodgersOutlet

Patsy Dan Rogers [accordion; Donegal] – An Rí

Róise na nAmhrán [vocals; Donegal] – RTÉ

Barry RonanGael Linn

Brian Rooney [fiddle; Leitrim] – Claddagh, Racket Records

Michael Rooney [harp; Monaghan] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Doorla Records, own label

Leon Rosselson [vocals, guitar; UK] – Topic

Kevin Rowsome [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – own label

Leo Rowsome [uilleann pipes; Dublin] – Claddagh, Dolphin, Ossian, Shanachie, Topic

Liam Rowsome [fiddle; Dublin] – Castle Music, Plamas


Dale Russ own label

Micho Russell [whistle, vocals; Clare] – Celtic Music, Free Reed, GTD, Pennywhistler's Press, Triskel, Xeric


Adrian Ryan [accordion] – own label

Cathie Ryan [vocals; USA] – Shanachie

Joe Ryan [fiddle; Clare] – Clachán Music, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Green Linnet

Kathleen Ryan [piano; Clare] – Outlet

Murty Ryan [accordion; Clare] – own label

Seán Ryan [fiddle; Tipperary) – Avoca, Gael Linn, Outlet

Seán Ryan [whistle] – Gael Linn

Pádraig Rynne [concertina; Clare] – own label





Anne Sands [vocals; Down] – Spring Records

Ben Sands [vocals, guitar; Down] – Spring Records

Colum Sands [vocals, guitar; Down] – Spring Records

Tommy Sands [vocals, guitar; Down] – Appleseed, Green Linnet, Spring Records


Enda Scahill [banjo; Clare] – Compass Records, Sound Records

Fergal Scahill [fiddle; Clare] – own label

Deirdre Scanlan [vocals; Tipperary] – own label

Lynn Saoirse [harp; USA] – Connoisseur Records


Pauline Scanlan [vocals] – Daisy Discs

Pierre Schryer [fiddle; Canada] – Claddagh

Bruce Scott [vocals; Liverpool] – Veteran

Cal Scott [guitar; USA] - Loftus Music


Peggy Seeger [vocals, banjo; USA] – Topic

Maidhc Stiofáinin SeoigheCló Iar-Chonnachta

Micheál SeoigheGael Linn


Bonnie Shaljean [harp; USA] – Dingle's, Saydisc

Eleanor Shanley [vocals; Leitrim] - Hummingbird

Garry Shannon [flute; Clare] – GTD, own label

Gerry Shannon [vocals; Clare] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label

Joe ShannonGreen Linnet

Séamus Shannon [accordion] – GTD, Outlet

Sharon Shannon [accordion; Clare] – Compass Records, Daisy Discs, Grapevine, Green Linnet, Independent Records, Solid

Terry ShannonGTD

Steve Shaw [harmonica; UK] – own label

John Sheahan [fiddle; Dublin] – Baycourt Records, Harmac

Eileen SheehanDominion Records

Bernadette SheridanOutlet

Christy Sheridan – own label

Dave Sheridan [flute; Leitrim] – own label

Joe SheridanOutlet

Mary SheridanDominion Records

Roger Sherlock [flute; Sligo] – Inchecronin, Outlet

Brush Shiels [vocal, guitar; Dublin] – Chart Music

Denise Shiels [accordion] – Connoisseur Records


James SimmonsSpring Records

Frank SimonGTD


Siobhán SkatesSpring Records

Skirm [vocals, guitar; Belfast] – Magnetic Music


Vedran Smailovic [cello; Serbia] – Appleseed

Tony Small [vocals; Galway] – own label

Ian Smith [vocal, guitar; Scotland] – own label

Jesse Smith [fiddle; USA] – own label

Breda Smyth [whistle; Mayo] – own label

Cora Smyth [fiddle; Mayo] – own label

Ivan SmythConnoisseur Records

Mikie Smyth [uilleann piper; Dublin] – own label

Paul Smyth [flute; Mayo] – own label

Seán Smyth [fiddle, whistle; Mayo] – Mulligan


Sonaí Choilm Learaí [accordion; Galway] – own label


Davy Spillane [uilleann pipes, whistle; Dublin] – Columbia, Cooking Vinyl, Covert, Tara, own label

John Spillane [vocals, guitar; Cork] – Hummingbird, Wundertüte

Dáithí Sproule [vocals, guitar; Derry] – Gael Linn, Green Linnet, New Folk Records, Shanachie, own label


Dearbhaill Standún [vocals; Galway] – Gael Linn

Deirdre Starr [vocals] – own label

Mary Staunton [accordion, vocals; Mayo] – own label

Pádraig StevensSound Records

Virginia Stevens [vocals; USA] – Mulligan

Bob StewartCrescent

Rosie Stewart [vocals; Fermanagh] – Spring Records

Tony Sullivan [banjo] – Halshaw Music

Noel Sweeney [flute; Leitrim] – own label



T or Top


Tak Tamura own label

Séamus Tansey [flute, whistle, bodhrán; Sligo] – GTD, Leader/Trailer, Outlet, Silver Hill, Sound Records, Temple Records, own label

Kevin Taylor [accordion; London] – Inchecronin

Paddy Taylor [flute; Limerick] – Claddagh, Folktrax

Simon TaylorOssian


Terry Teahan [accordion; Kerry] – Topic

Mattie Teehan – own label


Séamus Thompson [fiddle; Longford] – Gael Linn, GTD

James Thurgood [harmonica; Canada] – own label


Nioclás Tóibín [vocals; Waterford] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Gael Linn

Peter TomeltyFontana

Patsy Touhey [uilleann pipes] – Na Píobairí Uilleann

Ciarán Tourish [fiddle; Donegal] – Compass Records

Martin Tourish [accordion; Donegal] – own label


Anders Trabjerg own label

Hugh TrainorEmber

Gerald TrimbleGreen Linnet

Dermot TroyAvoca


Michael Tubridy [flute, whistle; Clare] – Claddagh, own label

Conor TullyGTD

Brigid Tunney [vocals; Donegal] – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Brigid Tunney [vocals – granddaughter of the above] – own label

Paddy Tunney [vocals; Glasgow] – Folk Legacy, Folktrax, Green Linnet, Mulligan, Ossian, Topic

Micheál and Eilish Tuttle own label


Karen Tweed [accordion; Northants] – Dave Mallinson Publications

Rose TynanAvoca

Seán Tyrrell [vocals, bouzouki, guitar] – Arc Music, Hannibal, Long Walk Music



U or Top


Áine Uí Cheallaigh [vocals; Belfast] – Gael Linn

Tess Uí ChongaileCamus Productions

Áine Bean Uí LaoiCló Iar-Chonnachta

Máire Bríd Uí Nia – own label



V or Top


Brian Vallely [uilleann pipes; Armagh] – Outlet

Caoimhín Vallely [fiddle, piano; Armagh] – Vertical, own label

Cillian Vallely [uilleann pipes, whistle; Armagh] – Compass Records, own label

Fintan Vallely [flute, whistle; Armagh] – Shanachie, own label

Niall Vallely [concertina; Armagh] – Compass Records, Vertical, own label

Martin VaughanGTD


John Vesey [fiddle; Sligo] – Coleman Heritage Centre, Shanachie



W or Top


Matt Walklate [flute, harmonica, uilleann pipes; Manchester] – own label

Garry Walsh [flute, whistle; Manchester] – Claddagh, Ossian

John WalshGTD

Liam Walsh [uilleann pipes] – Ossian, Topic

Marie Walsh [accordion] – own label

Nick WalshEmerald

Séamus WalshGTD

Tom Walsh [banjo; Dublin] – own label

Séamus Walshe [accordion; Clare] own label

Luke Ward [bouzouki; Cavan] – own label

Sheila WardeTop Rank International

Dean Warner [piano accordion; Armagh] – own label

Derek Warfield [vocals, guitar] – Shanachie

Frank WarrenInchecronin

Caitlín Watkins (almost certainly the same person as the next listee) – Gael Linn

Kathleen WatkinsAvoca, Beltona


Peta Webb [vocals] – Musical Traditions, Topic

John Weirown label

Liam WeldonGoasco, Mulligan


Bill Whelan [keyboards, composer] – Celtic Collections, Tara

Jimmy WhelanStandard Colonial Records

Joe Whelan [accordion; Offaly] – Veteran

John Whelan [accordion; Dunstable] – Green Linnet, Narada, Outlet, Silver Hill, own label

Patsy WhelanArfolk

Seán WhelanMalgamú Music

Aggie White [fiddle; Galway] – SPOL Records

Roisín White [vocals; Down] – Veteran


Desi Wilkinson [flute, whistle, clarinet, vocals] – Gael Linn, Liekedeler, Spring Records, own label

John Williams [accordion, concertina; USA] – Compass, Green Linnet


Gay and Terry WoodsAntilles, Mulligan, Polydor, Rockburgh, Windsong/Strange Fruitl

Mick WoodsInchecronin

Rosemary WoodsSpring Records


John WrightArfolk


John Wynne [flute; Roscommon] – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, own label



Y or Top


Gráinne Yeats – Gael Linn